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holistic  [hōˈlistik]
adjective chiefly Philosophy
characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected
and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Holistic Living is a place to ask questions, a place to find answers,
a place to share and a place to care.

We do not claim to have all the answers, we are dedicated to providing a safe group atmosphere, where you can communicate with other members, ask questions, provide answers and share your life and healings with them.

“The greatest story another may hear could be your own.”

We aim to cover many aspects of natural health and wellness, thus providing a holistic approach to your body, mind, heart and soul.

As a group we will grow and evolve, knowing that we are all different facets of the same diamond.


Holistic Living is your website
Holistic Living originated from an idea that the power of the Internet could connect communities and networks of people together that would gather to share experiences, learn from each other and grow on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Holistic Living provides a space for you to share your wisdom and to learn of the many ways to recreate our lives and communities so that we can remain living in balance and harmony with our surroundings.

Holistic Living provides a place for you to have your say in creating a better world.

Holistic Living is about being balanced.
Isn’t life about being balanced? By taking a holistic approach to life and looking at all of the elements that create healthy, balanced human beings we can create a healthy, balanced family, which will spread to the community, cities, countries and our beautiful planet.

Holistic Living is about accountability.
Members of the Holistic Living online community join knowing that accountability is an important aspect of the whole.

Holistic Living is about acceptance.
At Holistic Living acceptance of self and acceptance of others is very important.

Rather than trying to convert someone to our way of thinking, it may be more beneficial to look at what others are telling us to adopt a new way of being.

Holistic Living is about sustainability.
We all want to live in a sustainable society right? There are many things that we are both aware and unaware of that are creating an unsustainable society.

Holistic Living is about community.
Holistic Living is an online community that gives members the ability to meet each other and then create offline gatherings and communities.

Holistic Living provides a space for you to connect with other like-minded souls.

Holistic Living provides the means to create events or gatherings and provides the tools to bring it all together into the successful event that you want it to be.

Holistic Living provides the forum for you to share your experiences, so that others may learn vicariously through your experiences.

Holistic Living is about learning.

The whole Web 2.0 revolution is taking hold and as more and more people get connected and form groups there is an opportunity to come together to recreate ourselves anew in an online community and forum that will start in New Zealand and spread across the globe.

Holistic Living will always be a work in progress as we continue to connect, gather, share, learn and grow.