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GreenplanetFM 104.6 Podcast with Tim Lynch (Ultimo)
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GreenplanetFM interviews Paul Chambers, Sustainability Manager Auckland City Council

Thursday, November 24th 2011 @ 1:47 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3171 times

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After studying the global environment for 30 years and recognizing the profound workings of a living super system he expected a societal gestalt-shift, in awareness of what we are doing ... which has not yet come.

If we want a Green City, keep trees in Auckland and have green corridors for birds, and bird song, to collecting pipies, fishing for ones dinner - to expanding community gardens, the pleasure of working in them with family. Harvesting, sharing of seed, bonding of relationships and encouraging farmers markets.

That in America on his most recent trip, many cities were driving change from the bottom up - especially Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California from the grass roots up, where people are driving the debate and Council is facilitating the conversation. Where there's a lot of bicycle riding and many electric vehicles in this region.

However when it comes to climate change, mitigation is important but the conversation has moved on and it is now, resilience and how we survive and Paul's concern about America and whats coming, because of its unpreparedness.

Visioning the future with the Swedish, Natural Step System - casting out 100 years into the future, what do we want?  Corporate food? Living in artificial environments? Acidic oceans? Or innovative change?

Transition towns again comes into focus, as a people driven grass roots organization, as change is not going to come from our government or council - it's going to come from the people. You, your family and community.

You are encouraged to go to the Auckland city web site and participate in local plans, that you who are reading this can participate in localized planning and shaping your future - insulating your home and adding solar across Auckland with a hot water scheme on your roof.

To indigenous peoples cosmologies, in particular the American Indians are aligning with today's high energy sub atomic physics.

Indigenous peoples inherent relationship to the earth and biota is actually real, that is leading us back to a spiritual relationship with that which is greater. To our living planet Gaia, a self regulating organism that has a soul - anima mundi. Plus Paul's dowsing for leylines in Britain which connecting over our planet are just like acupuncture meridians the Chinese call, dragon lines.

A wide ranging thought provoking interview.

Auckland Council Waste Management & Minimisation Plan


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GreenplanetFM interviews Alister Barry, acclaimed NZ Film Documentary Maker

Thursday, November 17th 2011 @ 11:47 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2556 times

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Alister Barry started filming on a yacht the anti French nuclear tests in neighbouring Polynesian waters, then focused on New Zealand's internal workings and the altruistic psyche as to why did early New Zealand decide to put in so much welfare legislation that people take totally for granted today.

What drove the early citizens to think deeply what it wanted for the future of our society?

Especially to create institutions to take care of us, like in sickness and welfare for the unfortunate. As well as the idea of an egalitarian society.  What's that? ... I hear people say?

Once upon a time both the National and Labour Governments allowed people the right to FREE access to education and university to extend themselves to the fullest capabilities of our intellectual capacity.

Then things changed ...

New Zealand was deliberately targeted in the very late 60's and into the 70's to transform society away from taking care of ourselves as a more inclusive society but, to instead, accumulate wealth and thus be seen to be successful at the expense of everyone else.

And being a loser ... was being a loser ... and helping your neighbors or stopping to assist someone if their car was broken down, that's what losers do - winners TAKE ALL.

That was the subtle program adopted by Treasury (the Home of the TPPA planners) and later taken up by the Ministry for Economic Development that was in turn heavily influenced by the Business Roundtable ... connecting the dots ... to the selling off of New Zealand.

This is dynamite listening, as to how NZ lobotomized its public institutions and Neo-Liberalism subverting the economic welfare of a Nation.

And the cunning way to make SOE's (State Owned Enterprises) act like corporations that now 'have no social conscience' as they have to be 'profit driven', and here is the rub ... if they are just like any other corporation ... then just 'Sell them Off! ... Because they do not really serve us anymore e.g TVNZ, what social/societal considerations do they have towards bettering community?

Let's change things back to more how they once were, but with safeguards is the new message.

You will also hear that we have overseas agencies, adept at mind manipulation advising the NZ Government on what to do to enable the NZ public to be lead by the nose to acquiesce to anything that the National Government deems fit to toss off the table.

Listen to how senior members within the NZ government apparatus have become extensions of US policy and the State Department ... What are the ramifications of this?

And what about MMP? We must keep it!  For though it has some weak points, we are being conned to give it away, when in actual fact we only need to tweak it. However, Alister will explain.

An illuminating interview that cleaves through the countries collective psyche and the way we are giving ourselves and our Nation away ...  'all before lunchtime!'

Today we have reduced it down to a slogan - 99% versus 1%.

Alister Barry

Someone Else's Country
The story of the New Right revolution in New Zealand

In a Land of Plenty
The story of unemployment in New Zealand

A Civilized Society
The war between teachers and the New Right over public education in New Zealand

The Hollow Men (trailer below)
The inside story of a National Party election campaign


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GreenplanetFM interviews Deirdre Kent with a Local Response to Global Finance

Friday, November 11th 2011 @ 12:27 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2425 times

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Complimentary currencies, alternative money systems, green dollars and time banks and involvement with Transisition towns here in NZ.


New Zealander Deirdre Kent confronts us with an unpalatable truth. The world's money system is designed so that the money supply and hence the size of the global economy must keep on increasing exponentially or it will collapse.

Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France the list goes on ...


As the global economy becomes more unbalanced, the need for NZ to become very knowing on how to set up your own localised monetary system so as to keep some semblance of order and cohessivness.

Deirdre Kent is also the author of the book:

Healthy Money, Healthy Planet
Developing Sustainability through New Money Systems

This means putting your money and energy into supportive systems too.

Note no Credit Unions went under during the 2008 global economic crisis.

IMAGINE, enabling yourself to earn more money to supplement your income.

Everyone loves time banks and it does not matter what your political views are ... you get paid for your time and you become enriched.

If you are a volunteer who does work, like clean up rivers, mind children, plant trees, pick up rubbish, bottles etc. your time is acknowledged. If you belong to a time bank and so does the organisation that you voluntarily work for ... you get paid for your time!

Directory of NZ Time Banks: :time-banks

Green Dollar Systems Operate in Wairarapa, Wanganui and Golden Bay


Support local NZ owned and controlled money institutions like TSB Taranaki Savings Bank, Southland Savings Bank, Prometheus and the PSIS, which used to be called the Public Service Investment Society, these are people power banks, you can attend their annual general meetings and if a member, play a part in how they are run.

Kiwi Bank is good too, however it is controlled by the NZ Government, and depositors have no say as to how this bank is run.

The Finance Minister of the 4th Labour Government in 1984 changed the Reserve Bank Act giving too much leeway for bankers and now NZ needs to rein in certain aspects to mandate the separation of insurance companies, investment banks and commercial banks as they are become far too entwined. Also there is a need to monitor the corporate sector far more closely.

However the Reserve Bank Act could be also changed so that local councils and particularly Christchurch Council print their own localised currency and not use up our hard earned national currency - it's possible and it has to be instigated from the grass roots up, as the overseas bankers would tell the NZ Government to stop it! (because they would be missing out.)

We as a western civilisation are at the top of the bell curve, and it is vital that every human understands what this means, it's like we are at the top of the mountain in our global expansion and exploitation, ecological abuse, monetary debt societal dysfunction ... as there is nowhere to go, it's all downhill from then on ....

Unless we reorganise and shift our consciousness to another level of being. NZ is small and agile enough to make the change!

Check out and bookmark:  Living Economies:

Credit Unions NZ:

The Irish originated book, Fleeing Vesuvius is sold by Living Economies, explaining what could happen as demand for oil finally outstrips the supply and how an economy can no longer grow after peak oil.

Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Network, states that we need to move now from peak oil and climate change to the strengthening the local economy.

Listen to a very interesting and thoughtful interview that explains the current situation and then commences to show us that NZers at a grass roots level can create localised systems of governance of money as we transition to the ecology of commerce.


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GreenplanetFM interviews Dr John Hinchcliff and Andy Hendrie on #OccupyWallSt & #OccupyAuckland

Friday, November 4th 2011 @ 12:47 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2498 times

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John Hinchcliff has been in the peace movement most of his life, and made a large contribution to making NZ nuclear free and up until recently has been the Vice chancellor of AUT - Auckland University of Technology.

Andy Hendrie is director of a health centre as well as executive director of a charitable trust which campaigns to improve outcomes for our healthcare and has been Occupying Auckland at Aotea Square since its beginning.

Listen to an interview that cleaves and slices right through the lies, the deceit, the media hype and censorship of what's happening in corporate America, especially in banking through to boardrooms and up to governmental level. To then translate this into the combined denial of what the two major political parties are avoiding here in NZ during this years election campaign.

And on the ground in Aotea Square, how the occupiers are endeavouring to clarify their grievances and bring forth a list of priorities that need to be addressed to shift everyone's focus to the next level.

As New Zealanders we need to restore values in our daily life and particularly the market place and work practices .... going beyond the flash material plane of houses, cars and bank balances to establish connection of being, playing and working together, loving nature, celebrating life.

With a large number of groups with concerns and grievances camped out at Aotea Square Auckland, what are the threads that can unify a common purpose and inspire aroha. Aroha that has been striving to ignite itself and find its place in both the moment and daily events from a localised situation across the nation of Aotearoa itself.

Can we prioritise values and look at these attributes within aroha, with respect for people and caring for them and caring for the environment and ecology, to caring for the future as well as the present and the past.

This is our individual and collective challenge.



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