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The Delicate Little Angel

Monday, May 18th 2009 @ 5:47 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3816 times

This story was given to me on the death of my nephew’s 5 month old twin daughter. I questioned God, why this had to happen, so young, it seemed so unfair. I was told that sometimes things do happen that are not in the Divine plan and mistakes can happen.

I was then taken on a journey that to this day, is as real to me as what I visually am looking at right now. I found it a great comfort and now realize that everything is as it should be and I am at peace. I have since passed on this story to many and all have found it either a beautiful story or given them comfort in some way. May you, the reader find peace also in my sharing with you this story.

In Loving Memory of
Calaise Shia Boyce
13-3-2008 to 11-9-2008

One day, God was visiting his special little angel that he loved so dearly, like all his children. She was a delicate little girl who was still healing from her past life. That lifetime was so hard on her that the experience left her very tired and vulnerable. God visited her daily to see how she was coping.

The other little angels played and sang around her, their joyful laughter was like music to Gods ears and eyes, as his precious creations intermingled and were like a blessing with every squeal of delight. But the littlest angel was so tired from the past lifetime she sat quietly in a corner and just watched the other children play.

The look on her face was so pure and gentle and God did worry. The laughter in her voice was not as it should be, but the glow of golden light around her showed God that this little girl was very special, and she needed time to heal.

Now, on earth there was a couple who were struggling and praying for a little boy. They were struggling in life itself and yet there was room in their hearts for one more, hoping that they would be gifted with a son. They were such loving and caring parents and God heard their prayers. So He went to the nursery and talked with the Matron about this special couple who needed a child to bond them together stronger as they needed help.

He asked if she had a special child that they could send on this assignment! Matron looked but could not find a son that fitted Gods plan. So she said “God, I have not a son at this moment and some yet need a time of rest before their next assignment but I have 3 little girls ready".

God looked at the smiling eager little girl faces saying “pick me”, but God did not see anything in their soul that he knew this family needed. He told Matron this and she shook her head. She would promise to look around and see what little soul came forward.

As God went to leave he looked over at the corner and saw his special little angel not alone this time, as this time another little girl was with her. He watched as this little child had her arms around the littlest angel confiding in her and loving her. The aura on his special angel was glowing stronger though as her little friends love was energizing her.

The joy and friendship was on each of their faces. The bond between them was so amazing to God that he called the Matron over. “Who is that little child with my special little Angel”. “Oh, she is but new and a very sensitive little girl at that! She looks after your Angel, confides in her and is bringing back the joy into her life. She is healing her by bringing love and joy back to your favorite Angel God!”

God thought but a moment and said “Then that little girl is the perfect child for this couple on Earth. Send her”. And so it was set in motion.

Now, when the two girls heard this they cried as they had become such beautiful friends. They wished to stay together. But matron said that the littlest one was too delicate and not ready and this couple needed a baby NOW! They both cried and held each other so tightly. Their friendship by now was so strong.

Now, time passed and one day when God was once again visiting the nursery, he looked for his littlest Angel and asked Matron where was she! He had come to visit her. They looked and looked but to no avail! She was no where to be seen. God was so upset and concerned for her he decided to look down on Earth and see if he could find her there!

He did…. tucked up in their special Mummies tummy along with her friend. The two of them holding each other ever so tightly! Their friendship was too strong that nothing could stop them. The mummy was elated, she was having twins! God looked worried and concerned as the littlest Angel was still too delicate for the earth life ahead of her. But he decided to watch and see what would happen.

Over time he saw that things were not as they should be, so he talked to Matron and voiced his concern! She agreed but what could she do now! They were now together and only God had the power to change it! So God watched and observed them. They were born and much joy was around them. Maybe He was wrong!!!! And so He kept his eye on them and asked his older more advanced Angels to watch over this family! Troubled waters were appearing and he was concerned the littlest Angel would not be strong enough for this assignment.

One day his worst fears materialized, the littlest Angels health was not as it should be and so he talked to Matron once again. It was decided that only God could rectify this now. And so he did.

One day, He called back the littlest angel and said she needed to come back home! She cried but said that was OK! And so one day, her heart stopped beating and she returned back to the nursery once again. Her heart was so heavy and sad at this, but God was everything and so she obeyed His wishes. As she did so, from her special wee heart, she asked God for a wish. God’s heart melted as he listened and so He granted her wish.

***Her wish was that as she could not be part of her friends physical life , should she then be granted the wish of being her friends little spiritual guardian Angel and look after her friend from above. God granted her wish and so the friends are still together, except one is in a physical body and the other in a spiritual body. They are not separated by anything as in the life of the spiritual realm everything just is!

I trust you found this story as moving as I did when given to me. It is interesting as when my nephew asked what they were having, I said “A little girl”. Then the scans could only see one baby yet the Doctors said they were having twins, but the scan NEVER picked up the second baby “ It is hiding” they said.

So the excitement that maybe this one hiding was a little boy they so wanted (they have 3 girls). Some times we question and wonder why things like this happen, but really, is not life all as it is meant to be! Doctors could not find anything wrong with Calise and a real mystery. But then, is it after being told this. May this story be of some help to others. The family asked that I share this story with as many families as possible, so I am.


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