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YOUR DNA - I dare you to read this.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 @ 11:20 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 4967 times

Hi Folks

This morning I posted an article on a dog who Bi Located. I was also talking about the new DNA for our Ascension and how it was brought in many, many years ago through the usual way, by conception. We were set up for our success into the new frequency of the 5th Dimension.

I also talked about how folk say they have the ability to activate these so that YOU can Ascend and that they charged you for their services.

On checking my grammar (as I am not the best on these keys) a GOOGLE ADD popped up regarding getting your DNA activations, and so checking it out, at $100 a go and you need 4 to (now $400)  be able to reach the 4th Dimension.

May I say my anger at this is amazing. May I ask, what makes people so gullible to believe that a mere human has this ability, and even if it was needed, that only those who can pay the ferry man, be able to Ascend!!!!

It is every man, woman and childs right to Ascension. And the fee is so is called LOVE. So if you are gullible and have $400 to spare, please phone me and I will do some ceremony and activation on you, "say all the right words" and use the knowledge gained as a Hypnotherapist on how powerful words are for suggestion.

I will write some references and if YOU believe I can do it, it will create the illusion that you wish. I am bloody good at it, the mind work that is and so I am angry that some folk out there are ripping people off. Give me the money if you wish to offload some hard earned cash and I will give it to the next person I meet who is so poor that there is not enough money for food. THEN, and only then will we as a human species, be able to Ascend as it was meant to be.... BUT costs only pure love and the giving of yourself. 

My job is to do activations, and that is by telling folk, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR other. You created your life and it also was created in your contract WRITTEN in your own hand writing. It was also in the Divines Plan for us to evolve and so here we are now, working hard towards it. Some folk have got on the bandwagon and fleecing folk of their money. Well, may their Soul remind them, that on passing over (I do "Life between Lives" by Michael Newton), everybody comes out of the session with a better understanding on what I am talking about.

My anger is a motivator, and am I motivated. YOU are set up to Ascend and I do not wish for your money, just for you to sit down and think about what I am saying here.

When I have time I will explain HOW this new DNA was activated into each and every one of us and it costs us nothing. Save your money or go out and find a family that need help. You will Ascend no questions asked then....oh, why am I here to "kick butts' and maybe upset some folk. Well, someone has to say to some people "WAKE UP".

God or our Creator, gave us everything to Ascend and we are all ready in the 4th heading very fast towards the 5th! JJ Hurtak also stated this in his presentation a few weeks ago so I am not so crazy....are you?

Well, now noon 12 o'clock and I have been with clients, so time to relax till 3pm whern next client arrives and it is Sunday! Are there any rooms left in the psychiatric ward?

May your day be going well. Go out and rejoice in what we have. Laugh as this raises up the vibration. We do not need to sit in a room of paintings, we do not need to go to Church, we do not need to do any thing but LOVE....and connect within us. As Sai Baba also said " Go Within or Go Without".

I look forward to some feed back, and if you wish to challenge me, I look forward to that also. Go and spend some hard earned money and enjoy life. I dare you. (please email it to, thanks). I am also happy to come and speak to your group or whatever.

See you on the other side, in the 5th Dimesnion (I hope). This time I will stand up and speak my truth and so wipe out the karma created in Atlantis when I did not! I stand tall in my truth and so, what is YOUR truth is also correct!

Love and many blessings to you all.


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Saturday, January 30th 2010 @ 8:29 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2771 times


Have you heard about Bi Location? Do you know what it is all about or even believe it? Well, I believe everything is possible and these days with the way the Earths process towards acension is going, I would like to share  a story with you.

The other week we (my husband and I) had an unusual experience while staying at a friends home. Their dog (names I will not use), was amazing and so human like, and had this inner-like knowing! If dogs could talk, this one would have told a story.

At night it slept with her owners but loved sleeping on the bed. This was not allowed and she had her basket outside their door at night. As we were staying in their bedroom, the basket was placed there as usual.

The first night the door opened due to a faulty door catch so the second night, I placed a pile of books beside the door to stop her from pushing it open. During the night I heard her whimper and so got out of bed and looked around to see where she was....not in our room and into the en suite I went to do you know what! No sign of her at all.

Back to bed I went and a couple of hours later, I was woken again with her whimpering. There she was beside the bed looking up at me....

Now, the books had not been moved and my husband swears he never let her in and sure as the sun shines, it wasn't me!

How did she get inside our room? I checked the books, non had been moved. There were no windows she could of entered though and the mystery still exists.This little dog had to come in through other means.

Now way back in time, in Egypt, the Mystery Schools taught this to their students, The Pharoahs knew also as they painted "Secret Doorways" on the side of their tombs....(which I will discus another time) they would enter through these doors and visit their subjects. But at the end of Atlantean times, these Mysterious were removed from all records and our memory lost for ever. But today, it is time to remember who we are and to remember these mysteries.

Animals are sent to us to help us remember and show the way. The human mind finds this all to difficult to understand and so I was priviledged to experience this proof beyond doubt that it can be done.

A few years ago, I was instructed by spirit to attend a Conference in Kona, Hawaii, called "ET and Dolphins". Yes, crazy, but the money was created for me and so I attended. One of the lecturers, Courtney Brown, proved to us beyong doubt, we can Bi Locate. He used mathematics and Physics to tell us about the Planck Waves and the "now point" and so on. It blew me away.

Recently I took a group to Chavi, high in the Andes mountains in Peru, to do a job for Akhenaten. The priests there knew how to do this and so each year they took young girls aged around 7, back behind the wallls and lead them from one dimension into a new one. These girls were taught and educated and treated like little princesses until of an age they could reproduce babies and so they helped the prists bring in the new DNA ... (such  a beautifyul story), so that we may at our present time, have the ability to walk from one Dimension into another.

Courtney's book "Remote Viewing" explains it all to anybody wishing to learn more about this on a technical matter. But today, it is time to remember.

Many folk say they can activate ones DNA for the Ascension expected soon. But I say, way back in time, we were set up to be able to do it. It is already genetically inplanted into us. Each and every one of us! And here is a wee dog, proving it!

I could write a book on many experiences I myself have had and one day I will write about it . It is not a new concept as Hitler knew about it and so did the Americans. But there is only one thing one needs to know. One cannot Bi Locate unless they hold the key and that is ....simply


The love this little dog had for us was amazing. Loyal and just wished to be with us at all times. I know I have Bi Located, as in Egypt once when I had the meeting with Akhenaten while visiting his tomb (but NEVER used of course) that is carved high up in the hills above Tel Armana. I know I have completely left a car and left my poor friend wondering where I went to then materialise again a little later on!

Today, there are many strange experiences we are having and it is important not to go into the fear! It is exciteing and so I look forward in returning to Egypt again next year when I well take a large group already forming, back home.

Blessings be with you




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Fifth Dimension Experience, how easy it is!

Monday, January 18th 2010 @ 9:49 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3828 times

Good morning everybody

Well, another day and where did last week go? I would like to share with you another experience the Masters have given me to show me how simple this shift will be. Understand everything is real and the truth.... I was not under any spirit infuence of those in a bottle but the Masters who teach me.

I had just finished teaching the Melchizedek Method in Wellington and telling people about the shift and why we need to learn how to activate the Merkaba Field! (if you have a group of people I will happily come to your home or you to mine, so I may show you.. )

The collective "suggested" I be on the Desert Road at 1pm that day! I had a call to some friends to make and also wished to be on the road early to miss the convoy of trucks. Well, I got held up at these friends home talking as they fired question after question and I being only too willing to sit and chat, time rushed on by!

I left very late and then could not get across the flow of traffic so had to head south to find somewhere I could safely turn and head North home. All this takes time eh! And as you have no doubt gathered, at exactly 1pm I was on the Desert Road amongst wall to wall trucks cars and tourists all doing a slow speed as they admired the snow capped Mt Ruapahu.

It was a picture, a few clouds in the sky, no wind, absolutely...a  heaven of a day but I was in a hurry to get home and so my little Honda was very peppy and happy to oblige. Up to 150k's I was passing trucks and all, trying to make up time. Then slow down in case men with cameras were also on the road, then back up to 150ks again....a crazy driver!!!!

It was a constant battel to keep to 100ks....and 150ks was like 80ks! A real strange experience (but a cop I am sure, would not have issued a ticket but rang an ambulance with a man and a straight jacket!!!!). I reached the top where one can see in all directions and the traffic was thick both ways. 

I was never going to get home...NEXT THING.....I am all alone. NO cars, no trucks ....NO ONE!!!!! My thoughts were ."Oh shit. I have canned the car and died"... Not a car in sight! The truck in front and behind me ....gone! I was all alone.The fear was quickly overtaken by the joy and wonder of what I was seeing!!!!!

Mt Ruapahu was only half the height and no snow on it. The sky, no clouds and a vivid clear blue. The fauna, now that was amazing. the energies and colours of the different grasses, but everywhere I looked I could see their aura and energy fields. 

I look down north and noticed that the mountain was twice as tall with its head poking into the darkest blackest clouds I have ever seen. Like rolled up black carpest.. I got used to this and asked where was everybody? As I know from many meditations and experiences, some of us get weeded out (Haiti?) and others choose to move back into the 3rd Dimension and help raise up earths vibrations again like Thoths craft of teachers when Atlantis went down!

As I was driving, no clouds in the sky and feeling like I was in heaven and assured I was quite alive....the odd car would pass me heading South! as I neared Titirangi, the cars started to build up to the odd one here and there.

I was now in Titirangi, and all of a sudden I was "plonked" back into the 3rd dimension and between the 2 trucks and stream of traffic. oh shit! The black clouds were no longer and all back to the normality like the start of my journey.

All of a sudden I realised that it was not an issue what time I got home as life is the illusion and just experienced but again how time had stopped and I arrived home at the time I had set!!!! .....5pm! Now, I left Otaki at 11am and remember I was held up in SLOW traffic and I do not see how I could of got home in the time I did? (as I always stop for coffee at Taupo and something to eat and have a rest! 

That night did I ask some questions....."how come I was between 2 trucks on the road and then bang, I am back between the same 2 trucks! What did THEY see? oh, I had questions all right!

Their answers were basic and easy. "Life is an illusion  and so we create the illusion". If One is to move up a Dimensiosn one must learn about how the mind/brain works. What we think we create.

I wished to create arriving home at 5pm and after leaving late was going to be more like 6.30pm. So they created a place to teach me how easy this shift will be and what a vision I have still how beautiful the mountains and such were". I was in the perfect spot of course for their teachings. I entered a portal....

Understand, we are creating faster now than ever our illusion, so the mind needs to be constantly aware of this. In 5th dimension our thought form is instantly created. Image, if some who did not understand this, the devastation it could create!

We all need to learn to control our minds and be in control of our lives. Everything we need is all ready inside of us. The lessons the teachings and the memory. All we have to do now is REMEMBER who we are, to be constantly in the state of peace and tranquility. To overcome fears and phobias and trust not only in our selves but in the Creator and our Collective.

It is not about what course you attend or book you read, it is about you. How you live your life and treat others no matter if 1, 2 or 3 legs. All Gods creatures are to be respected and loved. That goes with black, yellow, white or pink  etc skin people.

As like a book that is well read, the cover gets dirty and scruffy. Another book lying beside it can be clean and not well read. Its content is of no life experiences and so boring that it is put down and gathers dust and cob webs.

But the scruffy well-read book is battered and held together with plaster. It has shed its knowledge and wisdom so many times...and helped so many! It is priceless.

So also are we like the books. Some of us get hammered by jealousy, attacked by the dark forces and travelled far. But when we pass over, we carry with us all wisdom and experiences with us. It is a part of the soul. That is never erased.

So, sit in your glass conservatory and keep safe. Do not take risks and paint your finger nails! Or  go out into the world and learn and experience life, they have the dirty nailed, hair all scruffy and  are the ones who will take with them all that, I take myself to Tibet and experience. May I live to talk about it!

I must move on and so it is, I am that....





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TIBET AND INDIA ~ April 24 - May 22 - A Spiritual Journey $6999.00

Thursday, January 14th 2010 @ 4:54 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2772 times

Have you ever had an urge to go to  Tibet and connect with the amazing energies there? And then on to India!  I am taking a group there end of April and I have 3 seats available due to more bookings than expected so i have now ordered anotehr 4WD. 

We will be going via Chengdu (China for 1 day) and into Lhasa. Then 4WD to MT Kailash and Lake Manasarover, the sacred mountain and lake. This Intrepid journey is not for the faint hearted and a challenge,but  the beauty and scenery will be amazing.

We will be taking our time with our own guide and support team,  being in control of our own journey. No trekkingy,  Also visitng Everest Base Camp and driving into Kathmandu. 

Fly to Delhi and do a 6 day Golden triangle and Rishikesh  attending an Arti ceremony on the banks of the mother Ganga, a DAY IN KUALA LUMPUR AND OUTSKIRTS OF SHANGHA SEE YOU GETTING A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR SUCH A GOOD PRICE. THIS WILL not BE REPEATED.

Back home to a comfortable bed yet wondering did we ever go there! This journey will be one of connection and fun, Meditation and merryment. join me

This amazing tour all inclusive of all international and Internal flights.Tour guides drivers and support team. Myself a tour leader since 1999,All entries, VISA"s except main meal (breakfasts are included.) guides etc.

All for a wonderful price of aprox $6999.00


International flights and internal flights, transfers etc.

All guides, drivers and support team.and myself Smile

Temple and monument fees

3* Hotels, guest houses and some camping , all breakfasts

VISA'S for China, Nepal and India.

Group tipping

Booklet and a video of your journey.

For more information and the itineray, se email me on

BOOKINGS FOR THE ANOTHER CHEAP FLIGHT With Singapore Airlines ON SPECIAL  NEEDS TO BE BOOKED now! ( wer as a group are flyinf Maylasian So, dont sit back and waste time, phone me NOW!!!!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that might never come your way again. A certain level of fitness will be needed. BUT, NO TREKKING. BOOKINGS WILL CLOSE SOON.DONT DELAY, ALL ENQUIRIES ARE HAPPILY ANSWERED.

PHONE ME NOW ON (09) 535 4065



Speedwell Tours.



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3 experiences of the Frequency shifts

Thursday, January 14th 2010 @ 4:00 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3288 times

Hi Everybody

This post I would like to share with you 2 experiences I have had at how easy this Dimensional Shift is going to be. Remember, I am but a skeptic and very analytical so need them to show me and teach me if I am to teach and share my knowledge gained over the years.

To do this I would need to share something learned from Louix Dor Dempriey. In each Octave we move through to the next dimension. We are heading from 3rd to 5th dimension, well most of us. This is a choice and has nothing to do as mentioned with what course you have attended etc. It is LOVE. But everyone is set up to have this opportunity.

If they say DECEMBER 2012 is the "D Day" of this shift I say it is already happening now! This shift is gentle and loving, but to earn the right to reside in 5th Dimension, our souls must have reached a level acceptable in that freqeuncy. ( more on this later)

One night while walking back from the little room (LOO) I noticed that in the dark, it was becoming lighter. I stopped and it was like looking into a lightened room. I took another step and back into my bedroom. I stopped again and blinked, were my eyes going crazy, or was I!!! Another step and it was brighter light.

So in between stopping, blinking and next step, I was in and out of the light and my bedroom. Quite an amazing experience.

The last step now walking past the bed and my husband wondering what I was doing yet oblivious to his presence....I was told by a voice "STOP! Take another step and you cannot go back"...I had a choice to walk into the light and "go into the 5th Dimension, and in that space, where everything just is, I was thinking "oh, why would I want to miss this Ascension process" and bang...back into the room I was, and a man very worried about me!

I asked, if I had taken that next step, what would of happened? Their answer was "You would of taken your light body into the light and your physical body would of had a massive heart attack. Your form is not yet processed enough to take it with you". Oh! it was amazing.

Next one was even more so....I was looking out of my kitchen window stirring my coffee saying how lucky I was to have such a wonderful garden.

The rain was coming down and the droplets were caught on the spiders webs in the trees. Like crystals suspended moving in the wind, it was quite beautiful. 

I turned around and went to get the milk for the coffee and NOTHING!!!! I turned and behind me was all white, nothing, no kitchen, no house, nothing but white light!

I turned around and through the window was once again heaven of a back to the milk and no bloody fridge, no milk for my coffee and wondering why the heck we had just spent $50,000 on decorating a house that was no longer.

Remeber we live in an illusion and here it was. No blinking, nothing.Their answer was "Everything God created is Not the illusion, but what man did, was part of that illusion".

I then asked why the hell then did I decorate the house when they told me to! Their answer "you wish for nice things around you so you crerate the colour of the walls, the furnishings etc. Everything you wanted you have created....but the garden God created, so it is real".

I did a groan as we spent weeks painting and cleaning as we decorated this home. They laughed at my comments and said, "and then where did the $50,000 come from?".... to this day i still cannot understand where the money came from. The money needed was always in our account.  

My next one I will do another time, that was on the Desert Road and that was something I will never hence my trying to get through to anybody who will listen or read!!! We live in an illusion,and everything we say and do is created. I wish to create a good life that is in comfort and be healthy, happy and enjoy this life time as we know it. As, believe me, it is going to change and what a change this will be. I cannot wait!

See you next time as

That I AM..that


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Mars article in the Herald

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 @ 7:29 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2740 times

Interesting as in my earlier post I talked about the Martians that needed to find a new home, came down through a portal left open by those who choose to come to Earth and help us in the ascension speeding up our intelligence! (yet left the bloody door open .....)

In the Herald this morning (12thJan) it states that "MARTIAN LAKES POINT TO EVIDENCE OF LIFE'. Whow! Finally scientists are finding out that there could have been life on that planet!

I wonder if they would think about the statement...."IF Mars did have life, then what about other planets"????

Why would our Creator only create Earth for life. Crazy. We know that USA traded 50 abductees for "their" science projects to try and find out what is LOVE, how it is formed etc. as they gave up emotional body for the intellect body! Now they realise if they are also to move on their path, they need to learn about love. in return "they" gave USA information on how to get to the moon! Come on, think the human brain is THAT advanced! Information on this level has to come from some source!

Trouble was, the ET's didn't stop at 50 until the galactic government stepped in and said enough!.. Dont beleive me, then you should have attended Virgil Armstrongs lecture many years ago and heard his story.

I also read about the Japanese killing Whales etc for scientific research, my word, I get so upset....

So, isn't it getting exciting! We are waking up at long last.

Have a great day


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Ascension - 6 - Energies and Frequencies and Egypt..

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 @ 7:15 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3552 times

Hi Everyone

So 4 days has passed and I am not sure where it went. Forgive my lateness, but as mentioned re time in the last part, and the shift we have just experienced... I am not surprised.

Back to the Ascension process. let us go back in time, when teleportation was an accepted experience. In Egypt for example, the pharoahs were looked on as Gods as they could do this (some of them any way!).

In a lot of them in their tombs they created on the walls "secret doorways" so that when they passed over, they could come back and check up on their subjects. They also did statues of themselves etc and so when they passed usually the next pharaoh would disfigure or remove any trace of that pharoah so that they could not come back! They had nothing to anchor into so to speak.

Akhenaten was completely disfigured and removed from the walls on Abydos's corridor where they were all named and dated...why! Someone did not want us to remember.

They knew about frequencies...Now let us go to todays time frame. We know that the new DNA was introduced into the human vehical so that we may also have this ability. I have proven this is so with my experiences. Have you noticed lately that you seem a little ...say, dreamy. like one minute watching TV and then the next, oops, gone into fairy land so to speak? Have you noticed sometimes that nothing seems real, next you are back to normal. Have you noticed the speed at which this earth is now progressing, weather changes and so on, and times you are so angry and scratchy and then back to being nice you! Well, this is all part of the Ascension.

Ascension we know is the passing over taking the body with you. This was proven in Egypt. How do you think this will happen? Easy!

We understand about the "100th monkey" story, one does something and all the rest follow. Well, if some of us do it then the rest follow just the same principal. So hence some of us are working so hard and so tired! But all for the good cause so to speak.

So, imagine also the radio frequencies, the TV etc. at a turn or push of a button, dial, switch, the frequency changes! The radio and TV are still the same. But a new station. So, if we are also like a fantatsic computer or receiver, then so it is also with us at the right time. we move over as ONE...the power of ONE. It is a gentle shift this time, we are all ready in the shift hence many are dying, passing over in storms. earthwise. Their choice not to experience the shift.

Those of us who choose the experience are here for the ride. We are on the back of Mother Earth, and it is she that is changing the frequency, we are on her back and going for the ride.

Sacral therapy, the pulse of the craniosacral fluid in the body, has a pulse. It was around 5 beats per minute. It is now rising and should reach around 15 beats per minute. Now, the siesmologists also know that the pulse of earth is speeding up and guess what! We are the same rate as earth! Interesting eh!

So we are slowly changing pulse, or frequency. As we speed up we will reach the Zero point where everything stands still and then it starts up again. This time the polarity of earth will once again shift and the life starts all over again just as it has many many 'moons'.

Every 26,000 years it does this. But every 240,000 years we have a MAJOR shift and here it is folks, we are already in the shift as we are all working as ONE! Together we will ascend as a family into the 5th Dimension and those who choose not to, will fall back down into the 3rd and help start earths evolution all over again! Fairy tale....sorry. NO. This is all fact.

So, our bodies are slowly changing, hence many of us are experiencing headachs, pains not normal, mood swings and generally feeling out of sorts. The doctors scratch their heads and prescribe Prosac. At times, I have wondered myself if I should join the millions already popping these pills but it only makes things worse, but some cannot handle the shifts so if it helps them, so be it.

I have had 3 experiences of how easy this will be, so the next part I will share with you how easy this shift will be. Blessing dear people,

Tell them I AM THAT


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Ascension, Part 5 - The Key to Ascension.

Friday, January 8th 2010 @ 7:37 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2924 times

Hi Everybody.

I am back again and has not this week flown by fast? I am organising a trip to Tibet for this May and it seemed like only a few months ago we were in China waiting for the border to I am again and I know this time we will get in. So, have you noticed time has sped up also, or is it I am getting old!

The process of Ascension sees the illusion of time breaking down, as we hurtle faster and faster towards no time! Zero point....the end as we know it! As I have mentioned before, we will not self destruct or end up fizzeled and no longer....what a crazy idea!

Do you think our Creator would do this? NO. But humans are having a good go at self destructing as we move along, but more and more of us are becoming aware, awakening so to speak! This is something quite unique. Say, 20 to 30 years ago, if one spoke on these matters, one would be looked on as cookoo! Oh well....does it matter if I am? NO. not one iota.

You know why? The key to our Ascension has nothing to do with what course you attend, what modality you work with, nothing....except how you live! Life is an experience. In this experience we are playing a game in a way. How we play this game will make the difference if we Ascend or not. The main key is LOVE. Love of self and others, enemies or animals, Everything our Creator created! It is how we live our life.

Have you noticed how our thoughts are instantly being manifested? Have you noticed the energy shifts, the headaches, the mood swings and chronic fatigue? Now, I can name a few men and they are not menopausal at all! Age or sex has nothing to do with it.

Have you noticed that many of your friends are complaining of the same symptoms? Some call it Ascension Symptoms. How the Doctors scratch their heads and wonder what is the problem?

But as we move along it is like the Rheumatoid Arthritic person who knows when it is going to rain, as  their knees or joints ache! So also are we as we move closer to the zero point.

The Masters say, lie down and sleep, slow down etc. and that is the best remedy. The moon affects us and so does the subtle little shifts we are experiencing. No longer "sherbang" and 20 minutes later the axis of the earth has shifted due to the molten core that covers the earth feels like it is sitting on oil or something. We are working hard and so the shifts are gentle. WE WILL SURVIVE THIS SHIFT.

So, may I suggest you look in the mirror and wonder what you can do to improve yourself. Do you need to make some changes, be nicer to someone. To become more sensitive to others and the animal kingdom... that is all. Each one of us are an intricate part of this process. Our thought form is now more important than ever.

So, let us carry on and experience this amazing experiment that others have created for us to survive and experience the first time ever....Ascension.

Join me, as I do not intend to be "Left behind"....and I am not dying either!!!! But then, that is the next installement. See you in 2 days time. Can you figure out how it is going to happen????? I have been shown and it is exciting!

Tell then, I AM THAT


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Ascension, Part 4

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 @ 4:31 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3286 times

Hi Folks

So far no one has sent the men in white jackets, but today a friend popped in and was saying how she is in a "mess". I also had 2 phone calls and confirmed how I have been feeling so I will carry on as my "proof" came, just as I asked.

I read "Galahads" part, so exciting that someone else has got into this subject as we need to read all and then take out what relates to ourselves as this is our game called "LIFE".

I attended the Theosophical Society and studied Madam Blavatskys teaching also, but that was then and we need to live in the NOW. My now might not be correct but it is my truth and so I carry on.

Now, many thousands (and more!) years ago when the Sirians saw what we Earthians would do to our planet (like the Martians) they went to the Galactic Government and asked if they could intervene. See, we double helix with them and that keeps us both in orbit and on track. Image, we would be otherwise like the LOTTO balls waiting to come out and see who wins! Planets all crashing into each other, but the polarity is also in the planets!

So Sirus got a little  worried and thought " hell they are going to do a "Martian" on us! (What we do affects them ) So over time a Christ Consciousness being "fell from grace' ( Akhenaten as we know him today and a few more names in fact! So I call him Akhy)...came down and bought in the new DNA.( that will be another series....but need to move on on this Ascension thingy ).

There are 2 DNA in the human body. One is passed down by both parents and the other by the Mother! It is the mother one, the female aspect that is of interest to us. Hence Akhy and Nefertiti had 6 daughters. One died early in life and very young.The rest of the girls bore children and so the DNA was passed down over time to where we are today. Now this was also going on in Chavin (Peru) and will be explained in Akhys story.

Akhy also bought in the Right Side of Horus Mystery School and 300 females proved they could ascend, and did..taking their bodies with them.

Now you might wonder, what ward did I escape from....a friend of mine years ago was teaching. He took his group into Auckland city and instructed each one to follow someone he pointed out and to follow them and then come back and report to him!

All came back, " Lost them"...So Shaun said " follow that person and don't lose him this time" and again, they lost their beings. Now, he said, next time DO NOT lose them so they more or less hang onto the person instructed to trail and all came back shocked! Yes, as they turned the corner, they disappeared. Image the shock and Shaun with a grin on his face said " think about it'. They did and then he said that they were ET's and from a higher Dimension.

In Egypt, secret doors on the temple walls were where the Pharoahs would walk "thru" and keep an eye on the people. Hence they were looked on as Gods! Fairy story!!!!

Well, in 2002 I was instructed by Akhy to go to his tombs inTel Armarna and there was a secret door. By the time I was near on 1/2 way to the floor (I fell) and my friends caught me and in what was a split second, I went though the door and had a great old time with Akhenaten who was there waiting for me.

He downloaded information in that short time that was like 2 weeks to me. That night, I sat by the Nile with the Egyptologist in tears as I told him HIS history! He could not fathom out how a blond female from NZ could tell him what he taught in the University and answer his questions!!!! Yes, I must admit I near on called the doctor in a white jacket myself!

So, we are nearing a time when we have been set up and able to move onto the next level as a soul.... to Ascend, but this time something so unique that even the Masters sit with abated breath and wonder..."CAN THEY DO IT?" and I say "YES!".


SO, LOVE YOUR FRIEND AND ENEMY. LOVE THE ANIMALS AND THE DEMONS. It is unconditional love. So be it my friends. easy eh! The hard work has been done and so it shall be now up to the individual now, the Masters fold their arms and watch! 

Next post I will tell you how easy this moving over will be and how we will do it!  (they have given me 3 experiences which 1st one near on blew my brains).

In the meantime, laugh and have some fun as this raises up our vibrations and if you could see your aura, then you would agree with me. Blessings be to you all dear friends.

I AM That....


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Thought of the month. January 2010

Monday, January 4th 2010 @ 7:06 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2818 times

Hi folks. Whow! A decade has slipped passed us so fast and we are all spinning with the energy shifts. My phone has been going crazy with the calls of " what the hell is going on?" as many sensitive folk like myself spin in the dizzy energies that leaves one feeling like what was in that coffee!

The past decade has seen many changes to Gaia, Mother Earth, as we become more aware of the planet we live on,and how it must be treated like that.... "Our Mother". A Mother we love and respect, take care of and enjoy. But some of us are NOT doing that at all.

I watch in horror as I see emails of the slaughter of dolphins, the beaching of the whales and where land is either becoming so parched for the life of rain. To other lands seeing land slides, snow storms that are not normal and so on. I read about the bombings in countries and how some folk stick crackers into the sheeps mouth and laugh.

I read about the young babies being shaken as their parents go into anger, their deaths and so much dispair that my tears flow down my face.

Then one day my husband and I go South and drive amongst fields of purples and pink lupins. A Kea comes up to us and takes food form our hands. I see scenery that is so beautiful that the feeling in my soul awakens but again and motivates me to believe that there is a Divine Plan, there is a purpose to all of this and pray that one day we will but see peace on Earth. Where all living creatures live in harmony.

I sit a client in my clinic and take them on a self discovery journey back to the Council and the feeling of " I am doing something positive, I am helping' . By taking folk to the council where they are confronted to their lives just lived. To see that there is a purpose, and YES, everything I do NOW makes a difference.

If each one of us does our very best to make but one small change a day, then we on Earth will surivve and reap that which is our destiny. It all boils down to ....choice!

May 2010 be a decade we remember with more smiles and a lighter heart. All the very best to you and your families.Blessings.



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Ascension (3) Atlantis

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 @ 4:28 PM (1 ratings)    post viewed 2961 times

Last part we talked about Lemuria and how we knew about atomic energy. There was an overlap with Lemuria and Atlanis, then Atlantis. Technology was really moving along but still way behind what had hoped, so a call was put out and beings from other planets agreed to come down and help with the speeding up of envolment; as remember, at the end of a cycle it is like pulling a plug from the computer and all memory is lost. These beings, especially from the Pleiadies and Sirius, came down through a portal. But it was like someone coming and leaving the door open.

At that time, Mars was heading for self destruction and they were looking for another planet to "immigrate too!"....oops, they saw Earth and there were two cities vacant that had been created, lying empty so they came. Now, they also had a very high wisdom and saw earth beings as pretty well a push over so to speak.They bought in new technology, cloning, and trying to create, for an example, a 'slave human' by mixing the human and horse jeans together! Where do you think Greek Mythology came from? Pan for an example!

The Divine Creator saw this and so as it was near another end of cycle so decided to do something about this. A comet was set on course to collide with earth.The Martians saw this and so wished to blow it out of orbit but the Atlantians said no, this was the Divine plan and so refused to allow it. The comet landed and wiped out both the cities; the martian had taken over! Weeding out! But still man kind started to become corrupt and so mother Earth shock and Atlantis either sank below the sea or rose (Lake Titicaca for an example.)

Now, as mentioned, at an end of a cycle, the magnetic energy of the earth shifts polarity, and so Thoth loaded up his space craft with the Masters who choose to carry on in the lower 3rd dimension and start the new cycle. He took off from South America around 30 minutes before the Earth started to shake, volcanoes erupted and many people perished.

I remember this vividly in my mind as I was one who knew how to save myself. This is the reason I am typing this story, as last time I never spoke my truth. I  remember diving into the sea, and went to Egypt. (we could breath under water!!)

Back to Thoth.... he loaded the space craft with the masters who choose to stay and help recreate earth, lifting off earth just in time. He created a merkaba field around it so that the energy shift would have no affect on the masters on board. He stayed in orbit for 3 days and then landed the masters into a new chaotic and barbaric world. A third in each of Egypt, Tibet and Peru He then flew back to Egypt and changed the frequency of the craft and lowered it under the Sphinx, hence it is known as the "Hall of records". Thoth was the Scribe who brought in the written word, and wrote all the mysteries down and so it is waiting for us to get back to a more Divine level before these Mysteries are revealed.

There are high in the ceiling of the oldest temple in Egypt, called Abydos, hieroglyphics that show this. How my Egyptologist hates me pointing this out to my group, as it "stuffs' up their religion! Oops

Today, once again we need to learn about the Merkaba Field, and how to activate it as this shift is the first time ever we will have the opportunity to ascend, taking our bodies with us and move into the higher frequency of the 5th Dimension.

This is what we call "the Ascension" means moving to a higher level and taking our bodies with us. Akhenaten was part of this experiement to prove to the Galactic Government that we CAN do it. It is all so exciting but hell, it sure is pushing us.... .so, are you with me? I sure as hell do not intend to put one step wrong this time, I am GOING to experience this...more on how next time.

Next time I will explain more on the process of the ascension and how it will work. It is very interesting and could be seen as quite mind blowing! I have had 3 experiences of it myself and hell, i thought I was ready for the mental ward! 

So, as mentioned, in the meantime, enjoy life and smile as you are on Gods candid camera.

All the very best

and it is, I AM



Jeanne Northwood
EnergyWorks said on Wednesday, January 6th 2010 @ 2:33 PM:

'm  with you here! Will go out and order my straight jacket now I guess! Wink. Its good to have a reason for some of the craziness happening lately. will sit in patience for your next instalment!

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