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Thursday, March 10th 2011 @ 8:27 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 4520 times

Come and join me on this amazing 2 day INTENSIVE workshop. $250.00. Certified.  As taught by Thoth, the Atlantean via Alton Kamadon.

Includes the 158 manual, the set of 11 CDs with all meditations and handouts.

Learn how to activate and strengthen your Merkaba Field and work with the Hologram of Love found on the sides of Abydos Temple in Egypt and other  places in the world. Working with the Masters... Thoth, Lord Metatron and Melchizedek, Lord Sananda, A. Michael, Mother Mary and others. Reconnect and work with them.

Visit the Halls of Amenti and work with your Time Space Continuum, balance your chakras and do your own self healing.

This workshop will open you to a whole new world of empowerment so take back your wisdom and reconnect with your Higher Self.

Let me take you to Hollow Earth and visit the wise beings there....This workshop is about YOU and not having to go to others for readings, become your own self healer, experience the magic of this ancient wisdom...

I will also explain the connection with Atlantis and why this is so important I remember, so you also can.

No prior experience needed, so come and join us and see how amazing this 30+ workshop.( just returned from Sydney...teaching this.)

WELLINGTON.......APRIL    16th and 17th.       9AM - 6PM.

AUCKLAND...........MAY       14th and 15th.      9AM - 6PM

CHRISTCHURCH      to be advised.

Limited numbers so one gets a more in-depth workshop. Innocent

Bookings are needed as filling fast.

For a me on for all areas.

If you wish to set up a group of 8+, you attend free.       I do all the work.

I did this workshop in 1999 and never looked back or felt the need to attend any other workshop....this delivered everything I needed plus much more. Many repeat this many times as each one is unique and has their own "Master teacher".

Phone me for more information etc on (09) 535 4065

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EGYPT November 2011

Thursday, March 10th 2011 @ 6:51 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2155 times

Hi Everyone

Once again I am off to Egypt, Jordan and Israel 29 Oct - 26 Nov. of 29 days for  NZ$9,500 - $10,000.

This includes a registration fee, (for group tipping, DVD and book I am producing plus). Flights with Emirates, all tours including a 5* Nile cruise and good accommodation with most meals. Private Egyptologist and myself to guide and help you on your journey of rememberance. From Alexandria to Abu Simble, to El Menyia +, Abydos and all temples along the Nile as we re-inact the initiations. Then......

Imagine standing in the Kings Chamber on the 11:11:2011 (private entry) the final initiation in the most amazing energy known to mankind. Also private meditation to start that day at 6 - 8am between the Sphinx paws to connect with the halls of records. Staying at Mena House. Total of 18 days.

Onto Mt Sinai and over to Jordan for 8 days to then be sitting on the Mount of Olives in Israel on the 22:11:11 to do some work for the Masters.....  ( Israel for 3 days)

This also includes a free attendance in either Sydney, Wellington and Auckland (and possible Christchurch) to the incredible old ancient Egyptian wisdom school, Melchizedek Method, given to us by Thoth.....  ( see following "Blog".)

Over the past 10 years I have been on a spiritual journey reconnecting to the ancient sites.... 3 times to Peru to Chavin de Huantar, Egypt 5 times to do work in Tel Armarna and India, Reshikesh, 3 last years amazing trip to Tibet, Nepal and back into India for the 3rd time to attend to  work in Reshikesh.

As the Ascension process speeds up, our spiritual work and own personal process is aided by visiting these amazing places. Come and join us as we tone in the kings chamber, connect with the halls of records and climb Mt Sinai.

Join me and 34 othes as we retrace the steps of the Egyptian initiates as we work through all the chakras in the Temples.... let me help you REMEMBER..... as I will be doing mini workshops as we travel along with the amazing group already formed. We have only a few spaces be quick.

I am a trained Michael Newton Therapist so i can lead you to the other side (Teleport) and a Hypnotherapist of 19 years and Naturopath for 25+ I have been in this line of work now since the age of 6 years.

Our work is near on complete. Come and experience a lifes dream with other amazing like minded folk who have heard their souls call to come and help in this work in Israel. Some are rejoining me for the 6th time..... and come home amazed at their journey and the cost.....nothing is left unturned.

Com and join Akhenaten and the Masters along with your own collective and also have the time fo your life.

God bless,

Or phone me on (09) 535 4065


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