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Egypt, private into the Kings Chamber 11:11:11

Tuesday, August 9th 2011 @ 4:56 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2645 times

Egypt, here we come…..On the 29th October, a group of amazing folk are joining me to visit Egypt, Jordan and the Israel. Returning to Auckland on the 26th November….what an amazing tour we have planned…

Starting from Alexandria, to Abu Simbel to visit all temples on our 5* luxury Nile Cruise, then private A/C  coach to Abydos and Dendara and then onto Al Minya, Beni Hasen and back to Cairo. Here staying at Mena House for another 3 nights, ( most hotels are 4*) to be private in the Sphinx enclosure at 6am and then Kings Chamber at 12 noon for private meditation on 11:11:11.....

Next in our  A/C coach we travel to Mt Sinai, then over to Dahab. We leave for Jordan saying our goodbye to our private Egyptologist as we sail over to Jordan.

Wadi Rum and Petra are just 2 of the sites we will be visiting. Up to Amman, then  to be sitting on top of the Mount of Olives on the 22nd  November  for a reflection on World issues in israel.

ALL up the tours are Egypt, Jordan and Israel, (including most meals), tipping etc. around US$4850.00 ( total of 28 days) . Flights are with Emirates NZ$2899.00.

Registration non-refundable fee of NZ$500 to cover tipping and a DVD of your amazing journey, booklet and other delights, included in the package.

Inclusive of this amazing FULL ON itin. we will be having sessions in the sacred sites along the Nile, meditations, along with fun and laughter, …………….and what a journey we will have.

Enquiries…email me on   for full itin. and join me on my 6th journey back home. Only a few spaces left…as I will be only taking a select few. No more than 30 with only 2 spaces left.


SPEEDWELL  TOURS……..a journey into the past to bring into the future…that which is pure in spirit and holy”

Gail Nicholls………ND. DipClinHyp..LBL. Spiritual Teacher and Counsellor.

Phone.0064 09  535 4065

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Thought of the month: August 2011

Tuesday, August 9th 2011 @ 4:10 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2075 times

Hi Folks

Seems like ages since I attended to this website but I have been overseas again. I came home from visiting Vietnam and Cambodia, and Cambodia left me in a very thoughtful arena of opinions, ideas and "what the heck is this life about?"

I walked over the "Killing Fields', and realised that I was actually walking not only on dirt, but teeth, pieces of bones and rags... to then feel many "eyes" all around me. BUT, the stillness and peace of the place left me wondering why?

I walked on in silence and reverence at the horror these beautiful and spiritual people went through. I asked our guide "why?", who was part of this war and survived only because he was a "farmers lad" and so knew how to survive in the bush so to speak! He replied that it is in the past and the people do not feel any anger etc to what happened. It just was! 

95% of the Cambodian people are Buddhists, and so I felt maybe their religion taught them forgiveness, acceptance and what is past now past. How we can learn so much from these people.

I now am home and look around me. On the news there are riots as folk fight for their cause or just for the share hell of it. When are people going to realise that we are all here as we choose to come and have not only this experience but also to learn that we are all equal. I hear other so called spiritual people saying negative things about others, judging and condemning, yet never looking into the mirror and seeing that what is said is actually about themselves!

I read people calling themselves names like "High Priestess", or Ordained in some Church of their making! Paying homage to THIER god and not to the overall GOD of us all where we are all equal, just having different experiences at different times. That it is not right to stand on ones pedestal and look down on another, but to be humble and loving. Then and only then will this world come to pass and peace will reign for a thousand years.

So, share the gifts you are granted, be humble and loving to all mankind and the animal kingdom as you will surely be judged, and who is that judge! Yourself….. trust me, fear thyself as actually, life really is an illusion! And you are the only and main player in this game we call life!

Yep, I am not insane or lost my marbles, I have been found quite sane by a Psychiatrist who attends my meetings. I need not call myself a priestess, or talk about who my guide is as in the end, we are all ONE anyway!

Come, walk beside me and see what truly this illusion is!

Peace and love to you all. I am and always will be,




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