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Follow your OWN gut feeling.

Thursday, March 29th 2012 @ 10:55 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2511 times

I have noticed many folk are phoning me, or it is coming out of their sessions, "Which way do I go, what is it that I should do?" So many times in this past week that I decided after the last phone call, I would write down my opinion on this question.

The gut, or stomach region is called the "Hara"... and in my interpretation this means the seat of the spiritual mind! Hence the saying "go by your gut feeling" and one will rarely go wrong!

It is no good asking anothers opinion as each one of us is unique and coming from a different spoke of the wheel of life! What would be the correct answer for one, not maybe for you.

By asking the question to a good friend etc., listen to your voice, what you are saying, how you are saying it and your body will tell you that I am sure of! There is nothing wrong with using a friend as a sounding board, as sometimes while in the discussion, your body well feel uneasy, dont do it, or if an excitement wells up inside of you, then do it!!!!!

If you are still unsure, wait a day before jumping into a situation you were hesitant of, as one day it is perfect and the next, whaw!!!!! What on earth made you want to do that which you were questioning!

Someone elses excitement gets you caught up in THEIR excitement and is correct for them, like " Hay , how about we take off and visit the portals in Sedona"...whaw the body says I am excited, yes lets go"...and the next day you look at it and realise it was a wonderful dream, but wrong timing.

So therefore start planning to make it become your reality maybe in a years we do have a responsibity to our famiy etc... and going NOW would mean a debt over your head with huge interest. So, it is always good to be grounded....but gut feeling ususlly is100% correct.

Recently many of us who are "sensitive" have been feeling the amazing shifts in consciousness and we are falling over like flies hit by "RAID".....these shifts can also affect our moods, as remember where the word "Lunatic" comes from....a full moon!!!!! The moon affects us, and so also do these Solar flares we on earth have been experiencing!

Hence we are falling over, spinning in the head like a lack of sugar in the blood! Depression, tiredness and so hang in there and know many of us are feeling this way and so it is harder to make up ones mind what to do....

But, we do need to laugh more, play more and be a spiritual essence having a human hang in there. Also remember, one does not need to do anything as everything we need for this so called "Ascension" is already part of us, and all we need to do is be in out LOVE and surrounded in LOVE. Nothing else....

So stop stressing about what course one must attend, what one should read etc. what one should be doing or attending or we are all perfect and here to go for a ride of our lives and like the roller coaster, some folk scream their heads off as the dipper goes over a rise into the unknown, and the fear makes one scream.

At the end of the ride, one feels invigorate and excited.... they survived and the wee carriage got you saftly back to the start! Look at Bungy jumping....jumping off a bridge and screaming all the way to the NEAR bottom of death, yet people do it!!!!! So we also will...back to the start of being a Soul....what a ride we are having eh!

Scream if you have to, but trust me, a smile WILL be on your face at the end...that I also will stake MY LIFE I have experienced it a few times... also annoys me when I flip back to this reality and realise the roller coaster ride is not over yet! Oh shit!

Yep, I swore.....shall I say. " oh bother!"....naw, just does not fit the idea of how I feel! Think I will go and experience Bungy Jumping!

Til we meet at the end of the ride, keep safe, pray and laugh.....have some fun and try another ride in this amusement park we call Earth!

If you would like to get a group together I will come and talk to you about it....but I will need a promise no ambulance with men in white jackets are invited! So, till next time....

Gail Nicholls....quite sane.
(Think I will go and hang out my washing!)

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Egypt... Part Seven

Monday, March 26th 2012 @ 4:59 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1479 times

Abydos.....this temple is considered to the most important archaeological site of old ancient Egypt. It is a MUST visit if you are interested in Egyptology, the history and the old Ancient Mysteries. It was built in honour of the God Osiris....But before we go down this path let us lay down a few facts.

It is said to have been built by many Pharoahs as they added on more Temples around this area, but it was built for Seti 1 as a memorial who is more recognised by todays Archaeologists. The Pharaohs of the first and second dynasty were buried in Abydos.

The temple was renewed and enlarged by these Pharaohs and what is so interesting is in a corridor leading to the outside Osirion, there is a complete list of all Pharoahs except Akhenaten which has been completly erased, known as the "Abydos King List" that shows the cartouche name of many dynastic pharaohs of Egypt.

Merntepah added the Osirion just to the north of the temple of Seti (see the above picture).

One gets to visit this part of the Temple through usually a nice tip to the guides and this trip we were very privildged to be able to sit down on the path that leads down to the waters edge to view the famous "Flower of Life" symbols edged on the side of one of the still standing structures. As I teach the "Melchizendek Method" which uses the Flower of Life symbol to activate our Merkaba Field, I was so excited to be able to spend 1/2 an hour meditating in the amazing energy there. A real REAL treat as usually no one is allowed near the pathway.

Back inside the temple of Seti 1 we experienced the powerful energies that beamed down through the roof and formed an energy around the person standing in its light! A great experience for most of us...

Another amazing sight here that the Egyptologists dont really like us to see if the hieroglyphs high up in the ceiling. Lotfi calls them "Graffiti....of yea!!!!

Helicopter HieroglyphPicture of the helicopter hieroglyph

Here also is the "Tree of Life" that is placed over the Flower of Life, and can also be seen on the sides of the Seti 1 Temple.... one never has enough time in the temples we visit but we needed to move on to the other temple we travelled down this road to visit....

From Abydos we traveled to the temple of Hathor at Denderah which was built in Ptolemaic times. This temple has many astronomical depictions including the famous zodiac and was one of the great healing temples of Egypt, and is aligned to the stars of Ursa Major.

In 1999 I got lost from the group, well actually, I meditated and experienced something and the group never waited for me.... On my coming back to this reality, I was taken by a guide back to my group to see a room under lock and key to view something and to this day, it eludes me! The astrological sign on the ceiling, so vivid and beautiful....The date for the relief is 50 BC, since it shows the stars and planets in the positions they would have been seen at that time it was created.

It was similar to this photo below, like Lapis highlighted in gold leaf! Absolutly divine. Now, I tell you I was quite awake but to this day STILL cannot cross the veil to that reality and look up the ceiling and see blackened and faded over time.....and I KNOW I saw it!

The guide just smiled and pointed to his lips and I got the message. At that time Fartry knew what I was talking about and so he took our group to see it. What a disappointment to see it as it is today, and the guide in a long white robe smiled and moved on!

I have had another amazing experience at this temple, as we meditated in 1999, I was told to sit in the front along with a lady from India.... so uncomfortable on the sharp stones so i never found it easy to "go away in a deep meditation...but at the end, I looked at the Indian lady in amazement as she saw what I saw! The singing and vision to this day still is within me.

This is a temple for healing and I sure would love another healing! This temple is where over the years, I have had the most amazing experiences.... so i drag my groups there everytime and pray they also get something magical.

We did meditate outside as today it is near on impossible to meditate inside the Temples... and depends how deep one will dig into to give a good tip! To me, it does not matter as the "Thought Intention ' is what we need to remember.

So, what a day we had....and carried onto the next nights  accommodation.


Slowly getting there eh!



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