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My Journey Home (RaewynSomers)
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Wednesday, July 29th 2009 @ 7:26 PM (not yet rated)

There is a small group of us going to Indonesia for a workshop at the end of August.

To fundraise for this event I have put a limited number of BIOPRO CELL CHIPs on SALE at $NZ40.00 these chips usually sell for $NZ54.00. This is a great saving and all proceeds will go direct towards the workshops.   

Just what are BIOPRO CELL CHIPS:  

  • Dual Action designed to strengthen resilience to the effects of stress
  • Can be used on cell phone, PDAs or Bluetooth
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Powered by the proprietary, patented MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) and proprietary ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology

Electropollution has been linked to everything from headaches and sleeping problems to tumours and cancer. It is emanated by every wired and wireless device you use today in the form of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation.


Well-known and respected experts are more concerned than ever that our growing use of these kinds of devices, especially by children, is putting our health and wellness at great risk


Let’s face it. No one is ready to give up their cell phone, cordless phone or computer and the good news is you don’t have to thanks to BIOPRO Technology. BIOPRO is the first company to provide you with the most scientifically advanced, patented intervention technologies developed to target electropollution in a simple, easy-to-use, highly effective application.


MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) and ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology) have been tested at respected laboratories and universities across the globe.

For further information on this great product please check out my website

Please note that to qualify for the sale price you need to buy the products direct off

Or phone 09 838 0048.


The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart ~Buddha

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Spiritual Journey

Sunday, July 26th 2009 @ 9:05 PM (not yet rated)


* For those who simply want to be healthier and more relaxed;
* For those who want to obtain the true power of the heart: true peacefulness, calmness, and happiness;
* For those who want to learn more about spiritual lessons;
* For those who are serious about spiritual growth and wish to attain enlightenment.


The spiritual journey is the journey of your true self (also often referred to as higher self, super consciousness, supra consciousness, atman, spirit, etc), which is a spark of the Divine Source, to return back to the Divine Source.

Therefore, in this journey, it is not a matter of how much your brain learns, because one day your brain will perish. It is a matter of how much your higher self learns.

Since your true self is located within your heart, this journey will be a journey for your heart. And the way of the heart is always filled with peacefulness, calmness, happiness, and joy. The heart is the only key to your connection to the Divine Source.

Padmacahaya will be offering workshops in New Zealand throughout September 2009. These workshops ensures that everyone is able to attain his or her true self consciousness. You will not be simply communicating with your higher self. In Padmacahaya, attaining true self consiousness means that you can be fully consious as your higher self at any time you want to be. You are the master of yourself since the true spiritual journey also means self-mastery at all levels of your consciousness.

Once your Inner Heart (the key to all truths) is activated, you will be able to realize the validity of everything that is taught. It is real, not simply theories/ideas. Only with your Inner Heart can you learn the true way to go beyond the human realm.

Learning in Padmacahaya:

  • Learning is through self experience, self understanding and self realization in order to attain Enlightenment and Yoga
  • We only teach you during the early stages. When you reach your true self consciousness, you will understand and realize more advanced lessons by yourself. We will simply be your guides.



 Reiki Tummo

  • Cleansing, healing and preparing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves
  • Instant and safe Kundalini awakening


  • Activation of the Pineal gland (calming the mind)
  • Start using the heart


  • Accelerating the cleanising processes

Shing Chi

  • Connection to divine chakras above crown chakra to be able to channel higher quality of divine energies


Inner Heart

  • Opening the heart and using the Conscience (Inner heart) to be able to realize "real truth"

Spiritual Advancement

  • Understanding about the existencce, about different consciousness and journey of each consciousness
  • Preparation to attain higher consciousness


Ladder of Consciousness

  • Attaining soul consciousness
  • Learning from past lives' weaknesses
  • Removing negative karma
  • Cleansing and collecting fraction of soul

True Self Consiousness

  • Attaining true self consciousness
  • Realizing the love of the Divine Source
  • Letting the Divine Blessing do the best


Master Yoga I

  • Becoming an instrument of the Divine Source
  • Removing the "self"
  • Perfecting major chakras
  • Raising the core of the Kundalini

Master Yoga II

  • Full self realization
  • Full instrument of the Divine Source

Master Yoga III

  • Yoga

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart ~Buddha

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Sunday, July 19th 2009 @ 10:35 PM (1 ratings)

Opening our heart as big as possible is the greatest gift that we offer ourselves and to the world.

Opening our heart has a profound healing affect on all levels of our being as well as on our families and communities.

The more we allow our hearts to open, the more we can share love, for peace, joy, and love radiates from the core of our hearts.

If we really listen to and feel our inner calling, we will realize that our hearts want to open and let the light and love to do wonderful things for ourselves, our families and communities.

When we open our hearts, we deepen our spiritual connection to the True Source, and this allows us to live genuinely and authentically in the sacredness of love.

Then we can begin to realize that the True Source, as the Ultimate Source of Love and Light, has Loved us completely in every moment of our existence. Indeed, there has never been a moment in our existence, when this was not the truth, because True Source can never stop Loving us and all beings.

(Note: We prefer the term ‘True Source’ because it is a neutral term which does not have a charged history. Feel free to replace the term ‘True Source’, with whatever phrase for you which represents the Ultimate Source of Love and Light).

Where does the Peace, Love and Joy Originate?

The deepest peace and love that is available to us in our earthly existence is the spark of light and love in the core of our hearts. This spark is the purest aspect of our deepest self and is directly connected to the Source of Love and Light. The more we allow the blessings of love and light to purify and open our hearts, the more the Love and Light from the core of our being becomes free to radiate in all directions to every heart everywhere. Everyone has a spark of love and light in the core of their heart. However, not every spark is radiating freely and sweetly. When we first begin to open our hearts, the nice feeling we experience may only be felt as a peaceful and calm feeling. As the layers of our heart are purified, not only are we able to feel the peace and the calmness, we are able to feel the deep joy, love and light that radiates from the core of our heart. At any time we can then just stop, do nothing and realize and feel that the Love is sweetly pulling us deeper into the Love….toward the core inside of our heart. And this never stops if we allow it to take us there. When the clouds of impurity surrounding our hearts are dissolved, then the love and light can be experienced without obstruction in its purest joy.

Why we are here?

The ultimate purpose of our life is to love the True Source completely with all of our heart. To our head/brain, this statement might seem debatable. However, the core of our heart, which is calling us ‘back home’ to the Source of Love and Light, knows this to be true. But the direct path home to the cherished goals of our existence can only happen by embracing and surrendering completely to the purest love - the most subtle, most sublime form of love – that of the Ultimate Source of all. It is only through this purest love that our essence of being can return home.

We are being invited to open our hearts and be instruments of Love and Light by sharing the blessings of this love with the hearts of every being. When we share this love as an instrument, we are also loving the True Source and getting closer to the home of our True Self. This means we are getting closer to the Ultimate Destination available to us. So now is the time for our deepest awakening – loving The Source of Love and Light completely with our heart and whole being and becoming the instrument of light and love that we are intended to be.

Our life on earth is a great gift. Let us celebrate this gift by being as happy as True Source means us to be, by opening our beautiful hearts and by letting the Love and Light radiate to all.

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The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart ~Buddha

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Key Steps to Strengthen Our Heart and Feeling

Wednesday, July 15th 2009 @ 12:00 AM (not yet rated)

Following on from the previous two blogs here are some KEY STEPS:

Step 1: Relax your whole body

Find a nice and quiet place to sit. You can sit on a chair with your feet firmly on the floor or sit cross legged on the floor, whichever is more relaxing and comfortable.

Sit with your back and spine straight with good posture without forcing or straining yourself. If you need back support then sit on a chair with a flat back or use a cushion to be as comforable as possible.

Your head should be looking forward and slightly upwards, as it is hard to feel your heart if your head is drooping down and this helps prevent you getting sleepy.

Step 2: Close your eyes and smile freely:

Close your eyes. This helps to reduce the domination of your brain and helps you to relax more easily.

Scientifically speaking, it is known that when we open our eyes, our eyes send signals to our brain to process the images which makes our brain work hard. Put aside all thoughts from the day and just be here and now.

Start to smile freely. By smiling freely the feeling from the heart becomes stronger. Stay smiling so you can begin and continue to follow the nice feelings that arise from your heart.

Step 3: Touch your heart and smile to your heart

Touch your heart at the center of your chest with one or two fingers at the level of your armpits to bring your awareness to your heart. This helps your awareness of your heart and connects your whole being to your heart.

Smile to your heart without thinking how.

The best attitude is not to expect anything. If you are too busy wanting or expecting too much then you are busy thinking, instead you should be relaxing and enjoying the feelings that are naturally arising from your heart.

Step 4: Stay relaxed and follow your feeling

Stay relaxed and coninue to smile freely to your heart for several minutes. After a while you may feel some expansion and a light and calm feeling around your heart.

Follow and relax into the feeling even if it is very gentle or you can only just feel it a little bit. By following the feeling without any effort your heart and feelings grow stronger and you are able to enjoy the nice feeling from your heart even more.

Stay relaxed and keep smiling to your heart for five minutes.


The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart ~Buddha

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How to Feel and Strengthen the Heart

Sunday, July 12th 2009 @ 12:00 AM (not yet rated)

In the last blog I shared how you can guide a friend to feel their Heart. This time I would like to share how they can feel and strengthen that feeling. The exercise can be freely downloaded from   if you prefer to use a recording.

By sharing the experience you can support and tailor the pace of the guiding to help your friend to feel their heart more easily. The key steps to be able to feel the heart are to (1) relax (2) smile (3) follow the feeling. If the person you are guiding is not smiling freely you may need to encourage them to be more relaxed before asking them to smile more. If they are already relaxed and smiling freely give them encouragement to follow their feeling even more.

How to guide your friend to do Heart Strengthening Exercise:

First allow your friend to find a comfortable position they can be relaxed in. Aim to take a minimum of 10 minutes to not rush the guiding and read each part of the script exactly but do not simpoly read this as a script, instead notice how your friend is doing and reacting and give some supportive comments.

For example, when you feel your friend is enjoying and doing well you can gently given them good feedback and encourage them to continue to feel and enjoy even more by saying a few times one or more of these phrases:

(yes, good, very good, great, wonderful, feeling more, keep following your feeling, follow your feeling even more, relaxing into the feeling, let go, let go more, let go even more).

If your friend is not relaxing, not smiling or not following their feeling just stay on this part of the script for longer by saying a few times one or more of these phrases:

(relax more, relax completely and freely, relax even more, smile, smile freely, smiling even more, follow your feeling, relaxing into the feeling more, letting go, let go even more).

As a guide you can also relax and sometimes close your eyes to more easily follow the feeling and so be more aware when guiding your friend. by closing your eyes and guiding withyour feeling you can help your friend so they can feel and strengthen their heart more easily. It is not uncommon for the person doing the guiding to be ab le to feel more than the person being guided since they are not on the "spot", and naturally we enjoy and feel happy when we are able to help our friends.

Speak slowly and clearly with a positive relaxed and supportive manner. Follow your feeling as you are guiding to get the best results and enjoy doing the guiding.


1)   RELAX - remember to only move onto smiling when they are completely relaxed.

2)   SMILE - remember to only move on to feeling when the person is able to smile freely.

3)   FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS - remmeber to keep them smiling and rfelaxintg to be able to follow the feeling. Remind them to continue to follow their feeling to enjoy the experience more.


1.   Start by sitting comfortably on a chair or on the floor, keeping your back straight and place your palms upright on your lap..

2.   Relax..relax your whole body..

3.   Close your eyes and relax..relaxing even more..and keep on relaxing..

(relaxing, relax more, relaxing even more, keep on relaxing) (yes, good, very good)

4.   Let go of any tension in your body..take a deep breath in..and breathe out slowly.

(relaxing, relax more, relax even more, keep on relaxing) (yes, good, very good)

5.   Relax..and relax even more..allow yourself to relax completely..however relaxed your body is right now..just let it relax even more..

(relaxing, relax your whole body, relax even more, let go more) (yes, good, very good)

6.   Relaxing even more deeply..keep on relaxing more..relaxing completely..

(relaxing, relax your whole body, relaxing even more, keep on relaxing) (yes, good, very good, great)

7.   While relaxing now even more..and stay relaxed..and relax even more..

(relaxing, relaxing even more, smiling, smiling freely, (yes, good,very good, beautiful)

8.   Just smiling and relaxing..and smiling even more..and relaxing..and nothing else..

(relaxing even more, smiling, smiling feely) (yes, good, wonderful)

9.   Now gently touch your heart in the center of your chest, with one or two fingers..relax..and relax even more..just smiling and relaxing..and nothing else..

(relaxing completely, relax even more, keep on relaxing, smiling more, smiling freely) (yes, good, very good, wonderful)

10.  Now smile to your heart without thinking how or where your heart is..smiling freely to your heart..smiling more..keep smiling to your heart..relaxing and nothing else..(30 seconds to 1 minute silence)

11.  Allow your awareness to go to your heart beneath your to your heart and relax even more..and follow your feeling..and nothing else..

(relaxing more, smiling more, follow your feeling more) (yes, good, very good)

12.  Keep smiling to your heart..stay within the feeling..let yourself be pulled deeper within the feeling..and relaxing deeper and deeper within the feeling..and nothing else..

(relaxing more, smiling freely feeling, follow your feeling) (yes, good, very good, beautiful)

13.  Feel..feel..follow your feeling..follow your feeling even more..keep smiling freely ..and relaxing even deeper int he feeling..and nothing else..

(relaxing, relax more, relaxing even more, keep on relaxing) (yes, good, very good, feeling more, following your feelings more, wonderful)

14.  And in your own time, when you're ready, gently open your eyes with a happy smile.


The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart ~Buddha

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Feeling Our Heart Script for Guides

Tuesday, July 7th 2009 @ 11:04 PM (not yet rated)

The exercise may seem simplistic, yet it can be profound for both the guide and the subject. The nice feeling that you will be feeling, is the feeling of your heart. The reason that it is profound is because that nice feeling is a direct link to the True Source, the Source of Love and Light. At the beginning level, the nice feeling will be experienced possibly as a sensation of warmth, openness, expansiveness, light, peace, calmness, gentleness, or joy.   FEELING OUR HEART SCRIPT FOR GUIDES:

You can read this script to a friend slowly and clearly with a relaxed and positive manner. After each section and between lines pause for a few seconds to allow your friend some time to fully experience what they are feeling. After reading step 9 you can pause and repeat the steps from 4 to 9 again. This allows your friend to notice the difference between smiling freely/not smiling and how it affects their feelings. The key to feel with our heart is to be relaxed, smiling freely and following our feelings.

1.   Sit in a comfortable position with your back your palms on your lap facing upwards..Close your eyes and relax.. Take some time to soften any tension in your body and allow yourself to relax..and relaxing even more.

2.  Be here and now completely..Relax..keep relaxing..keep relaxing even more..good. Take a breath in and out breathe out fully..relax even more..completely relaxed..

3.  Remember one of your happiest moments that really touched you. It can be any moment..maybe a time when you felt close to someone or were doing something you enjoyed.

4.  Notice how you felt during the happy moment wihtout thinking about the details. When you are happy..feel the smile coming up.. allow yourself to smile..follow that feeling.. and stay with that feeling..relaxing and smiling and nothing else..

5.  Feel how natural that is..remember that feeling..relaxing and smiling..being in the feeling of that moment..allow it to happen without thinking how..smiling and relaxing..and relaxing even more into the nice feeling..and nothing else..

6.  Relax and smile freely..and keep relaxing and smiling freely..notice what happens to your feeling as you smile more..keep on smiling and relaxing into the feeling..and nothing else..

7.  Keep relaxing and smiling..relaxing even more..and smiling even more..keep relaxing and smiling..and relaxing into the feeling..and nothing else..(15 second pause)

8.  Stop smiling and keep relaxing..relaxing even more..notice how you feel..keep relaxing and relaxing even more..and nothing else..

9.  Now lets feel the difference..feel how it is when you smile (repeat three times:steps 4 - 9)

10. You can open your eyes and give yourself a moment to relax.

The person being guided may notice that the nice feeling quickly goes away when they stop smiling. This is because the mind has become more dominant than their heart. Just repeat the key steps of relaxing and smailing to feel the nice feeling again from the heart. some people may find that as they begin to enjoy smiling, they then find it hard to stop smiling because the nice feeling is so good they just want to continue smiling. We hope from this simple exercise that you experienced and elarned that the feeling from the heart is stronger when you are msiling freely.

Heart Meditation Downloads available.

Heart meditations every Tuesday at Pt Chevalier Community Centre, 18 Huia Road, Auckland. 8pm.


The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart ~Buddha


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