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Greg Villers
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It is the Time of the Transformation for our World. I'll be writing a series of articles and posts about 2012, the Ascension of our Planet and how we can transform our lives by tuning into the new vibrations that are coming in.

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Compassion and Love

Sunday, May 8th 2011 @ 6:25 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 15504 times

What is compassion and why is it so important to live from a compassionate Heart?

“Perhaps compassion is the Hearts response to all that is not of Love!”

True compassion is genuine compassion and is not pity or sympathy. These are lower vibrations which are born of fear.  i.e. witnessing suffering from a perspective of "Oh my God what if that happened to me?”.

Genuine compassion is non judgemental, respectful, unbiased and loving. It does not differentiate between friend and enemy and encompasses all religions, all perspectives, and all aspects of life. It recognises that any suffering is not born of love thus the need for the compassion of the Heart.

Genuine compassion allows us to witness suffering from a perspective of Love where we can recognise and empathise with the suffering of others and offer a heart response of “how can I help these people” which might be as simple as sending love to them and the situation they are in or we might be in a position to offer more tangible help such as physically assisting them in times of need.

We have all had opportunities in recent times to feel compassion for those who have been affected by the Earthquakes inChristchurch,New ZealandandJapan. Also theUSAwith their Tornadoes that wrecked havoc throughout the Mid States. Indeed it is often only when tragedy strikes that we find our hearts opening to compassion.

Every act of genuine compassion nourishes our own Hearts. When we feel compassion for others we actually feel better as we move into our Hearts and radiate Love to the person or event that is suffering. In all acts of Love our body’s response is to release “feel good” chemicals into our system so a sense of peace and well being is experienced.

It can be a simple act such as I had the opportunity to practice compassion recently with one of the children I assist in a reading literacy programme at the school I work in. I was feeling a little frustrated with the slow progress this youngster was making with reading a passage aloud as I was feeling the pressure of finishing a project of my own.

When I stopped and asked myself what would compassion do in this situation I could see that this young man was trying really hard to read well and was feeling frustrated at his lack of progress. I gave him some positive encouragement and helped him to feel good about what he was doing and it was wonderful to see the shift in his attitude. It was as if he now had permission to do his best and he could read well. He started reading better than I have ever seen him do. It reinforced for me the need the need to be mindful of the simple acts of compassion and the affect it can have.

Compassion for ourselves is equally as important as compassion for others. Perhaps it is the missing ingredient that allows us to end our own suffering!  Instead of beating ourselves up for our shortcomings we might try allowing the compassion of our own Hearts to impress on us the reality of “we are all doing the best we can with what we have got, and cut ourselves some slack. Much of our own suffering comes from the self judgements and erroneous thought patterns that we have taken as real. Consider that 80 per cent of what you hear is an opinion and 20 percent is fact How many of us are basing our lives on the opinion of others? Remember if we are not thinking our own thoughts someone else is thinking them for us.

Feeling compassion for ourselves moves us to a place of self acceptance and self Love.

To access compassion it is necessary to tap into our Hearts response to what we are witnessing. Our true Nature is Love. Beyond the filters and lenses of our conditioning and judgements we are Love. We are Eternal ~ Powerful ~ Precious, and Divine Souls. Our awareness of our Spiritual Nature opens us to our own Soul’s Love for us. When we access that, we multiply our ability to access compassion a thousand fold. Imagine the Love our Souls feel for us as we traverse this plane of existence that has allowed us to experience every level of suffering possible. Our Souls love for us allows us to create the experiences we need for our evolution beyond the pain and suffering of those experiences. It opens us to a new reality of experiencing life born of Love and filled with joy, pleasure, abundance, radiance and so much more.

We are the ones we have been waiting for and one of our roles is to demonstrate compassion for others and ourselves.

Imagine a world based on Love and Compassion for all of Life! That would allow us to realise that others have the same right to be happy and overcome suffering as much as we do. Compassion wouldn’t allow us to harm another so how could war exist anymore? When we live from compassion we evolve beyond being able to cause deliberate harm to others.Compassion moves us to a place of Reverence for all of Life

The flow of compassion from our Hearts will see us create Heaven on Earth. We will transcend fear and embrace Love as the reality of our existence.

It behoves us all to practice compassion in order to create the change we want to see in the world beginning from within.


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compassion love heart self acceptance