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Francis Evans
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Many people want to make changes in their life path, want to tap into their greater potential and bring their passions into manifest reality. This blog insights and practical guidance.

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  Exploring Consciousness with Francis Evans
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Finding Enlightenment

Sunday, April 27th 2008 @ 3:54 PM    post viewed 1114 times

ColourConfucius.gifOver the last thirty years I have been searching for the answers to the eternal question "How can I reach that state of continual bliss spoken of by the mystics?" and "How do I finally heal myself of my own inner suffering?"

I have been writing articles for a period of time, many of which can be seen as controversial. I have to ask myself "Why do I bother? What do I expect the outcome to be? and What do I want to accomplish?" These are interesting self-reflective questions and of course ones that every writer can ask. The answer, to get brutally honest, is for exposure, to be known, to generate business. Yet, is that all? Well yes, I have an idea that somebody somewhere will read something and will wake up. Wake up to the reality that at this moment in history, in New Zealand, we are a small rather insignificant nation trying to be somebody. Mainly we try to do this by being a David and overcoming the Goliaths of the world. Usually we try to do this through competitive sport and other ventures, all the while behind the scenes we are a nation having a social breakdown.

Most of us actually aren't very interested. We are more concerned with healing our bodies and our emotional beings. We wish to overcome our daily suffering, yet it is the suffering itself that leads us to the Divine. Am I saying here that one has to suffer? Suffering is a state of mind that has judgements on what is right and wrong, good and bad. Even more than this, suffering is caused because we seek not to experience what is really there.

What does the suffering do to you, other than conspire to keep your attention so firmly placed upon yourself that nothing beyond it accessible. Yet many people claim they are searching for enlightenment. So what is this enlightenment? Would you know it if it crossed your path, as it does a thousand times a day? Could it be that as humans we look for what we think we want, freedom from suffering and not recognise that it is through the willingness to engage suffering that we will discover Freedom? This is an interesting paradigm and one fraught with paradox. Once paradox is understood it becomes an essential tool for understanding the reality we experience.

The search for enlightenment is like looking for a stalk of hay in a haystack all the while thinking it is a needle for which one is looking. You may even think this is facetious, but we are told that the Divine is everywhere, the Divine is in everything, the Divine is everything. It is plainly obvious then, that the Divine cannot be hard to see. All one has to do is look and see! Is that all, you might ask? Not quite, because you have to look with Divine eyes. You have to have dropped your attention from yourself. You have to stop looking at the Divine as if it is less important than yourself, and your aches and pains. And if you don't then you will become enveloped with an inner suffering through which you will create for yourself greater heartbreak, more life dramas, and more aches and pains in an endless cycle not even limited by the death of this body.

Can I then be accused of talking without action. Of course, yes. Enlightenment is not a small step one takes and everything is forgiven. For the Divine to forgive, first it must judge and that is not conceivable. Many people, perhaps all of us have had moments of enlightenment, moments of complete ecstasy, and a moment or two later we have turned it into a story to tell our closest friend. To live enlightenment continually is a different story. If this is to happen, then you will not be you, you will be the Divine, you will have surrendered totally.

Who will wake you up. Is their some hidden technique, some mantra or meditation that will accomplish this for you? When will it happen? Soon, in three months if you do the meditation twice a day? No-one can tell you the answer. Simply, it is when you're ready. This readiness will occur when you have stopped suffering and are willing to live through and fully experience what the Divine has planned for you. Of course you create your own reality using the beliefs that you hold. When you begin to consciously create reality, what is it you choose? I want a new car, a soul relationship, money, overseas trips, meetings with great teachers, and all of it is rubbish! When your goal is Union with the Divine, then you can reach enlightenment.

All it requires is that you stay right here in this very moment, experiencing whatever is there to experience without judgements of yourself, or other people, or of the experience itself. Then comes up the greatest joy, you burst out with laughter and the spell is broken.

Krishnamurti called it the Pathless Path. Toltec wisdom describes it as the Path with Heart, not a heart of love but a courageous heart. If readers want to know more about the Path with Heart they can contact me through