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Francis Evans
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Many people want to make changes in their life path, want to tap into their greater potential and bring their passions into manifest reality. This blog insights and practical guidance.

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Balancing the Force - Fulfilling the Prophecy

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 @ 2:37 PM    post viewed 1852 times

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Balancing the Force - the End to Star Wars, the Empire and the fulfilment of the prophecy

Competition or Collaboration?
Survival of the fittest or Survival of the co-operative?
The 10th Planet is Eris, but what does it signify? The resurrection of an ancient tradition and the rise of a new consciousness.

Most people will agree with the premise that we create our own universe or reality, at least we can agree that we have an influence in it. I am going to start from this premise.

The reality we create shows up with people, things and events that have significance. We can either explore the purpose behind such showings and assign them with meaning or we can assign them with no meaning or insignificance. Perhaps worse, we can assign them with the terms accident, or random, or unexpected and so on. By doing this we become the effect of creation and powerless, rather than the source of creation and therefore powerful.

Assuming we no longer wish to be victims of creation we must accept our role in creation. Of course, it is easier to accept creating our own personal micro-universe than assuming some responsibility for the wider mass universe. The consequence of believing that we play a part in the mass creation means that what ever appears in the reality has a significance for mass consciousness and we might then consider what meanings are being agreed on that specific occurrence.

In 2003 astronomers discovered a tenth planet orbiting in our Solar System. There have been sightings of other bodies and so on, but this one has the characteristics of a dwarf planet somewhat bigger than Pluto, which has refused to be downgraded. Anyway, this is the planet I had been waiting for having been told that its orbit would be very steeply inclined. Not orbiting directly over the poles but relatively close to them. This planet and its moon rule the sign of Libra which is why it is almost at that balance point. Libra is shown as the sign of the balance, but if you know anything about Libra it is far from balanced or static. Libra is the sign of balancing. That means that things are not statically equal but in equilibrium, forever moving to attain balance.

By 2005 there had been a call to name this new planet Xena, the Warrior Princess. But Xena is not a Greek goddess, she is a television heroine. Xena is made up. Xena is a sham. At the body which finally names celestial bodies a huge dispute arose and in the end the new planet was called Eris after the Greek goddess of disruption, chaos. Eris's moon is called Dysnomia, who was one of Eris' daughters known as the spirit of lawlessness. So in 2005 we entered into a period of chaos and lawlessness. It is interesting to note that Xena was played by the actress Lucy Lawless.

As astrologers, we note that a new planetary body is discovered when humanity is able to identify with a new sort of consciousness and learn to how to manipulate the energies being released into the environment. Right now, at this time we have had chaos brought to our consciousness.

In some ways Eris is the female version of Uranus in disruptive patterns. Uranus brought about the revolution period of 1760, which synchronistically was the last time Pluto entered into the sign of Capricorn, as it did in January this year. The masculine version was epitomised by the American and French revolutions and were Uranian, now we are about to transform society through a feminine pattern of Eris.

Eris is said to fill the hearts of men with hatred so they can slay each other. Eris causes disputes beginning with an insignificant appearance, but men fight on until the bitter end. This is the times we find ourselves in. In her time, Justice, who nourished harmony in human affairs, is banished; and when she leaves Discord takes her place. Then Eris and her children make themselves at home, Lawlessness takes over, and simple Quarrels end in Murders, and Disputes feed in Lies, and Oath comes to trouble the forsworn, and Battles and Fighting ensue, leading the whole community to Ruin and filling it with Sorrows, Toil and Famine. All daughters of Eris. The positive side of Eris is said to be the competitive spirit.

Some people think that Discord cannot be avoided, arguing that equality and fairness have no existence beyond the name. Accordingly, they do not hesitate, when they deem it necessary in order to achieve the attractive aims that Eris whispers in their ears, to plunge family, friends and country into darkness in order to win, through debauched contention, whatever they fancy to be of unsurpassable value, be it gold, power, fame, oil or anything that these three may provide.

Do you recognise any of these traits arising in the world today? Eris is in the sign of Aries; has been since 1926 and will remain so until 2048, its a very long time. (1987 is the midpoint of this particular Eris cycle). It is at its perihelion, that is nearest to the Sun and of course to us and so at its most intense. Because of its very steep incline, it is hard to ascertain when it moves into other signs, except that it will be in Libra, at its aphelion, furthest from the Sun between 2247 and 2265. That is a very long wait.

I maintain that Eris really is only ever in Aries or Libra and maintains a balance between me and we. As a Libra sun-sign I have been considering how the seemingly placid nature of Libra came to be associated with Eris and chaos. Libra is the ultimate sign of Justice and co-operation, its symbol is the scales of Justice. What happens if the scales of balance are artificially held from finding their equilibrium? Excalibur, the sword of truth and honour is unsheathed and the battle for right begins. (The figure of Justice holds the scales in one hand and the sword in the other).

Libra is also a masculine sign, and like all signs has an opposite contradictory influence that once stimulated is hard to surrender. Librans usually find it hard to make decisions, but they can be exceptionally intransigent once they have done so.

On the spiritual plane, Libra is ruled by Uranus, and at this level is the visionary because it can see outside of the ordinary fields of vision. So now that Libra has been awakened by the appearance of Eris we will have no calm until a balance has appeared. The balance has to appear in what is known as the Force. That of course leads to the epic journey of the Jedi warriors. I will just say here that the Jedi is a term covering up the association with a whole tradition called the Toltecs. Helena Petrova Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society named the Toltecs as the fourth sub-root of the fourth root race, known as the Atlanteans. The Toltec tradition is the last remnants of the Atlanteans. The Mayans may have been the last remnants of the Atlanteans.

Taking our theme of the significance of appearances we discover that when George Lucas made the first Star Wars film, Episode IV in 1977 he claimed that there was no significance to it, just a great story. As events unfolded in 2003 it becomes ever more clear that George either had inside information or was deeply channelling something of great importance to the human race. In the 1977 trilogy, George gave a grave warning to the world. In 1999, some 22 years later, and as some of you will recognise the master number 22 here, George followed the warning with three films about how it all began. Fortunately, in 1983 he had given the end story, and the conclusion to the prophecy. He had offered an insight into what would be needed if balance were to be found.

So what am I talking about? In the first film there was a reference apparently taken from the Journal of the Whills, chapter 3: verse 127; "... and in the time of greatest despair, there shall come a saviour, and he shall be known as The Son of The Suns." Later on it becomes clear that the prophecy on which the whole series hinges is that there will come a Chosen One, that is the greatest Jedi of all time, and he will bring balance to the Force.

In the story Anakin Skywalker is a fatherless child who falls in love with Queen Amidala, who is elected as a virgin Queen for a year. She falls from grace by losing her virginity by sleeping with Anakin. By her name she is seen as the queen of Love, but she dies giving birth to twins, one male and one female child. Anakin is devastated and through fear and anger falls prey to the Sith Lord, falls to the Dark Side and assumes the Sith name, Darth Vader. We could say that he loses the plot and rampages through the Jedi Temple killing all the remaining Jedi knights and apprentices.

Apparently the greatest skill of the Jedi is to foretell the future, yet even this is not without its problems, as Yoda the Jedi Master remarks, "always in motion the future is." Such a wise statement, that predictions are inclement, meaning they are unmerciful, ever dependent on every player acting in character.

Anyway, Yoda manages to hide the children from their father, Vader. For maximum security he separates them and they grow up not knowing of each other's existence or their heritage. Luke is exiled to a couple who are miners on the distant planet of Tatooine. This is the planet where Anakin grew up as a slave, won his freedom and left his mother. Presumably Yoda thought it was the last place Vader would willingly visit. Anyway the children of the last living remnants of the Jedi tradition grew up in different parts of the galaxy. As an aside, this too is spoken of in the history of the Toltec, that each nagual or master would continue teaching their tradition but never connect with other naguals until the time of the calling.

So the resolution comes with the Return of the Jedi, the renewal of the Force, the return of the Toltec wisdom and that is exactly what is happening. The Toltec teachers are awakening from a deep slumber and beginning to draw together their warriors.

Actually, we can find the same story in ancient British wisdom, the english branch of the Toltecs tells the story of King Arthur and his Jedi Master Merlyn or more likely Mori-dunon (sea-hill). Merlyn falls under the spell of Morgana, the Dark Witch and falls asleep, Arthur is slain by his own sword (does he loose sight of justice?), Excalibur and his body taken to the sacred isle of Avalon. The legend has it that when England comes to great need Merlyn will awaken, and Arthur will return. These legends talk of the Return of the Jedi. At this point we have the return of the knights of the equal table, the round table where nobody is at the head.
In the film, as Luke Skywalker slowly awakens his latent Jedi skills he has an inner tutor, Obi-Wan Kenobi is his father's teacher, slain by his father in a dual. The Toltec tradition tells us that there are three "courts" of teaching, Warriors of the first attention, and we are all working on this rational mind level. Warriors of the second attention are working to shift their assemblage point to the left side and review their experience from the second attention, we might call this the intuitive.

Finally there are the Warriors of the third attention, those who renounce the Path of High Adventure and are drawn onto the Path of Freedom. Warriors of the third attention are in communication with the Guardians of the Race, or the Planetary Guardian. It is only now that warriors of the third attention have appeared, and that is because there are very few actual Toltec teachers left. The third attention is a completely different level of consciousness.

As some of you know I have been a trance channel for over thirty years, and during that time I have been the repository of some wild knowledge. It is only in the last eight or so years that I have begun to make the connections between what I will simply call "the guidance of my path" and Toltec / Jedis. To extend that just a little further, as I said, I am also a Libra Sun-sign and thus attuned to the force of Eris. The third attention enters into and brings order into chaos. It is through entering into the negative that positive change can be brought about.

Before I go on, I want to finish the reference to the Jedi with the question of the fulfilment of the prophecy. According to the Jedi legend the Chosen One would bring balance to the Force, yet Vader falls to the Dark Side. How does he bring about balance? The answer to this is that he takes out of the world the last Jedi (himself), and brings in the future of the new Jedi nation by fathering a male child and a female child.

What is it about this original prophecy that has significance? The prophecy states that balance in the Force will be achieved when there is co-operation, actually collaboration, between the masculine and the feminine. Let me make one definition of the word collaborate meaning to co-operate, usually willingly, with an enemy nation, esp. with an enemy occupying one's country. There is a sense of tension in this word yet the actions are made willingly. There are keys all through this saga, and they are relevant to here and now.

The first key is that the female child is brought up as a princess, and will eventually assume the throne. There is however, no king. Princess Leia is unfazed because she is completely in charge. Surrounded by male advisors she has no doubt about her authority, she is the hereditary leader of the revolution. The level of certainty with which she dominates is absolute until she meets her match. She can dominate neither Luke Skywalker, her unrevealed brother, nor Han Solo her unrevealed lover. It is only in the closing stages do we come to see her wavering.

Neither Leia nor Han are truly Jedi knights. She, because it is reserved for males, and he because he is not of the lineage. The last Jedi knight is Galahad in the form of Luke. It is because he epitomises the nature of the masculine aligned with the Force. He alone can let go and allow the Force to guide him. He alone is not in competition with Leia nor with Han. Both Leia and Han are in competition with Luke however. She because she isn't about to give up her power, and he because he wants Leia.

The end of the Death Star, the end of the Empire, the end of the Star Wars comes when all is lost. There is only one weak spot, a virtually impossible target, the waste chute from the Death Star. There can be only one try for it, to drop a neutron bomb down the shaft. Luke as the hero must neatly place this destructive element down the shaft. Only by truly giving over to the Force can he accomplish this. Only by finally accepting his Jedi heritage, his knighthood, his coming of age as a man can he manage the task.

He must do it alone, but he cannot do it without the support of Leia's army. That can only be done if Leia renounces her power and control. If she does not, they are lost. If she does then she must trust in the masculine. Her competition with Han must end, she must trust the untrustworthy, the old space-pirate and his animal side Chewbacca. He's pretty rough and ready, a real bloke. Forced by necessity she lets go, Han is able to give Luke cover, the Jedi drops the bomb neatly down the back passage and the Death Star is no more. The task is accomplished because of co-operation, and more importantly balance is brought to the Force when the balance of power between male and female is brought back into equilibrium.

What has all this got to do with now? And why even bring it up? What have we lost and must once again be rebuilt? The Jedi nation. Remember the first act that Anakin Skywalker did as Darth Vader was to slaughter all of the Jedi. This was the ultimate act of disrupting the Force for ever.

But like Moses, one child slipped from his grasp. Leia, the female could be dealt with later, after all the only threat from her was her offspring. Luke was the danger, because within him lay the remnants of the Jedi midi-chlorians. It seems that the more midi-chlorions in the bloodstream the more aligned one would be with the Force. Thus, at the end Luke must fight his heritage, his past and can only win by pulling away from conflict, not out of fear but from truly loving his parentage and forgiving. This seems to be a reference for men to take the focus off hating the negative, and becoming clear about your duty, honour and fidelity. These are the knight's promises.

So bringing balance to the Force and fulfilling the prophecy takes the actions of a Jedi knight, a Toltec warrior taking on the mantle of power and wrestling it from the grips of Eris and upholding the rule of Law and Justice. These are not the earthly distorted laws of man, but the spiritual laws that govern the balance of the universe. Wrestling the power from the Dark Force and placing it firmly in the hands of an honourable man. Taking away the powers associated with money and greed, and defending the Rights of Man.

This discussion is in no way against the feminine, but rather invocative for the masculine. I call men to arms here. I want to make it clear that men and women are different, an entirely different species. So different that you can't ever completely understand the other, at least not by normal means. In the last fifty years or so men have been weakened by the domination of women. Power and control has been in the feminine court. Men have been judged against female values, not against the valour code they need. Strength, bravery, composure, directness, commitment, courage are male qualities. These are the qualities of Love, not the nuturing sort of love but love nonetheless, masculine love. I'm going to add one more quality of masculine love to these, and let you contemplate how this might be. This is the quality of Lust.

The ideas of mild mannered, softness, emotional, acquiescent, sensitive and yielding are all feminine requests that undermine the male's ability to be masculine. Western society has demonised the masculine qualities, making men guilty for their natural drives and ambitions, and in the process usurped the very same qualities. It is unacceptable for a man to be aggressive but a reward for women to be assertive. The only difference in these two words is the realm in which they are expressed; male's in the physical and females in the emotional. One acceptable and one not.

Bringing balance to the Force happens when we understand the dynamic balance that equilibrium is, what might be called power sharing rather than domination. Nobody wants to be dominated, and nobody can respect the dominated nor the dominating. Neither a dominating man or a dominating woman can respect their submissive partner. Balancing the Force comes from developing an empathy for the qualities of the other gender and through that building respect for what is not natural for you.

Then it becomes clear why Eris, the goddess to fear and through fear brings discord (falling to the dark side), rules Libra and the seventh house of relationships. Unless we can overcome our addictions to our own desires, the me-first attitude of Aries and develop a unity approach of consideration we will follow the path laid out by Eris and her daughters. At this very time, history is enacting the struggle for power, will it be Hilary and her big business backers or can Barrack Obama become the first President to be elected by funding from the people. Obama can also be seen as a fatherless son. How will they work to bring the Empire back to its founding principles, and can they bring balance to the Force. Can this be an end to the U.S. imperial domination and thus a final end to this style of Empire?

I have arrived at a time when I have to plant my flag in the ground. To make known my principles, to offer myself as a guide and mentor. To use my astrological and other skills to give people the guidance we have all been searching for. To provide a forum and a plan for those who wish to study the Path of Freedom and the way of the Warrior of the third Attention.



male, female, masculine, feminine, Jedi, Toltec, Star Wars, Eris, balance force,