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Francis Evans
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Many people want to make changes in their life path, want to tap into their greater potential and bring their passions into manifest reality. This blog insights and practical guidance.

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The Number 13 & King Arthur

Thursday, February 19th 2009 @ 10:32 AM    post viewed 1257 times

The Following is a Talk given in Orewa on Friday 13th February About the Number 13

Let me begin on my part of the evening. Setting the tone around the number 13.

Tonight this evening of spiritual insight is presented for free. For many people it seems right not to charge for spiritual teachings, and I go along with that. Yet all forms are energy and as soon as you give something away you unbalance the Force, because every force has an equal and opposite reaction.

When you give something away then it is only fitting to give something in equal measure to bring the Forces back into balance. You give it freely of worth for worth, or indeed the Universe extracts it from you, this is the nature of Karma. 13 is a karmic number, a number of extraction. Karma, then, is the balancing of all forms and all forces.

Here's an interesting thing, two forces balanced by a position. I tell you this, everything there is to know about anything at all is right there in the exterior environment, able to be observed. How many people here think they are balanced? When you stand up, is there more weight on one leg than the other? When you stand up straight does your body shift its position? When you look in the mirror, do both sides of your face look identical? Does your head sit squarely on your shoulders?

When you move you have to shift the balance of your weight, you have to put yourself out of balance to move. So there are two forms of balance, static and dynamic. The paradox is that static balance is unstable and dynamic balance is mobile and growthful.

This means there is no such thing as equality, only equilibrium. That's why we have a company called EQuilibrium and have recently set up a Human Development Centre. This Centre is for health practitioners and personal development teachers. Its only been in operation two weeks and already its starting to buzz. Click here to see the Calendar of events planned.

EQuilibrium is why, as a therapist, I work to shift your position and perspective. I guess that most therapists, whether body or mind, know that for any permanent healing to occur a person has to shift their beliefs, attitudes as well as their position.

Here we are today, Friday 13th, talking about the number 13 and what lessons it might offer us. Well firstly 1 + 3 = 4, and 4 is about form, form is determined by the interaction of four energies, essential or spiritual, activating a vision or ideal, compressing that through pure determination or emotional charge into manifestation.

13 is about manifestation at the next higher level to the basic 4. Something already manifested is transformed, transmuted, transited. 13 is about Death and Rebirth, balancing the experience of life with the experience of beyond life.

Everything has a beginning, a period of change and a completion. This moment, this talk, this evening, this day, this experience, this challenge, this life. You can't ever do anything about that, the only thing you can effect is the period of its duration.

To change the manifestation you can alter the quality or quantity of emotional charge you give something. You can change the direction of that charge by altering the idea you're intending. You can get out of the way entirely and align your desire with universal wisdom. This is the most difficult approach because the mind is a trickster. You can think you've got it sussed only to find you're still in the game.

Tonight I want to show you two forms of channelling, conscious and trance. One form has rational ordered concepts and the other tunes directly into Divine Wisdom. The first will speak to the conscious mind and you may discuss that, and the second speaks directly to the soul and you will each have a different experience and interpretation. Let the words penetrate you without response to them.

We live in a linguistic world based on a set of stories about life that we tell ourselves. These stories have a metaphorical significance with a subject that acts against a less significant background. Our entire experience is dominated by the story and the importance we each give to the actors and backdrop in it.

Whatever we wish to change about our life has to alter the importance factors we have assigned to our story, whether that is a personal or social myth. Tonight I want to talk about the Friday 13th myth, in fact I want to talk about 13 in general. More than that, I want to talk about where we are in evolutionary history or herstory, I don't care which.

Firstly, I am not a speaker that repeats a presentation. Whatever you're about to hear tonight has never been spoken before and will never be repeated. Every moment is unique, every group is unique, every person is unique and whether I see you individually or together I like to tune into that unique moment, because it is in your interpretation of the world in that moment that will change or lock your perceptions of who you are, and how you do yourself.

The negative association may be due to Jacques de Molay, the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, being burned at the stake in 1314 on a Friday the 13th after a trial overseen by the King of France and Pope Clement V.

In numerology, 13 is seen to be a number of karmic debt, this may have arisen in Christian times as Judas was seen to be the thirteenth disciple.

The tarot cards have Death as the thirteenth major arcana and so on. I don't want to talk about these viewpoints too much though. I want you to consider the story you tell yourself about 13.

Know thyself, is the first tenet of Occultism yet very few people take the time, give the energy (or supply the money) to the greatest exploration available to you. Even if you do, how honest are you about yourself. When you take the moment to consider this question without immediately proclaiming your conviction then you might be beginning to get honest.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself how you relate to 13; positive or negative? How has it played out in your life? Does it operate within the story-line you tell yourself? Perhaps you have nothing running on it at all.

As we said, from a numerological perspective 1 + 3 = 4, so thirteen is a harmonic of four, and four relates to form and the physical world, so in that sense it is definitely karmic. We're all here to clean up our doings of the past. Even with this I want to take you on a journey into myth, old and seemingly universal myths that centre around twelve plus one.

To begin this I want to start with One, the BIG ONE. Something comes into existence out of the eternal nothing, something begins where nothing was before it. Is this the primordial big bang? Is this the emergence of God? The emergence of the first thought? The emergence of your first concept of "I", separate from the rest? The foreground specific emerges out of the generalised background? Is this the beginning of a person's love affair with being special?

This may seem a little esoteric, confusing, irrelevant at first, then you start to get a glimmer of the what it means. You start to understand that this emergence for background is the most important piece of information you've ever been given. Not only the most important but at the same time the most useful.

With this you can change your life, you can begin a new chapter, a new story, and new identity. If you could wind everything you have ever learned, this lifetime and any others you believe in, back into the film canister and start again, what information would you have? None. You would have to start learning all over again from the beginning, and would you turn out the same story? Of course not.

Most healing modalities encourage your body, your mind, your emotions, your consciousness to go back to a time prior to the moment of distress to reorganise your interpretation of events into a new direction. I say most, because altering the chemical balance of the body allows you to keep the old ineffective stories revolving in your consciousness and attracting the same types of events to happen to you. Nothing truly changes in the longer term when you go that way.

Start with the BIG ONE. In reality One cannot exist with out its counterpart two. You can't have a foreground without a background, a subject without its location. You cannot not be in relationship to other things, be they people, places, times, events, opportunities and so on. So two brings about the possibility of balance or imbalance, see even here there are two. Remember that I said imbalance allows for movement.

There is light and dark. Total light and total dark. Many grades of grey in between and only one at the midpoint. This can be demonstrated more easily with colour. Goethe showed that there are two primordial colours, being the yellow of the Sun and the Blue of the Heavens. From these two all other colours emerge. Blend yellow and blue together and we produce green. Yellow, Blue and Red are the primary colours. Each of these has a complimentary secondary colour. When the complimentary colours are put together they both disappear into nothing, or eternal dark.

The complimentary colours are violet for yellow; orange for blue; and green for red. These are the secondary colours. Now there is an additional set of distinguishable colours that blend to produce the full colour wheel. These colours are Olive, Gold, Coral, Magenta, Indigo and Turquoise. This makes a total compliment of 12 distinct colours that blended all together produce the remaining Oneness, white making 13 in total. After these 12 distinct colours there are a myriad of tones of course.

So investigating the number thirteen leads us firstly to twelve separate entities and one unifying one. Consider then some of the greatest myths of the western world. I am using this because it is culturally the basis of most of our heritage or hisitage. History, herstory etc.

The most dominant myth, then, is the story of Jesus and the collection of his twelve disciples, one of which apparently either turned bad or else the Master made a bad choice. Anyway, the story says that Judas betrayed Judas to the Samhedron.

While many of our social choices are still mediated through these Christian filters, few people place any attention on the different personality types of the disciples, we are so focused on the primary figure. Focusing on the foreground and dismissing the background.

The central figure is a presence that we can all, to some degree, aspire to. He is apparently elevated to a high position by some form of magical selection. His presence is completed when he is recognised and baptised by John the Harbinger, initiated and begins his momentous journey. From then on he begins to collect his 12 followers. The important part here is that the thirteen is made up of 12 plus 1 unifying force.

The significance in this story is somewhat hidden in that the unifying factor is one of simplicity and childlikeness, innocence. I want to make a connection in this regard to the second unifying myth that to some extent precedes the Christian tale, at least in the European psyche. This is the myth of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table.

The tale is one leading into the unification with paganism and adoption of the Christian faith into the British Kingdoms. The story starts with an innocent child, the offspring of a fraudulent intimacy between the freshly widowed Ygraine, wife of Gaulois and the lecherous King Uther. Uther agreed to give the magician Merlyn the child as reward for creating the illusion that allowed him to sleep with Ygraine. The Child was named Arthur and grew up in a foster home with a stepbrother called Kay.

The famous story has Arthur pull a magical sword out of a stone, or in some stories an anvil set in the churchyard. All of this is to some extent irrelevant to the unification of seven diverse minor kingdoms, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex, and Wessex.

From these kingdoms came representatives, seven plus 5 already stated who were Arthur himself, his chief advisor Merlyn, his most loyal knight Launcelot, who eventually betrayed him, Sir Kay, his childhood brother and protector, and Sir Baudwin who was made constable. Thus were the original twelve. At the great table was set aside a thirteenth spare seat called the "Seat Perilous" which happened to be continuously on fire.

The first task for the knights was to free the kingdom from evil threats, and that was symbolised by the rescue of a damsel from the fiery breath of the dragon. This is a reference to the first challenge for someone on the spiritual path, to free themselves from their angry passions and their grasping and selfish desires. One first has to release one's innocent and virgin purity from the clutches of 'sinful' emotions.

The second task was to release the hidden treasure from under the watchful eye of the sleeping dragon. In this task it was found that far from the dragon being fiery and tempestuous, it was worried and lost. The knight had then to find compassion for its plight and help it find its way. This relates to reparenting the inner child, or acknowledging ones vulnerability. I will note only one common nature amongst therapists that arises here, and that is the drive to rescue other's while protecting self. This tendency has kept more people away from their inner treasure than any other practice.

After these tasks were completed, the story suggests that the knights had nothing to occupy their time, and jousting soon lost its appeal. So, with the help of Merlyn, a great quest was set in motion, to find the Holy Grail Cup, and the Spear of Christ. Before I go there I want to deviate to the story about Launcelot and Guinevere.

Guinevere had been betrothed to Arthur even though she had never met him. However, Arthur had fallen in love with a mystery woman during the festival of the Stag. This is a reference to the initiation into manhood that has been so thoroughly lost.

It is because there is no male initiation that modern men have lost their confidence to be male. Thus, we now live in a female dominated world. The mystery woman was his half-sister Morgana, and during that midsummer's night tryst she fell pregnant and gave birth to Arthur's downfall, his own bastard son Mordred.

Instead of going out to meet Guinevere's entourage as he should have rightfully done, and she deserved, Arthur sent his handsome best friend Launcelot. Guinevere saw the handsome knight coming to meet her, and as was her right she gave her heart to him there and then not realising this was not Arthur at all. Launcelot rode up to her and saw her beauty, caught her devotional eye, but looked to the ground and accompanied her to the castle without conversation.

Thus even though she wedded Arthur as arranged, neither he nor her loved each other. Their liaison was doomed from the start. Arthur would not bring himself to sleep with her and so she remained baron and unconsummated. It was finally Guinevere's sleeping with Launcelot that brought the downfall of the whole kingdom, and Guinevere retired to a nunnery where she had Launcelot's child. Another story.......

The Quest for the Holy Grail began by searching for the white stag in the forest, the purest representation of the masculine force. This is once again a reference that it is essential for men to find the core of their masculinity.

To counterbalance this, it was an underlying knowledge that the Grail Cup itself was feminine. Once the stag was found the knight would have to keep up with it until it lead them to the Grail Tower inside of which was the shining light of the Grail Cup itself. This is the true search for one's own spiritual soul. There are stories within the myth that speak of the 'bleeding spear' which, along with the sword Excalibur, represent the male lingam and the Grail Cup represents the female womb and its vaginal entry.

In the beginning many of the knights saw fleeting glances of the Stag but it always lost them in the forest. One day as the knights sat around the table feasting after yet another day of hunting, the door to the great hall opened and in walked a young boy, barely 12 years old.

The boy asked to be admitted to the order of knights, but they made fun of him. Taunting him as to where was his armour for he carried only a small sword. The boy stood his ground and his innocence shone through that Arthur asked him his name, Galahad was his reply. Arthur then said to him, there is only one seat remaining at this table and it is on fire, if you can sit upon that seat you are welcome in our midst. Thus, Galahad in his innocence sat upon the seat and all the other knights were awed.

This is the story of how innocence and a childlike nature requires no armouring to succeed and when it takes its rightful place it is transform in the flames, and like a phoenix is born again. When the Questing started again the next day, all the knights knew that something had changed. They saw the Stag more often and sometimes it lead them deep into the forest. Galahad became an inspiration to aspire to greater things.

One day Launcelot, Bedowaine and Galahad (sometimes he is called Parzival) were together in the forest. They saw and followed the Stag who lead them this way and that deeper and deeper into the forest until they were lost to the outside world before it stopped before a wondrous tower of stone with a window through which a bright glow shone. Bedowaine was frightened and begged them not to approach the window.

Launcelot was awe-struck and crept to the window to look inside, and there he saw his own heart cut open and his lost love Guinevere and he knew he could go no further. Launcelot left the forest and became a transient knight preaching the word of God.

Galahad looked upon the vision with great wonder and taking off his sword and armour approached the Tower door which he flung open and stepping inside took hold of the Cup and drank from it. Galahad returned no more to the Earthly realm.

Thus even if you succeed in finding the doorway to spirit you must have the wonder of a child. So, 12 Knights and only 1 pure enough to touch the Source. Likewise we can understand the greatest myth of modern times, Star Wars. Once again the purest one is the boy Luke Skywalker, yet another story.

Let me remind you that these are more than stories, they are directions to a spiritual awakening if you have the keys. It is in this arena that I practice as a therapist, because the route to complete healing is to go through the doorway of the Tower, or what it is better known as, the Keep.

First you have to overcome your fears (Bedowaine), then your disappointment, your guilt, your unworthiness (Launcelot), to finally release your purity and purpose (Galahad). Thus, arising through your emotional states, to the place where you can uncover the hidden and transparent beliefs that form your entrapment, you can align yourself with the Will of Source, not my will, but Thine.

So to put the concluding notions to this talk, I will finish on 2013. The Aquarian Age began on the Northern Spring Equinox in the year 2000. Why is this so? Whatever point the ancients used to start the marking of the great ages has to be a permanently fixed point, and even the fixed stars move relative to one another, so it couldn't be any of the constellations. There is one absolute point.

The vernal equinox is the measure of the Sun's furthest point north and is the also the intersection of the average plane of the ecliptic with the celestial equator, a projection of our own equator. When this intersection aligns with the orbis lactueus, the average plane of the stars in the milky way, an exact point is marked out. It actually falls at the beginning of the Age of Taurus, ~4492 BCE. Thus any new age is determined the first time the Sun is in the next Sign at the time of the Vernal equinox, and that happened in 2000.

Thus, there are twelve years from the start of the Age of Aquarius to the End of the Mayan Calendar, and these are very significant years. The first eight years can be called the 'end of the end', and the last four are the 'beginning of the end'. That might seem like a strange notification, but as you can see, George W. Bush was in office from 2000 until 2008, and truly determined the end of an old regime that goes back thousands of years to the beginning of the Christian Age of Pisces. This was the age of white supremacy, slavery and violent suppression.

Barack Obama comes in to carry the world through its transition period from 2009 to the end of 2012. He puts in place a New World Order, a reordering of the banking system, and a beginning of a period of co-operation. He sets the books in order as it were. Obama is the first World President because his funding came mainly from donations on the internet, and these were not limited to the American people. The result was he beat them at their own game, having access to more money than the wealthy could ever hope to raise under the limited donation scheme.

Here we are then, at the beginning of the end game. Each and every one of you here today is about to meet yourself. How well you match your idea of yourself is determined by how much work you have done to perfect yourself. Thus, what was originally called Judgement Day is almost upon us. This is not the Judgement of the Christians, but self-assessment. How well do you do?

This talk was followed by a channelled 'Mercredan' question and answer session.



Fenna Klein
Foundation Member
Professional Plus
Ganesha said on Saturday, February 28th 2009 @ 6:57 AM:

Dear Francis and Delaine,

I have read your The Prophet newsletter and The number 13 & King Arthur.

Very impressive! I would like to ask you to erase all 'waiting for the year 2012', as we will all be waiting in the year 3012 for 'what might to come'.

Its an Universal Law and this moment NOW is all we have. We only create in the moment, we are living in NOW, not somewhere in the future.

Remember the fear humanity was holding for the millenium, for what might come, the fear of all computers would crash?

Please consider and apply these Truths and share them with all people you meet and all you have around you.


Thank you, God bless you, arohanui Fenna

King Arthur, myth, mythic, therapy, 2012, 2013