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Francis Evans
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Many people want to make changes in their life path, want to tap into their greater potential and bring their passions into manifest reality. This blog insights and practical guidance.

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  Exploring Consciousness with Francis Evans
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The Prophet Newsletter March 2009

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  February - March 2009


  In this exciting issue of The Prophet: 





Introducing the New World Order

Slowly but surely the conservative order is beginning to redefine its "recession" into a depression" and who knows how long it will take to turn that into a "great depression", and finally a change of order. What the New World Order looks like and how it operates will depend on how humanity as a whole responds to the initial attempt to once again steal the assets, as the banking sector is attempting at this moment.

Those of us with some awareness have been waiting, and if you're wise, wondering about the changes predicted for 2012. There have been a number of dates suggested for this shift; owing to the prediction being over a period of three days, and there is a specific astrological configuration that lasts the three days from 28th to 30th December 2012, this is the timing I personally favour. Actually, it is of little importance as we have already arrived at the changing times as the climate shifts into a new state of turmoil that will change our consciousness one way or the other. It is amazing to me that in all the reports concerning the horrific fires in Victoria, nobody has mentioned the association with global warming and climate change, just as no connection was made after the Asian tsunami.

More interesting is that after centuries of hell and damnation from the Christian churches, no statements have come forth making a connection between these events and the Book of Revelation. Even though we already know that famine is rife, the fish stocks around the world are under series threat of extinction; plagues, pestilence, fires and floods have devastated enormous areas and continue to threaten human populations everywhere.

Here we are waiting for the shift. I want to propose what that shift will be and what effects it will carry with it. The shift we have been expecting is a shift in consciousness. Initially it is a qualitative shift from the erroneous idea of "Survival of the Fittest". It is interesting that it is 150 years since Darwin first published "On the Origin of Species", the book from which that idea first arose, although not from Darwin's pen. The shift is a change to the concept of "Survival of the Species", which identifies that everything has a place and a purpose without which there can be no long-term survival for anything. This means that taking care of the smallest bacteria in balance will ensure the survival of all species, including humans. If any one species tries to take everything in a greedy and rapacious way, then nature will ultimately deliver a crushing blow to that species.

Once we can grasp this idea of holism and balance it becomes increasingly clear that it is in society's interest to eliminate the "everything for me" drive and replace it with a "plenty for all" one. The economic collapse has occurred because the spending power of the majority has been severely compromised by the accumulation of the global wealth by a small group who have locked it away in tradable assets and loans, which the majority have borrowed to support the economy. Much of the global wealth is derived from trading floating numbers on balance sheets which are determined by the so-called money-market. People making money by gambling on which currency will dip and which will rise, a process that simply creates inflation. All of this was fine before the technology age, when only the very, very wealthy could benefit from it. As soon as trading was an online process taking place in nanoseconds anybody with a computer, balls and a small amount of capital could jump onto the bandwagon, and they have.

Like a dog with fleas, it can handle and learn to live with a certain number of parasites, but as soon as they breed to excess it either has to get rid of them or it dies. The game for survival is serious because the fleas don't want to give up their host and die either. As the game escalates those with fewer stakes are taken out early and, as they say, the winner takes all. This game is deadly so there are really no rules to it. No law that can't be twisted or bought, no players that are not in it for self-interest.

Redundancy may come but it isn't a way out for economic survival except in the "Survival of the Fittest" model, which is based on the idea that every species is a predator for something else. Insects are preyed on by larger insects, then small mammals, amphibians and birds; in turn these are prey for larger mammals and soon by man.
Man is also preyed on by insects that carry disease, viruses spread and mutate to keep ahead in the survival stakes. The more man works at winning, the higher goes the stakes and the faster the mutations, and really there is no end, except the final demise of all living systems, unless ....................

2012 will soon arrive and with it the possibility of a "Golden Age" for the planet, in which everyone holds an equal share. This is not a shareholding where the smartest and most devious can gather in the shares again, but one of intrinsic rights to an equality. Thomas Paine wrote the book "The Rights of Man" back in the Industrial Revolution, a book that significantly influences the Declaration of Independence, and its time has arrived. The other option is deeply dark, as humanity descends into an upper world and a lower world, each side victimising the other. The chaotic worlds so often are depicted in classic films.

Which humanity will choose is very dependent. So many people hold onto a spiritual concept, but given the opportunity to give it all into a shared pot, how many of us will want to keep back a little bit extra that we think we deserve?

So how do we prepare for this?
Always the answer has been the same over millennium, "know thyself".  Not only know yourself but clean up the remnants of the current and the deep past. There are tools available that give direction to that clean up, such as an understanding of you astrological moment at birth and also the moment of wounding which can be determined. Another ancient tool that has resurfaced in recent times is the Sufi Enneagram, a system based around nine fixation points. I am teaching an introduction to the Enneagram and you can read more about that on the calendar of events.

You can read my latest Blog online on the Arthurian Myth and how it relates to the number 13. This is the basis for the talk I did in Orewa on Friday 13th February. I am available for talks and presentations.


The New EQuilibrium Human Development Centre

After a very successful opening day the New EQuilibrium Human Development Centre has begun operating and is quickly finding a team of therapists and practitioners. So far we have two Alexander Technique practitioners, Noeline Levinson and Jann McMichael; an EFT and Relationship Coach, Valee More; a group of Access Consciousness Facilitators; an Angel Teacher; our resident individual and Relationship Counsellor, Delaine Jones and myself, Francis Evans uses Hypnosis, is an NLP Master Practitioner, Astrological Counsellor, Channeller and Avatar® Master. Sessions with any of these practitioners can be made using their individual contact numbers at the bottom of this newsletter.

The centre opened at 9.00am on Sunday 1st February 2009. While the day and time were planned without reference to the astrology it proved interesting to discover the influences shown through the Astrological Sabian Symbols. There are four essential questions that every experience needs to answer; they are why, what, how and where next and these are shown by the four angles of the chart, IC (or directly below), the ascendant, MC (directly above) and the descendant.

The message for the centre, then, is why - because "Aroused strikers surround a factory". Remembering that the Sabian symbols were given in 1930, the underlying meaning is a revolt against privileges. As the economic system fails it becomes ever more obvious that a certain privileged group have lined their own pockets. Then what are we here to do? The symbol says, "Men travelling a narrow path seeking illumination". Our job is to facilitate those seeking illumination in all its forms. So how to do this? The symbol says, "In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered". This is a reference to kriyashakti, or creative visualisation, a process noted as 'imagineering'.

And after this, where to? Again the symbol reads, "Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed". It suggests that we are just mining elements, bringing out that which was already there, but creating the pressures and forces to make new jewels and gems within the deepest parts of each individual.

Along with these insights, there is a finger of god focus from the newest solar bodies Chiron and Eris onto Saturn. Saturn sits at a spot where the symbols point to 'group integration'. In this case it says that the disrupted forces of Eris are in a primeval struggle for survival in contrast to the healing qualities of Chiron looking for resilience. Uranus is in opposition to Saturn at a point which marks the new evolutionary phase or impulse. Thus together we find that a balance is required between resilience and a chaotic reordering of systems and structures in order to bring about a new evolutionary period. So right for 2012. (read my earlier contribution)

Located at 541a Remuera Rd, Remuera, the EQuilibrium Centre is easy to get to and only 10 minutes from Downtown Auckland. It is in the Upland Road shops, 3 mins further on from Remuera Village.  Buses do stop right outside the Centre. There are approx 50 carparks of free parking, especially at off peak times outside the Centre.

Above the first two shops it has the old fashioned Remuera character feel to it, yet  has a bright and positive environment for anyone who wants to work within a team of health practitioners and trainers or teachers.

The Centre has two seminar rooms, four Practitioner Rooms (2 Body work/massage rooms and 2 Therapy Counselling Rooms), the kitchen, waiting room, etc, and of course the free off street parking. Below are a few images of the facilities.









One of Two Counselling Rooms           One of Two Body Work / Massage Rooms








Seminar Room 1                &nb sp;                & nbsp;                 ;           Seminar Room 2

We have access to 2,700 people database to advertise our services and we plan to do Group promotions and advertising for those interested.

The seminar rooms are filling up fast with workshops and evening classes. We are planning on being the leading school for alternative thinking and consciousness change, whether that arises from a realignment of body posture through to the self-evolution of belief systems.

Interested people who join the centre can go online to our booking system and calendar so that you can plan around the availability of the rooms.

Take a look at the list of events happening in March/April and join us in making a booking to teach or practice at this growing centre.

Contact Delaine or Francis on  Ph 372 9082 or  M 0274 491 042 if you'd like to come and have a look around the centre, and talk possibilities of working with other complementary practitioners/teacher and sharing your skills.

We encourage networking clients/students among the team at the Centre.  The time has come to collaborate and come out of isolation.



Calendar Events


Saturday 28th Feb. 2009 - 9.30-11am - Alexander Technique Introduction Workshop with Jann McMichael
Whether you are at a computer all day or on your feet most of the time, have a very busy schedule leading to tension, play a musical instrument, experience poor posture, or are in pain, or would just like to find out more about how you function, the Alexander Technique has many answers to today’s stress questions.
The workshop will tell you:
   1. What is the Alexander Technique, how it came to be and what it entails!
   2. How it works.  Why it works. Why it might work for you.
   3. Practical applications will be taught that may be useful day-to-day for participants.
   4. Managing pain with this technique.
   5. How pain gets in the way of life and what to do about it.
   6. Questions and Answers.

Book a first lesson at the workshop; you will be entitled to a free second lesson. The workshop is primarily to let you know more about Alexander Technique general; the best way to learn  it is through one-to-one lessons.  The workshop may answer some questions for you and give you a better idea of what it is about and offer some practical work.
Cost:          $25pp or $40 for 2 people.   Numbers are limited, pre-registration is necessary

Call Jann: (09)634 4155, email Jann McMichael, website


Mondays, 2 March - 4 May, 7:00pm – 9:30pm - The Magic of Dreaming with Francis Evans

A 10-week class in understanding and working with your dream-world. Learn how to interpret your dreams, and interact with your dream-life. Everybody dreams and learning to remember them and interact with the language of dreaming brings you one step closer to understanding your inner self. This is an interesting and powerful healing modality. Cost for whole class is $200 or $25 per evening  Ph: 372 9082 or email:


Thursday, 5 March, 7:30-9:30pm Conscious Communication: The Key to Successful Relationships with Sally Mabelle, M.Ed
Learn simple yet profound techniques to improve your communication and connection in all your relationships.
In this FREE introductory program, you’ll:
•Learn specific tools to build and maintain successful relationships.
•Build your awareness of your own feelings and needs as well as the feelings and needs of others.
•Increase your ability to express yourself clearly and directly.
•Practice ways to Listen empathetically so others feel heard.
•Gain insight into your own behaviour strengths, and challenges to adapt your communication to different types of personalities.
•Learn how to handle difficult situations by expressing yourself assertively without offending others.

Pre-registration required as space is limited.

 FREE - Ph: 09 525 4008


Thursday 5th March 2009 - 7-8.30pm - Alexander Technique Introduction Workshop with Jann McMichael
For details of this workshop see Saturday 28th February
Cost:          $25pp or $40 for 2 people.   Numbers are limited, pre-registration is necessary
Call Jann: (09)634 4155, email Jann McMichael, website


Saturday, 7 March 9:30am – 5:00pm Past Life Workshop with Francis Evans
A full day exploration into reincarnation and how past-lives may be affecting your present experiences. Learn about the Critical Thirteen Causes for the major events that are the markers for your life. Dive deep into those unconscious driving forces and experience reincarnation for yourself. If you wish to make a booking or find out more information please phone 09) 372 9082 or email:
Special Price - $125 for the day, bookings essential.


Wednesday, 4 March 7:30pm – 9:30pm Relationship Success with Valee More
Introductory Workshop Self Discovery for Relationship Success Would you like to? *Create a crystal clear vision for your life and your relationship * Uncover hidden challenges that may be creating relationship issues * Feel renewed and inspired to take consistent action to achieve your relationship goals This is an experiential workshop towards creating your vision. It will bring clarity of where you are in your life right now. You will look at levels of consciousness that influence your life. You will learn about the difference between requirements, needs and wants within a relationship - when we are clear about these in our life we can apply them to any situation.

MY INTENTION is to offer 6 fortnightly classes to discover your values, gifts, personality traits, life purpose, relationship patterns and your vision, and to apply them to your life. MY MISSION is to help people create beautiful, satisfying and loving relationships that are empowering and life inspiring.

Cost $25 For bookings or further information please contact Valee More 832-2973 M 021 250-5039 Email


Thursday, 12 March, 7:30-9:30pm - The Naked Speaker: Authentic Voice Power and Presence with Sally Mabelle, M.Ed. For details of this workshop see Thursday, 5 March

Pre-registration required as space is limited.

FREE - Ph: 09 525 4008


Saturday, 14 March 10:00am – 4:30pm The Dating Skills Workshop with Francis Evans & Delaine Jones
Dating is not an interview. Many people the world over are using internet dating sites to make contact with prospective life partners, yet the crunch comes in the first few moments of meeting. Learn the essentials of intimate communication and find out what you really need to know in a friendly and confident way. Learn the techniques of non-verbal language without the use of alcohol or other substances. Learn how to give the messages that you're interested without seeming desperate. Understand the different communication styles and the differences between men and women. This is an introductory day to the whole subject of communication and is targeted towards those people looking to build a new relationship. Ph: 372 9082 or email:  Special Price: $125


Saturday 14th March 2009 - 9.30-11am - Alexander Technique Introduction Workshop with Jann McMichael
For details of this workshop see Saturday 28th February
Cost:          $25pp or $40 for 2 people.   Numbers are limited, pre-registration is necessary
Call Jann: (09)634 4155, email Jann McMichael, website


Thursday 19th March 2009 - 7- 8.30pm - Alexander Technique Introduction Workshop with Jann McMichael
For details of this workshop see Saturday 28th February
Cost:          $25pp or $40 for 2 people.   Numbers are limited, pre-registration is necessary
Call Jann: (09)634 4155, email Jann McMichael, website


Saturday 21 March & Sunday 22 March, 9am – 5pm - Access Foundation Class with Anni Nash

This class invites you to look at where we have used reason, justification, beliefs and judgements to create our reality and keep us in the "I have no choice" universe. The foundational tools of Access can assist you in eliminating the trauma, drama, upset and intrigue from your life, giving you a sense you and allowing you to begin to generate your life the way you would like it to be.
The clearings you receive from this class will allow you to claim, own and acknowledge your potency and ability to change and transform what isn't working for you and give you access to you! "How does it get any better than this?" Pre requisites: Bars Class.


Sunday 22 March, 10am - 4pm - I am Turned On and Self-Centred with Janine Seymour

Now as life appears all too difficult when everything around us seems to be getting harder, faster with so many of the old structures collapsing. Its time to build your own inner structure so you can be gracefully strong, powerfully tender and lovingly warm regardless of what is happening on the outside world... Its about YOU .. Coming Home .. to YOU. For bookings phone Janine: 816 9421 or email:    Cost $95.00


Monday, 30 March 7:30pm – 9:30pm Emotional Freedom Technique with Valee More
Introductory Workshop Emotional Freedom Technique Would you like? *A technique that can help you expand your comfort zone *Help relieve every day challenges * Cut through difficult emotions * Bring clarity and expand your perception of life * Feel empowered, happy and inspired
This is an experiential workshop where you will learn to use EFT. You will learn what EFT is The background and founder of EFT The effect it can have on blood and your thinking You will apply it to an area of your life MY INTENTION is to offer a monthly workshop to empower and inspire your life. MY MISSION is to help people create happy and satisfying lives.
MY PURPOSE Human development and coaching are my life's passion. Through courses, EFT and relationship coaching is to bring the possibility of more love and harmony into the world.

Cost $25 For bookings or further information please contact Valee More 832-2973 M 021 250-5039 Email


Saturday 4 April & Sunday 5 April,  9am – 5pm ReSurfacing - Part 1 of the Avatar® Course with Francis Evans
This stand-alone weekend lays down the foundational beliefs for creation and gives participants their first in-depth approach to changing their lives. It is the precursor for the world-acclaimed Avatar Course, the most amazing exploration into the labyrinth of your own consciousness. You will be amazed at your own ability to restructure reality into a new set of experiences.
After delivering for over 17 years I believe that Avatar® is still the most profound life-changing programme available. Cost: $475 including the two books, 'Living Deliberately' & 'ReSurfacing'. Ph: 372 9082 or email:


Mondays, 6 April - 8 June 6:45pm – 9:45pm Right Body for You with Anni Nash
Right Body for You 9 Week
Programme RBFY is a program that has been designed to facilitate you to a new awareness of, for and with your body. Any difficulty you may be having with your body can be addressed with this program be it weight, pain, or judgement. Here everything is included and nothing is judged. RBFY is not does not ask or demand that you cut something out of your life. RBFY is about choosing more. It is always about what you can add to your life that will facilitate the change and transformation you desire.



Practitioners & TrainersCIMG2708JPG

Francis Evans is an Internationally trained and certified NLP and Hypno-practitioner. He has been at the forefront of personal development in NZ since his first class in 1975 and has run many experiential  workshops in such topics as past life recollection, dreaming, creative writing, quality for life, the Enneagram. He brought the Avatar® Course to NZ in 1992 and has delivered it in a small group setting ever since. Francis  works as a personal change agent with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis, he uses astrology as a counselling tool to help his clients discover the deeper levels of their personality, their repetitive wounding and with understanding themselves in relationship.

Delaine Jones has been a counsellor for nearly twenty years. Delaine bega
n her Counselling career as an International Re-evaluation Counsellor and Trainer.  She lead the Auckland Counselling CommuDelaineweb.jpgnity training co-counsellors for 5 years.  Her own counselling practice was established in1990 in Mt Eden where a lot of her work has focused on counselling couples, families and individuals. Delaine says " Relationship difficulties are inevitable unless we understand that our family histories shape our long term adult relationships"  She has specialised knowledge in healing the dynamics that leave us unaware of relationship struggles and mismatches and she brings her wealth of experience to the partnership sector in innovating and powerful ways.

Francis and Delaine have been working with individuals, couples and groups around the issues of relationship, masculinity and femininity for a number of years. They have created the 'Dating Skills' and 'Attracting the Perfect Partner' weekend workshops in response to the needs for an evolution in relationship. Most relationships have a very limited life and unless we begin to recognise and value the differences between men and women this trend will only continue or get worse.

Valee More - Valee is a licensed member of Relationship Coaching Institute, has an 18 year background in psychosynthesis (dip) human development and has extensive experience with EFT (emotional freedom technique). Member RCI, EPANZ, Reiki Inc. Valee's mission is to inspire and assist people to have happy, loving and fulfilling relationships and to live their lives from their vision.  She will help you focus on what you want to create in relationship, bringing clarity of your vision.  For singles, she will help you to prepare for a relationship and assist you to create an action plan.  For couples, her coaching brings a lot of awareness and skills to work with issues and keeps you focused on what you want to create together.  You learn to effectively communicate, know your boundaries, create a relationship vision, know what your needs and wants are and more.

Noeline Levinson - Alexander Technique Teacher. I often go with clients to the gym to check on the routines and assist to make their training more effective and much safer for their necks and backs. For other clients I visit their work environments and assess where improvements can be made there. The Alexander technique is well known in the arts field and assists performers in enhancing their performance. Using a technique called Cantellation, taught in groups or one on one, it assists performers to vastly improving their ability to perform and reach the audiences. In these ways I have worked extensively with performers of all types.

Have you tried The Alexander Technique? Learn how to use your body better with less tension and stress. – By changing the way you use your body you can profoundly change levels of pain.
For this month only, special offer, first lesson $75 for an hour lesson. Ph: 522 8584

Janine Seymour - Intuitive, funny and inspiring speaker, with 30 years experience. She has trained as a life coach, facilitator, nurse (general and psychiatric) naturopath, massager, breath coach, actress, poet and writer. Her passion is to inspire and enrich the lives of others, as they choose to awaken. Janine delivers private Spiritual and Energy Healing sessions and workshops. Janine: 816 9421 or email:  



Francis Evans - Founding Director of EQuilibrium Human Development Ltd

Delaine Jones - Director of EQuilibrium Human Development Ltd


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