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Francis Evans
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Many people want to make changes in their life path, want to tap into their greater potential and bring their passions into manifest reality. This blog insights and practical guidance.

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  Exploring Consciousness with Francis Evans
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The greatest challenge of our time - Propaganda

Sunday, August 2nd 2009 @ 4:38 PM    post viewed 1145 times

Indoctrination - is defined as the filling with doctrine or predetermined beliefs.

Any education process that implies something is true and factual, that does not offer an alternative interpretation, or an experimental exercise to self-determine the validity, is by definition, indoctrination.

The purpose for indoctrination is to perpetuate existing beliefs, and therefore the power these beliefs give to a selected group. Indoctrination extends a particular group's perspective beyond the period dictated by the original experimentation.

Generally, the original experimentation occurs during another generation's period of power. Eventually, time catches up and ageing alters the power structure. New people assume the mantle of power, and assert their own beliefs just as certainly, on the new upcoming generation.

However, the evidence for their beliefs is already dated and the new generation is once again subjected to indoctrination.

How then, to move from this dysfunctional cycle?

The answer is contained in the two factors already involved, experimentation and communication. The communication must be two-way, both expressive and reflexive.

The experimentation must give self-evident and convincing evidence for the premises being tested. The evidence for any truth must be both evident and measurable, and it must determine the methodology to be used.

Even more important, the truth of any belief needs to move in the direction of evolution, that is, must lead to greater freedom, more wisdom. We must each ask the question, "what will the result in life be if this belief is true?" "What are the benefits, and what are the disadvantages?"

The purpose of indoctrination is to give a reason for reward and punishment, and to manage how people respond to experience, in fact to make them response-able to a certain predetermined order.

Evolution is the ordered reinterpretation of beliefs within the time of a group's ability to change - to exceed this is to take them into a revolution - for example Fiji.

Too fast a move towards true power-sharing democracy has pushed them into revolutionary behaviour. Revolution occurs by an inability to allow change to occur, or the restructuring of society at a pace beyond that of the members ability to embrace change.

If we are to learn the lessons of history, we must all study our own perspectives and desires for change to occur or not occur. When we study these thoroughly enough we will understand that both are equally futile struggles.

Wisdom arises when we can determine what must change, the direction it needs to change in, and the speed that will be able to be accepted, and then take action and move it that way.

It is as unwise to stop movement as it is to exceed the speed limit.

The true adept recognises the maximum speed and drives change as close to that, utilising a risk factor, so that the change never exceeds the limit.

There is a universal law that determines that any creation must contain a barrier to change as well as a drive towards change.

If the barrier is overcome, then the creation will change at an ever increasing rate to its own destruction. This was the fate of the dinosaurs.

Their bodies grew at such a rate that the environment could not support their appetites, and their bones and muscles could no longer support their weight.

Wisdom is the result of experiencing uneasy feelings of not knowing until the consciousness has achieved the ability to integrate new information. This will happen effortlessly unless preconceived or predetermined ideas prevent a fit.

Tiredness, exhaustion and even death ensue if new experiences are unable to be integrated. Death may be the result of an inability to integrate to the new and fresh mass-consciousness.