Summer solstice 2009, Eris, Francis Evans, Aquarian Age
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Many people want to make changes in their life path, want to tap into their greater potential and bring their passions into manifest reality. This blog insights and practical guidance.

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New Zealand Summer Solstice: Encounters with Eris

Monday, December 21st 2009 @ 12:15 PM    post viewed 1428 times

A version of this talk was given at the Holistic Living Solstice Christmas party and soon can be watched as a podcast.

2011, 2012 or more specifically the last hours of the seventh day of the Universal Underworld, has attracted a lot of attention. The actual date is rather insignificant in respect of the preparation for the end of the Mayan long count.

2010 is the last year for preparation before the predicted change becomes undeniable. Right now we can really see the final breakdown, but many people are still in denial and that will certainly not continue much longer.

Astrologically we have also been in an escalating time period. It was a hundred years between the discovery of Uranus in 1781 and the actual siting of Neptune in 1846. It was only 84 years between that event and the discovery of the dwarf planet Pluto in 1930. Chiron was noted in 1977 giving a 47 year gap and Eris was determined in 2003 a gap of 26 years, although not named until 2007.

Uranus rules Aquarius; Neptune rules Pisces; Pluto rules Scorpio; Chiron rules Virgo; and Eris rules Libra. I really want to talk about Eris because as each planet is sighted it brings its values and qualities into consciousness.

When Chiron appeared in 1977 it brought with it a host of new healing technologies, especially those associated with the unearthing of the personal wound. However, it also revealed the archetype that while the healer may be able to heal others they are still left unable to heal their own wound.

Truly Eris did not make her presence felt until she was aptly named. Eris is the Goddess of Divine Justice and Retribution. Some of you might be able to picture the little statuette that sits on top of the Old Bailey Courtrooms in London. She holds a balance in her left hand and a sword in her right. She seeks out the truth and weighs the evidence in the balance before delivering her justice.

If you want to know more about the myth of Eris look it up on the web, its certainly worth a read. However, I want to draw your attention to what she holds in the balance. Eris draws a line between every set of opposites, and most specifically between Order and Chaos. It is because of this balancing act that she rules the sign of Libra. It is also significant that Libra is the last sign to reveal its true ruler.

Up until this time it has shared Venus with Taurus. Venus is the significator of relationships, the binding quality, but Eris is the significator of relationships in its interrelated, interconnected and interactive qualities. We now know that a relationship cannot be held together solely by duty and social normality, there has to be vulnerability and forgiveness.

If you know any Librans it seems as if they can't make up their minds, they have to weigh everything in the balance, work out the justice or the punishment. I think its also significant that I am Libran.

There is another significant fact and that is that at the spiritual level Libra is ruled by the planet Uranus and is thus connected to the Age of Aquarius at that level. In other words, Justice and retribution will herald in the Aquarian age of Enlightenment.

What does all this mean in practical terms. Firstly, Retribution is the Greek term for karma. You reap what you have sown; every action and thought has a consequence. Libra is now the sign of discernment. Taking things at face value without weighing it up will indeed be metered out with Justice.

Contrary to what many people think, the New Age is not one of relying on one's intuition and feelings. It is not a "Heart" felt age. Aquarius is an air sign and is thus a sign of thought, thinking things through. Libra is an air sign too, the sign of discernment, and mark my words, it is connected with Divine Justice and retribution.

If you accept your feelings without checking the logic, you will surely feel the weight of Divine consequences.In fact, where we have ended up at this point of critical shift is due to the gullibility of humankind.

Now we arrive at the point of Justice and Retribution, and the consequences find their way home. Humanity has to awaken to what we as a group have allowed to happen to us, to take stock through an honest evaluation, and then to take back the power from the out-of-control megalomaniacs who have made this the planet of suffering. Eris tells us that if we do not stand for Justice then we will experience the retribution that comes with the chaos which must certainly fall if a new form of organisation is not forthcoming.

So we come to the summer solstice of 2009 6.47am. First of all, summer is the ripening time, the time of the setting of the fruits of one's labours, that which was planted in the depths of winter has reached is point of blossom before it fades to seed, and begins the cycle again.

We, in the southern hemisphere, are in a totally different season from our ancestral forebears of the north, yet we have attempted to use the same mythological ceremonies to celebrate them, and so the qualities inherent in them are lost. In the greater sense, losing the midwinter celebration creates a long and somewhat dreary period with little to look forward to.

The Southern hemisphere is mainly water and so the location of land is so important. New Zealand is a special place and what happens here is specific to its location at the beginning of the World's day. Of course, no matter where you are located all of the planets remain in the same signs and with the same aspects with only the astrological houses, and therefore the planetary activation being altered.

In New Zealand there are two major patterns happening on the solstice this year. The first is that Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon are all in Aquarius and the 2nd house sextile to Eris, and together they form a finger of God to the Midheaven.

The midheaven, or cusp between the ninth and tenth houses describes the way that a person puts what they have learned through study and experience into action in their career. The tenth house, associated with Capricorn is also the place of initiation.

Lets face it, when you start a new job, you have to learn how to apply what you know within the context of the organisation. So the midheaven is also the way forward, one's pathway.

This aspect suggests a potent moment signifying the change which is constantly under prediction.  The potential which is underlying this conjunction brings a healing (Chiron) to the deeper emotional currents because Neptune always overshadows the lunar activity and Jupiter brings in a delusionary nature while Eris advances the consequences for humanity of true Justice.

For those on a spiritual quest, the time has come to evaluate all of your beliefs, understand that whatever you believe has consequences, determine the logical outcomes (i.e. not fall into the trap of accepting intuition without discernment) , and finally deciding whether these consequences are what you want to experience.

Perhaps the most important concept associated with Jupiter is that for centuries this planet has thought of as beneficial and abundant.

Yet in reality Jupiter is an extremely disturbed planet with an enormous storm cloud that has existed without respite for thousands of years. The dust obliterates our ability to see the surface, although we do know that it has two rings hidden under the dust cloud.

Jupiter is very self-centred and this shows up as an inability to really perceive the truth.

Prior to the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter co-ruled Pisces, which influenced most of the Piscean Age. Pisces, then, has been an age of delusion and devotion, that is devotion without clarity. The Aquarian Age will cut through this with its mental sword of clarity.

In light of this, I suggest that people do not try to try to evaluate their beliefs for themselves, but find someone capable of challenging even the most deeply held certainties, because the consequences of Divine Justice / Retribution come whether someone is aware or not.

Many people think that they can do it by themselves, can actually see themselves, know what they have to change and be able to do that. This is one of the delusions. The other delusion is that many of the therapists can help when they are also sitting in their own delusions, which they certainly will pass on.

The second major pattern is a grand trine between Venus, Mars, and Eris. It seems at this time we cannot escape the pull of Eris. It may be that many astrologers have not integrated the notion of this dwarf planet as yet, and so the influence is not noted.

This aspect pulls together the masculine and feminine driving forces onto the Divine Justice/retribution force of Eris. It requires men and women, us to work together putting aside differences, competition and energy displays for the good of everyone. Eris calls for either Justice or Retribution, you decide.

The summer solstice determines what is available to harvest at the autumn equinox which can become the seed for nurturing in the depths of winter, that indeed sustains us through that winter and produces the plants for the next cycle.

So this year, 2010 is the 6th night of the Galactic Underworld, and past cycles show the sixth night to be the breakdown of the old in preparation for the new. I think this will be an extremely challenging year for those who have done little preparation. It is not a year to sit on your past successes, but one in which to break down the barriers between you and others.

The 6th night ends on November 2nd 2010, when we move into the 7th Galactic day.

Astrologically the 4th April 2011 is also a significant day, actually at 3.15 in the morning. This marks a time when humanities values are at their highest level of challenge and the social organisations finally disintegrate.

That is likely to mean the monetary system, social order, police, political system, and it brings about the possibility for communities to redefine themselves and create their own organisations.

Now is the time to put such community connections into place so that you are ready to mobilise when the moment arrives.

We have been watching and waiting for the Shift in Consciousness to arrive, this is it and there isn't going to be a rescue from any Galactic federation, or any intervention from the spirit realms, or ascension for the chosen ones.

Sorry, it is a change in values for humanity if it wants to survive.



Summer solstice 2009, Eris, Francis Evans, Aquarian Age