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The Journal of Amayah Grace

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The things you see!

Friday, January 20th 2012 @ 2:17 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3216 times

It's been an age since I last 'blogged'....and what an 18months they've been - as I guess they have been for all of us.    Among other events for me has been a move to the Bay of PLENTY (I love emphasising the 'Plenty'!), to Mount Maunganui to be precise.

And some wonderful person here has sign-written the side of his van/small truck with the following :

Do you believe in love at first sight ?


shall I drive by again ?

I just love the creativity of some people...and I just love it too when something absolutely unexpected makes me burst out laughing - and fall in love with Life all over again.....


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