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Dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. Covers environmental subject matter that is not readily discussed in depth in mainstream media.

September 2014 Posts


  GreenplanetFM 104.6 Podcast with Tim Lynch
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GreenplanetFM interviews Marama Winder & Jon Winder on Sacred Activism & Action in Our World

Tuesday, September 30th 2014 @ 3:51 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3296 times

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In this the second programme of the Sacred Activism series with Marama Winder we explore the deeper dimensions of sacred action in our world. We are called at this time in an upwelling of positive change and transformation.

The coming together of the wisdom of the feminine and masculine is a crucial link in this shift and is elegantly portrayed in this interview. Alongside Marama’s potent voice of sacred activism and the deep feminine is Jon Winder who brings in the masculine perspective of our calling to sacred service.

This interview covers many aspects of what it is to involve oneself in sacred activism, from working with people, their rights, and justice for animals, the environment and our planet as a whole.
What are the principles of Sacred Activeness?
But first, what does the sacred mean?

“Something held in high regard, something beautiful and untarnished, something considered of worth and worthy of spiritual respect, something inspiring awe.  All of these are sacred. The sacred can be described in exquisitely beautiful words like holy, blessed, revered, venerated, consecrated, sanctified and dedicated,” offers Marama Winder, sacred activist and global spiritual leader whose passionate love of people, planet and cosmos inspires hope and participation in the co-creation of a new world founded on compassion for all life.
So when we are out in nature, be it in a magnificent grove of trees, out amidst mountain peaks, in a deep valley or gorge, or somewhere on the magnificence of our planet, these are the words that instantly arise when engulfed with such grandeur.
We become humbled by such beauty and wonder, that we, in awe, in the depths of our being, realise that what surrounds us is something overly unique and special, that our inner knowing connects with what we call - sacred.
We also want to share the experience and also realise that we want to protect it.
In this context these words arise: truth, gratitude, authenticity, consciousness, forgiveness, a sense of willingness and an ability to meet when there is a need to meet and come together and to love as well.
Being authentic, translates to being in your truth – is speaking from that place of connection, the deep virtue of earnestness, centeredness and what values you represent.
Gratitude …  to be aware of this word and what it represents – Such as NZ’s dawn chorus of birds, and being grateful that nature is so abundant, even in the cities and suburbs. To be thankful and even utter it, be it out loud or silently.
Certain Indigenous peoples have what are called the Original Instructions – that state that all of humankind are part of one large family and that we need to love each other as an extended family. That we are meant to share with one another and that we need to remember life’s breath and respect this invisible quality that enters our bodies and allows us to exist.  As well as have a … respect for the land that sustains us all. And by embodying these values, we give hope to younger and future generations of the sacredness of our connection to all our surroundings.
We are born with a name, but deeper than our name there is something deeper that connects us to the possibility of the sense of our true identity and staying with the question of:

Who am I, why am I here, what am I to do?  … The purpose of existence is to find out the purpose of existence?
These are very important questions and they a framed within the statement that we are all going to die at some point. … not put out as a morbid thought, but  as the reality of our mortality … and to remind, us that in our journey to awaken and become more conscious, what can or what will we contribute to the betterment of all humans, all biota and the whole on this magnificent planet.
And our authenticity connects us via our thoughts to shape the community and the world we live in.
This interview covers:
Peace and all the contingencies to bring about peace and that world peace has to start within our own hearts, and in our own context of clearing our own field of shadow, so as to allow more light to reside within our being.
Starting with our inner self and expanded within our own localised field that then includes family, our neighbourhood, community, nation and then around our home planet.  Peace being a ripple effect … and we encourage all people to be exponents.
Peace is a process, not an endpoint, and as we grow we deepen our inner connection to a more profound understanding of existence as well as ourselves.  The transforming force of love is a process as well as peace is a process and they mutually coalesce into a spiritual unfoldment as our journey reveals more of who we are in relationship to the majestic, great mystery of life.
Cultural creatives are here to shift us away from exploiting our planet and its people and to find more co-operative and innovative ways to work towards more ecologically conscious actions that saves resources, halts our pollution and increase biodiversity. All this can be seen as a sacred act.
In ‘The Better Angels of our Nature, Why Violence Has Declined’ … by Steven Pinker, we are increasingly finding that MSM have a mantra that they follow. If it bleeds .. it leads …
However, inner peace begins within us all …
With the emergence of flower power in the 1960s and the Beatles make love and not war, hugs have now become ubiquitous.
And throughout the NZ educational system our curriculum is world class and underpinning it is a sense of wairua the sense of connection and next to that is our sense of values.
Unity of people, of culture, of faiths …
NZ’s grandeur and geography has much majesty and beauty that it is imbued with sacredness, and Maori inherently know this with the Wairua and Kaitiaki our holistic connection to caring and sharing.
Sacred activism can also be the act of weeping at the loss of the forests of Papatuanuku, (Mother Earth) her rivers being despoiled and crying for the dying fish – this is - connection - and standing out in the public arena as witnesses to the commercial destruction of ecosystems for example.
From schools in NZ to play, where children learn to play and navigate to be able to co-creatively meet the needs of each other …  emotionally and practicality wise. Being more thoughtful and mindful of our words and actions. More aware and more considerate …
Another program that Jon and Marama have initiated is called The B-Cool for Boys … where young men are taught how to move through pain, trauma and grief and psychologically enable them to clear these hurts and traumas to then be able to operate at a more coherent level, without carrying the shadow of such damage in their aura and general disposition.
Also with Maori, Turangawaewae a sacred space, where in Maori translates to - I rest my feet, this is the place where I can stand.
In business the same mindful systems are being set up for resolving situations around conflict resolution, where we can grow leaders more synergistic and holistically. To become peaceful and coherent around all aspects of their lives.
Confront people, and be centred in love and stand up and state your case … Aroha in the playground. Boys to love themselves and their mates becoming aware of sacred activism is kaitiaki, stewardship and guardianship of the land
Consciousness what it is as an unfolding principle  …
Prophetic statement – We are going to see the young over the next generation who are going to be very peaceable and that they will be more conscious of living together as peaceful neighbours, especially here in NZ, which is an excellent thing.
Covering Maori and Pacific Island values around living as whanau and family ... Gratitude …… contemplative and reflective state … Self-love, possibly one of the greatest challenges for us all ….
This interview covers many other interrelated qualities and virtues inherent in the sacred activist.
Within the great mystery and esoteric school we note that we are now well into the birth canal of the emergence of a new paradigm. That currently the veils are being lifted to new possibilities as we become more connected to the surrounded magnificence of nature that supports us with every breath.
Marama Winder ~ is a contemporary interspiritual teacher, author and inspiring speaker. Her deep exploration of the world’s wisdom traditions, as well as science, medicine, psychology and the arts has carried her from the halls of hospitals, corporations and ashrams…to indigenous lands, Aotearoa and the UN. She has published numerous works on topics from healthcare to spirituality. Her work crosses hemispheres and cultures, serving those who long for greater harmony with the web of life and cosmos, a deeper experience of the sacred in the world, and the spiritual in the everyday. She can be reached at marama [at] and at Marama Winder on Facebook.
Jon Winder ~ is an author, storyteller, and transformation guide. He has spent much of his life exploring and sharing the ways of learning mastery, conscious leadership and life transformation. He is a respected mentor and counsellor, educational change agent and leadership adviser. Jon has presented internationally on a vast range of topics in such fields as positive change and spiritual attunement, especially as those affect business, education, youth and the harmony of society and the planet. With his wife Marama Winder, Jon is Co-Founder/Director of the Sephira Institute and the Winder Foundation in Auckland. His website is
Marama and Jon Winder will offer many programs featured at the 2015 VOICES of SACRED EARTH Festival ~ AWAKENING THE GLOBAL HEART: ANCIENT HEALING KNOWLEDGE FOR MODERN TIMES at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre in February 2015. Read more at


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GreenplanetFM interviews Jonathan Quintin - Cosmologist, Artist & New Zealand Taonga

Tuesday, September 16th 2014 @ 2:35 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2389 times

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Jonathan, well known overseas as a gifted metaphysical artist and cosmologist, creates computer graphics on the big screen presenting leading edge mathematics and geometry, unveiling to us both the unity and diversity of existence including the majestic tapestry of universal patterns.

Today our world is in a flurry of a hurry, with survival and the outside world impinging on our everyday life - finance, crime, war, job, family, housing, weather - that so much information is being pumped in to our living rooms and lounges, that for many of us, we are in information overload.

Time to take an in-breath and inhale the invisible that we all share and which keeps us alive. It has become very noticeable over the last 20 years that the pace of life has left us little time to catch up on what constitutes existence and to figure out our particular place in the world.

Where once we seemingly had more time to read a book, and contemplate the meaning of life, the situation has morphed down to a quick squizz of a magazine, and now to a 5 minute You Tube, to even quicker, hasty texts and tweets.

However, at another level, discoveries into the makeup of existence are still being made from understanding more about holography and that the universe appears to be holographic, to morphic resonance, the emergence of form, to quantum -everything- and interconnection and from chaos theory, to the fact we can - spontaneously evolve - on towards behavioral insights, teleportation and telepathy, whilst unknown to many - the evolution of consciousness continues unabated.

In this interview, you hear from the timbre of Jonathan’s voice, what compels him and what influences have driven him to engage in decoding such beauty and majesty beyond the veil of existence.

Geometry is a vast field of study and -Sacred Geometry- is a term used to indicate a particular field in geometry where the qualitative as well as quantitative elements are addressed. Other terms for this study include:

  • ancient geometry: many ancient traditions used this form of geometry
  • organic geometry or bio-harmonic geometry: the geometry of nature
  • archetypal geometry: illustrates the self-organizing forces of creation
  • classical geometry: all can be reduced to divisions of circle and sphere
  • philosophical / theosophical geometry: the nature of creation
  • universal geometry: because it pervades the universe
  • inter-dimensional geometry: functions on all levels of creation

Sacred geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life… from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars.
Sacred geometry shows the quality of relatedness between unique and individual differences and demonstrates how diverse elements can be organized into a whole, while still preserving their individual uniqueness. Everything has an underlying geometric template which links it into the cosmos.
Geometric cosmology provides a tangible means of examining the intrinsic order of the Universe. It shows how the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. It is both exoteric and esoteric, providing an interface between the seen and unseen, the quantitative and qualitative, the finite and infinite. It symbolizes the relationship of form, movement, space and time.
Everything that appears solid in the world is actually in a state of vibration. Nature is abuzz with pulses, oscillations, wave motions, rhythms and cycles in a vast spectrum of universal energies—all of which can be defined as vibration and frequency. Frequency can be expressed through number and number through shape and form—which is geometry.
Everything in the world is energy in a continual state of change. The sum total of energy in the universe does not increase or diminish but is continually transformed from one state to another. There is no end, only change. The end of one cycle marks the beginning of another.
From the dance of atoms to spiraling galaxies, every type of growth and motion is governed by the same set of mathematical laws. These laws are contained in the primary shapes and patterns that develop from uniform divisions of the circle and sphere. They are graphical representations of the mathematical principles upon which nature operates. They describe the self-organizing forces that manifest in infinite diversity.
The patterns are reflected in nature as natural forms, but with an important distinction. While natural forms are geometrically organized, every form is unique and can only approximate the mathematical principle upon which it is based. Although governed by mathematical rule, natural form always gives way to physical constraints.
Natural forms are determined by the interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic forces. In the case of a plant, for example, the intrinsic forces are governed by the genetic coding that geometrically organizes the molecular arrangements to shape the vegetal characteristics of that particular plant.
The extrinsic forces are those influences that are external to the plant’s biological form. They are largely environmental such as soil content, temperature, humidity, wind, rain and sunshine. They influence the options and create limitations affecting the plant’s existence.
Nature, as a response to the action of force, creates an infinite diversity of forms from a basic inventory of archetypal mathematical principles. The archetypes are the basic pattern-forming processes that, operating within strict limits, create limitless varieties.
Natural forms are diagrams of the forces that created them. Every natural form is a blend of beauty and function, demonstrating how nature develops the most refined, regenerative technology based on a geometric system that combines economy of energy with optimal performance.
As well as the world being geometrically organized, it is also geometry that determines how we perceive it. We experience the world through our senses, which respond to energy fluctuations in our field of awareness. Each sense is tuned to a different range of frequencies. On the most fundamental level, our senses react according to the geometrical and proportional differences of the stimulus involved.
If we smell a rose, it is not actually the chemical substance of its perfume that we respond to but rather the geometric nature of the chemical’s molecular structure. If blindfolded, many of us would not be able to distinguish the aroma of a garden rose from a perfume that had been produced in a laboratory. This is because the molecules of the chemicals were bonded similarly to those of the rose—in other words they shared the same geometry.
Our sense of sight differs from our sense of touch because the nerves of the retina are tuned to a different range of frequencies than are the tactile nerves. The same applies to the nerves involved in the senses of taste, smell, or hearing—it is the geometric distinctions among the frequencies that we respond to.
Geometry is the constant amidst a continual process of change. Our physical bodies are in a constant state of change—every atom of every molecule is continually changed and replaced. The DNA molecule is generally considered to be the vehicle of continuity. However, the information to replicate is not encoded in the physical DNA molecule; or the carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen elements that compose DNA—because they too are continually changed and replaced.
The vehicle of continuity is a geometric spiral (helix) which provides an invisible blueprint upon which DNA is structured. The spiral is based upon archetypal geometric proportions that exist prior to the physical state. It is these invisible geometric proportions of the spiral that are responsible for the replicating power of the DNA.
Similarly, the process of photosynthesis in plants occurs because the geometry of the carbon, hydrogen, magnesium and nitrogen elements of the chlorophyll molecule is organized into a harmonic twelve-fold arrangement. These same elements in any other arrangement will not transform radiant energy into life substance.

What Jonathan describes is the sheer beauty and elegance of the universe we all share, and to sit back and take in the magnitude and the magic of the archetypal wonder of existence, can only but enthrall you with the knowing that there is a vast intelligence underlying all of existence.    < This is a potent graphical story.


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