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Judith Paterson
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"Freedom is inside - waiting to be caught."

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Do people recognise your handwriting?

Monday, November 9th 2009 @ 2:16 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3340 times

A very interesting thing happened to me last week – I received an hilarious card (on the outside) with wonderful phrasing inside. The choice of words made me feel happy, loved and cared for…… but… also made me realise that, in this modern world, we have definitely lost something!!!

It was obvious that the writer was expecting me to be somewhere and do something (and that I knew about it) on the following Sunday!!!! OMG….my brain went into total panic mode because the writer (knowing I would recognise the writing) had signed it with only X X.

 I did ‘recognise’ the writing….but whose was it???? In this day and age of computers and mobile phones, emails and texts, when was the last time you saw somebody’s handwriting?

 After ringing the post office to track down where the card had been posted it narrowed the possibilities to the wider Auckland area! Not a great deal of help!

 What had I forgotten??? Where was I supposed to be on Sunday?

 Yes – 3 days after receiving the card I suddenly realised whose writing it was, and she’s a very dear friend, too!

 I had forgotten to write something in my diary when the situation was first mentioned, I was feeling very embarrassed, and I also made a resolve, then and there, to write more cards!!

 Maybe you’d like to take up my intention of sending at least 2 cards a week to friends and family members…. ‘Thank you’ notes (instead of emailing), ‘I love you’ cards (instead of texting), and even (good grief….where did I put the paper?) an actual handwritten letter!!!

 I would love to know that people can recognise my writing no matter how ‘scrawly’ it might be!!

 Our personality is reflected in our handwriting. Graphologists make a living determining the personalities of people for job roles by our letter formation….what can they determine by whether we use Arial, Tahoma, Franklin Gothic Bold, or even Wingdings!!!

 Go on, join me….get out that paper and pen, and support the Post Office by buying a stamp!!! We may even get fitter by walking to the letter box to post it!!!

Warm wishes,

Judith Kiss


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Stephen Grant-Jones
Group Administrator
PeacefulWarrior said on Monday, November 9th 2009 @ 4:08 PM:

I totally agree! lol

I was only just talking about this the other day, in sending cards instead of emails as invitations.

Count me in :)