kawakawa, kawa gel
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Earth Energies Summer Pack!

Monday, December 19th 2011 @ 1:34 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3227 times

We've decided to bundle 3 of our most popular and essential summer products into an Earth Energies Summer Pack and you can get all 3 for the price of 2!

Here's what's in it;

  • 1 x Kawa Gel 50gm - For Mosquito bites, sand fly bites, bee & wasp stings. Mild insect repellent. For many skin irritations, minor cuts, chaffing, general first aid & may be used as a lip balm.
  • 1 x Kawa Cream 50gm - For sun burn, burns & scalds, rashes, skin lesions, shingles, bruising, boils, swellings, chilblains & blisters. All purpose moisturizer, especially the face.
  • 1 x Kawa Relief 50gm - Useful for arthritic & rheumatic pain, sports injuries, aching joints, muscles, bikers knees and sore muscles after a workout. Beneficial for old injuries and as a preventative before long rides, ball games, or any exercise program.

Normally all 3 would cost you $73.50 but our Summer Pack is now just $49.00!


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kawakawa, kawa gel