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Sunday, May 1st 2011 @ 11:14 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3174 times

I had an experience recently on a sales trip to the Bay of Plenty and found several things to be quite enlightening, not least of all was the many pharmacies that now have dispensaries where they sell complementary medicine and usually there is a naturopath on hand to give advice.

It occurred to me that there is a gradual blend of natural therapy with conventional medicine happening.

There has been ongoing debate about this shift, as the medical profession have always maintained that anything sold or advertised to treat an ailment that has not been clinically proven, or that does not have the appropriate FDA approval, should be banned or regulated to fall in step with those guidelines.

There was a recent article in the NZ Herald that suggested Homeopathy to be placebo and have no actual health benefit whatsoever.

There was a range of "experts" giving their opinions and several GP's that were happy to recommend homeopathy as a part of combined therapy.

I am sure, reader, you would agree that the evidence remains in the eye of the beholder and a large part to the healing process is attitude.

Somewhere between a population of dependency with an unwillingness to admit that an individuals health is ones own responsibility and a greater awareness of what the body is trying to tell us, lies a large field of possibilities. I see this in how our feelings to cancer have changed over the years.

When I was a kid the big 'C' word was considered a death sentence and people were resolved to their fate which became a waiting game. But these days I see it as such a less daunting condition and in some people I have met it has been more of an inconvenience than a terminal condition.

So, what has changed? Advances in medicine? For sure. More options for treatment? Definitely, but i think the major change is ATTITUDE.

Did we physically become more resilient? Maybe, but i feel it is our mental approach that has helped to build up that resilience.

The medical profession cannot ignore this and I only hope that it is considered a necessary part of the healing process.

In my experience doctors give you the worst case scenario to prepare you for such and so anything less than that is considered a bonus. I guess they would say they do not want to build up false hope, but, to build up no hope at all is not an ideal approach either.

For those with awareness, self health is as natural to them as brushing their teeth and requires no extra effort, but in this realm also exist the fanatics on the lunatic fringe that are suspicious of anything that is not 100% gluten, Vegan, Palm oil etc, etc free and they cause themselves more stress by sheer paranoia.

For complementary medicine to be accepted, it must gradually blend with mainstream ideals.

The public are forever looking for that which is NEW and they are keen to throw out the old to embrace the latest trend with gusto. So it is essential that this shift assimilates slowly as, not a trend, but an integration of common values that can withstand the winds of change.

I love how the corporations talk of a HOLISTIC approach to business, a SYNERGY of ideas, an ORGANIC PROCESS TO HOW THEY DO BUSINESS. All buzz words carefully crafted to catch the attention of the vulnerable consumer. All they are looking for is a big tick of approval so they can continue peddling their products wearing a different cloak.

This brings me to the other part of my revelation from my trip down south.

All the stores we went into were heavily branded with the product that obviously had the most might and the biggest profile.

So my question is this. Does that make it (whatever it is) a better product? I doubt it, but the public perception is that if it ticks the right boxes for them, its image suits the current attitude or mood, and the price is right, then they will buy.

For a small business like Holistic Hair, without the might of a large advertising campaign or strong representation in the market place, we have a task getting our message across.

We do not sell hope in a bottle but we do sell a different approach to health and wellbeing. We support self health awareness and we do so by supporting our customers with wellbeing advice, transparency and access.

Our customers are loyal and genuine, we resist the trends and also the temptation to conform or buy into what the tide depicts as the NOW. It is great to have such a vehicle as Holistic Hair to keep us connected with an ethical approach to business and the people we connect with are like minded and genuine to the core.

We love what we do and somehow manage to stay upright in an ocean of recession, uncertainty and reluctance to commit. Our process is truly organic and although progress is slow it is progress none the less.

There may come a day when the trendsetters have sailed off in another direction, taking the vulnerable with them and leaving us with the consumers who are informed, self-assured and willing to take responsibility for themselves.

These are the people that make up our growing family.


Nigel regularly writes about hair and scalp health and treatment. A selection of his more recent articles are available from his website;

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