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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

December 2009 Posts


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Ascension No 2

Wednesday, December 30th 2009 @ 8:04 AM (1 ratings)    post viewed 4698 times

Hi Everybody

Glad to see so many of you seem interested in what is going on around you at this time. It sure is an interesting experience, that is for sure. It is because of what is happening to us at this time. As mentioned in Blog No 1... so let us carry on this story.

We know for fact that Earth goes through cycles and this has been proven. We also know that at the time of the end of Atlantis, all memory is erased.... more on this in Egypt later.

Earth goes through many cycles, Mu, Lemuria, Lemuria-Atlantis (overlapped) Atlantis and now US! I do not remember any past lives at the time of Mu, but I do around Atlantian and Lemurian times. In Lemuria we were quite "ET" like in intelligence and so on, very advanced in technology and so on. Very peaceful and lived in reasonable harmony (well, where I lived anyway!) So, today I would like to set this scene otherwise you will have a book to read.  

I feel New Zealand was part of Lemuria and the wall in the ranges out of Taupo, part of this time. The wall I have also seen in Kerikeri so I am sure it will be found in many parts of our beautiful country. We used space technology for transportation from place to place and most of us wore white like gowns or robes.

But like everything, over time the technology was moving along at a faster pace and atomic information was known. And yes, this knowledge lead to some high officials starting to play "God" so to speak and the knowledge we had started to be used not with wisdom. An unbalance started and this technology was starting to be misused. (Does this seem like you already know this? What is happening today!)

So, many of us working for the higher being, God, (whatever you wish to call this Energy Source I call the Creator), and the good of humanity, decided we needed to do something to clear this from the land. Groups of 7 of us,  formed groups at strategic spots around the world we set the scene. Each group became the "Bin Ladens of those times but with more "power" even known today.

At a given time, we detonated our wee "bomb fires" which started a chain reaction. This created an imbalance of earths core, as it was worked out with the alignment of the stars down to the alignement of the lay lines or grids, so to speak. Just like the twin towers, Earths core shifted, and many people were destroyed and the beginning of a new race or life form as we known it, was started.

Now, from my point of view, as I was one of these groups who caused such devastation, knew how to do this, and also how to save ourselves! I remember vividly, looking back from the safety of my "cave tunnel" the glow in the sky as the atomic "bombfires" exploded. The sight is still as vivid today as yesterday was (actually, more vivid).

In my analytical mind I decided to research this and prove it. I have. Years ago I went to Sedona and hired a Shaman for the day. An amazing lady, who knew  exactly where to take me (you all believe in set ups dont you!), well I was set up.

I looked across the canyon, asking her where were the caves that lead to Hollow Earth were.The look on her face told me all I needed to hear (or see)... as on the other side the cave entrances were way above the level of the ground, like suspended .....Her answer was " If you know about these caves, then why ask?" I since know now why she answered this as some people have entered these caves and never returned.The caves lead into "Hollow Earth" (another story ). So, after detonating the fuses, the earths crust shifted, and so an end of a time as we knew it and a new one started.

I could write a book on this, which I will be doing (and started). You are getting a basic side to it as time is an essence but once again. Everything I have written here is proven and so I now speak and share that which I remember in hope that you the reader, will understand and so KNOW this time we will Not be using atomic explosions or volcanic eruptions, but something far more exciting and WE are in control... so like I said, laugh and play, but live to the laws of the land and all will be well with you.

Next writtings will bring in Atlantis, Egypt and Peru.... and why this is so important in today!

Oh, I will not answer any phone calls or answer the door......just in case you know my address and phone the men in white jackets to come and take me away!!!!! I am quite sane thank you, though some might think otherwsie. My humour is what keeps my sanity and the faith in where we are ALL heading.

So, new years day is heading our way fast.....let us rejoice in Mother Earths process as we are but like fleas on the back of a placid loving dog!

So, tell then, I AM, but...



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Jeanne Northwood
EnergyWorks said on Thursday, December 31st 2009 @ 6:06 PM:

Looking forward to the next instalment Gail! Thank you for bringing this to us all. I am sure that we will all see glimpses of 'recognition' by the time this fully unfolds! Are you aware if there was a wall of some kind up behind Mana retreat Coromandel on the Mountain, or is this just 'unusual rock'?. Seemed out of place with the rest of the landscape. Also looking forward to a happy and prosperous 2010 for all. Much work has been done by many, would be nice to think that a small reprieve is coming - just enough to catch our breath before the next step.Wink



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Ascension Series. No. 1

Monday, December 28th 2009 @ 1:08 PM (1 ratings)    post viewed 2582 times

Hi Everyone

So, Christmas is over and it is back to the reality or work etc.  Recently I saw the movie " Julie and Julia'...and it gave me an idea. Over the next month or so,I will do this article say every 2 days.....and explain in my opinion, what will happen in 2012, the so called ascension and so on. I am analytical and a skeptic so ask for proof or I will not pass on, so everything I write I believe 100%....

Let me start from the beginning. Earth shifts polarity every 26,000 years, FACT! It is also said that every 240,000 years we have a major shift. FACT. Everything is in cycles, the seasons, the tides,even the female cycle, krebb cycle, oh...everything!

A few years ago i was instructed by my guide, I call Akhy (as he is but an essence of Akhenaten, Thoth, Hermes, Pythagoras, Balinis, to name but a few! I even see him as an ET! tall as.....) I was to go to Kona, on Big Hawaii Island to attend the conference "ET and Dolphins". Whow is all I could say. The money manifested so I went. What I heard and learnt on the 3 full-on days.... we heard from the most learned and amazing people.

After the conference my friend and I went on a tour of the island and were shown earth core samples that proved that the magnetic energy of the earth does change every 26,000 (approx) years. I have attended many lectures from amazing presenters and all saying the same thing! BUT, what use is this to us, mere human, what are we to do, when is this going to happen and more importantly....HOW!!!!!

I would like to share with you my story and the information and experiences i have had that have showm me, we are in the most amazing tiems EVER know to mankind. I will share with you what I know and how over the past 10 years travelled extensively to prove all of this! Now, it is time I walked my truth and cleared what I did not do at the time of Atlantis.

So, tune in every second day and read my story and see what you think! Remember, what you believe in is YOUR truth and I am not going to try and change this, but by sharing our truth we are sharing the wisdom and knowledge that is so freely given if only we would listen and take note.

So, tell tomorrow, hope you day is going well for you as the thing "they" wish of us right now is to laugh, smile and live in the now. Enjoy life and what our amazing Mother Earth has to offer.


So, tell then, I AM, but

Gail Nicholls     


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Professional Plus
gwigz said on Tuesday, December 29th 2009 @ 8:36 AM:

Thank you Gail - I am looking forward to reading more!

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Christmas Gifts....

Thursday, December 24th 2009 @ 10:46 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2484 times

Hi everybody

Well, tomorrow is D day,,,,,too late now for cards and shopping, time to get the turkey ready and the house clean..

I need to sit down and so  thought I would send an email to my agents in China and Peru. I was just going to do Marita ( Lima ) and she phones me! I just love the way the synchronisityof our thought form is working now a days. Our thoughts are instantly being created as we move forward faster like a locomotor out of control All down hill from here, the tough lessons have been done and now all we have to worry about is if we can stop in time.

Yesterday I took a basket around to a lady who has nothing. ( I saw inside her fridge and cupbaords when she eagerly put my gifts away) My heart melted. She was so excited, I packed everything she might need for Christmas lunch! Even to the bottle of wine and 4 bottles of beer for her adult kids. Her face was worth more than what it cost me. Her smile and joy was priceless and this is what it is all about.... the giving. She even laughed when she came across  a box of soap powder! She had just run out and the last load was donwe with dish detergent!

My neighbour laughed as I took tomatoes over to her and she was lying down not too well thinkiing she had forgotten to buy tomatoes, and here I was....As one gives one receives and boy am I receiving. I bought some flowers the other day and the owner said, you can have the banksias for free!!!!I In the green grocers,I was given a free BOX of gourmet truss tomatoes which I have shared around. 

See, when we do good, we are also given the tools etc to be able to do these good deeds. it is in the giving to othErs that we oursleves empty our vessel and able to also receive. Now all I have to do is learn to receice aLso , like one of my freidns last night said " If you enjoy giving, then why not allow us to also have that joy!" can one explain that some of us prefer to give to others as that gift is priceless. I roll around in my home in utter luxury, with the tree ladden with gifts ( my friend had not one under hers except my wee one i put under!, ) I came home and saw our tree and felt  not shame or , how can one put it! if only we could all share our abundance , then no one would have no food on their tables and everybody would have a gift! How does one start this ?

I am truely blessed and so may also the spirit of Christmas also bless you for the coming year. May you have good gealth and happiness and always have exactly what you need.




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Tuesday, December 22nd 2009 @ 1:29 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2399 times

Shell and Fulton Hogan agree a share buy-back



Shell ready to hand over the pump and Infratila AND NZ Superannuation fund are ready to sign a letter of intent to buy petrol stations!  Do you know why?????

Here is a story for you....around 8 years ago a client and his wife turnd up at my clinic asking for help. He was going to broadcast that he had the information and proof that engines can run on water! I told him to keep quiet as wrong timing thereas there was nothing I could do to help him.

Saturday he phoned and said his health was deteriorating and once again, told him not tell anybody about his invention.. and I could not help him.

Sunday around 5pm he phoned again and said he had a massive headach and feeling really bad, could I PLEASE go into the city and help him. No but again, as it was too late.

Mondy at 9am his wife phoned me and said her husband died through the night and Doctors could not explain why?

As I thought, this information would be the death of him and how this would be, I had no idea. Since then I have read the book " Angels dont play this HAARP" and explains about how in Alaska, technology had learnt how to play around with  the seasons.This was so they could control the seasons and grow more food for the growing numbers on this planet! yea!!!! then last month Beijing fired some chemical into the clouds to produce rain but it created a snow storm for 3 days that was out of season!!!!!

So, I also believe that there had to be technology to also play around with our minds etc. or basic means to eliminate those who are trying to help this planet.

The pharmaceutical and petrol companies RULE this world...fact. So, why would Shell now decide to sell their cash cow!!!!! Could it be that they have now realised that folk have created an engine that runs on water and so where will that leave them! Holding onto a dead horse so to speak! Maybe. So, what would a good business person do. SELL SELL SELL before it is too late.

Now, the stupid Government and Infratil plan to buy this amazing deal...whow! my hard earned tax and savings.....down the gurglar with the rain water.

We already know that water costs more than alcohol! FACT! So, i tell you, become aware of how this planet is spiralling out of control. All because of those folk who look on money as their God!

So, on that matter, i think I will go and pour myself a stiff drink and go and spend more money! What the hell!

If you enjoyed this little wee story, then may i suggest you read "Uncensored" magazines and that will really open your eyes to what is happening around us.

Have  a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Gail Nicholls

PS... love any comments on this from you.




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Miracles around us

Wednesday, December 9th 2009 @ 10:45 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3007 times

Miracles.....have you noticed lately that we are experiencing the most amazing miracles?

Have you noticed that we have gone through so much lately, the spinning in the head to some of us falling like going into a faint! Have you noticed how tired you have been lately, that no matter how much sleep we had, it never seemed enough!

Have you noticed that over the post few days it has all changed again and no more spinning, falling and feeling chronic fatigue....well, I sure have.

I worked tell 1.30am and up at 6am hard at it again and here it is but midnight again and I am still full of energy.The house is a mess, but the tree is now up and looking beautiful.

The smell of pine fills my home. The smell of spices as 12 Christmas cakes now all wrapped and tied in red ribbon sit on my bench ready to pass onto the Sallies tomorrow. My desk is covered in Chrismas cards signed and stamped and some ( well heaps actually ) yet to do....the stamp box hardly touched! Well, Christmas is here and the rush starts...

Last years Christmas lights still are up in my lounge so that is one job I dont have to do and the pantry is looking pretty good. The joy of a Christmas with all our family together brings in a feeling of...this is what life is all about.The lights on the tree, the smell of baking and the sound of laughter. Not what is under the tree or what presents we might give....or receive.

Take a thought for those who have no money. I was owed $201.00 and  somehow without thinking, I told the person to give it to charity! Ouch. I could use that money  as I walked out of the Warehouse today $200 less in my pocket.

But I have an abundance that is forever flowing and I put it down to the fact I give a lot of my earnings to charities! It is when one gives, one can as Ihabe  been overly generous lately, miracles around me are flowing. life is facinating.

The shifts we are experiencing lately are a wake up call. Time is not only running out for Christmas is only a few days away, but life as we know it is also fast approaching a time change. Wake up....

May you find the time to sit back and think about all the wonderful gifts you have received this year and give some of it away...then the best Christmas you will ever have will be your reward. The miracle of Christmas is nearly here.

Peace and many Blessings and keep an eye open, the next miracle is just around the corner. Laughing



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We Live in Paradise

Sunday, December 6th 2009 @ 2:25 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2776 times

New of amazing beauty.

Over the past 9 years, I have been taking tours to Egypt, India, Peru and China. Recently a group from Europe asked if I would plan a tour of New Zealand for them. So, I did.

Then unfortunately they had to postphone it so my husband ( Garry ) and I decided to do some of the South Island ourselves.

We flew into Christchurch and then in a rental car drove to Hanmer Springs for 2 days soaking int he sulphure pools there. then onto Punakaiki on the West Coast, down to Franz Joseph to walk to the face of the glacier. Onto Queenstown where we took a tour to visit the Milford Sounds. is where we were amazed at the beauty this country realy has. Why did I take a group to Chavin in Peru when we have a replica here in our own country?!  The fields of Lupins in mauves, purples and many other colours, filled the land with colour that Vincent Van Gogh would have just loved to have painted. The native birds and the colour of the water! My word,I am still in "WHOW mode!

You know, sometimes we never see what is in front of our noses. It is that we have a built in idea that we must travel overseas to see such beauty! Well I am now thinking, why not start taking folk around New Zealand also? Why spend mega bucks of our hard earned cash to travel to other places to see such beauty when it is at our own doorstep.

I have came home armed with a very overloaded suitcase full of brochures and ideas. If anybody wants to get in contact with me, please email me as I did weeks of research for this overseas group that never came, and so missed something so special that my husband and I are grateful as we saw it all.

But I will still be taking groups to Tibet in May, Peru in August and my home land where my heart is, Egypt, in November. Each country has something unique, and with New Zealand.....we don't have ancient buildings and history, we have something in the NOW. Beauty of nature that is out of this world.

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas holiday and remember, the beauty is always in front of us. So keep your eyes open and see it. one can also see this by looking in a mirror.



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