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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

February 2010 Posts


Thought of the Month
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Back again...this technology stuff.....

Friday, February 26th 2010 @ 10:44 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 4628 times

Hi folks

Sorry this is overdue, my discussion on Akhy.... but this machine has been playing up and he only got back from hospital today! Of course this machine is a male....we females are indestructible. Now, do I hear a laugh or outburst of rage? Yes, time I went to bed eh! But....

Have your electricals been playing up?  This computer still is, so I think I will have another go tomorrow seeing as it is now 11pm and I have only just finished working in my clinic. Hours also seem to be playing up. Not sure where tonight went but sure is one hell of a beautiful night out there if any body is still up. Have you looked and seen the moon and the "life" that is showing itself?

Many changes are taking place at the moment so hang on, we are in for another roller coaster of a ride.

I think I will go to bed and see if I still have a husband. Seems like I have hardly seen him, and oh...., my Tibet trip is full. Yippeeeeeee! See, we are able to create our illusion faster now and isn't it fun!

Good night from one nutty-as-a-fruit-cake spiritual lady with a warped sense of humour. I think the spirits that came through in my healing on my client, must of come from a bottle as sure feel I  love Akhy and the many guides we work with eh!

Ninny night


Ps... if you are going to send around the men with white jackets, I have changed my address.... as I am quite sane. Well, I think I am.... are you?


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AKHENATEN...The pharaoh so miss understood.

Thursday, February 11th 2010 @ 9:49 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3300 times

Who was Akhenaten? Is he just another essence of Moses,Thoth, Balanis, Hermes and others! Why do the Egyptologists so fear this man who brought in change to Egypt?

Let me try and explain in my own words and belief system, of how he brought in more than we could ever imagine. It is quite a story. All I write here is MY truth and I beleive it with all of my heart and soul. To start, here is a basic run down from the Internet as my time is valuable.

"Akhenaten was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned about 3,500 years ago. He made some major, but rather short-lived changes to various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, the most notable one being his religious revolution. Akhenaten also made major changes in the ancient Egyptian art style, and presented himself in a very different manner from any of his predecessors.

Akhenaten ruled in the eighteenth dynasty, which seemed to be an age of revolution in ancient Egypt. Only a few reigns before his had been the reign of Hatshepsut, the most famous (but not the only) female pharaoh.

Akhenaten's strange appearance and mysterious behavior, as well as his connection with Nefertiti and with the ill-fated "boy king" Tutankhamen, have made him the subject of much passion and controversy in the last century or so.

Akhenaten is all things to all people--to some he was a fanatical lunatic, to some he comes across as a strange, eccentric young man whose behavior was strongly influenced by his mother, to others he was a Christ-like visionary and a mentor of Moses, and to still others he was simply someone who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and who really had nothing to do with the dramatic reformations that went on during his reign."

Since my first visit to Egypt in 1999 I have read as many books on this Master as I possibly can. The fascination of learning about him, the more I learn the more I realise I have so much MORE to learn. My library is full of books on him. The above paragrapgh is very thought provoking so here is MY story.

In 1999 I attended the Melchizedek Method hosted by Alton Kamadon. It opened many doors for me and so I "manifested' the money to go to Egypt with Alton and visit this magical land.

We saw temples, meditated and so on, and on my return I decided to go and visit Sai Baba and sit in his Ashram for 3 weeks. While there I was instructed to control my mind and one day I had to sing the Gayatra during bahjans. I succeed this and that night I was instructed to go and meditate.

Sai Baba, Lord Melchizedek and Akhenaten presented themselves to me and asked I repeat something. To this day I have not. I will never forget this night. 1 hour later I finaly agreed to and so asked 2 friends to close their ears as no way was I able to get up off the floor until I did! (I super glued to the floor).

I did so in the end, so I was introduced to Akhenaten and instructed we were contracted to each my life changed from that day.

I remembered a lot about my life with this man, I call Akhy. He was a real father and loved his daughters to the level that Queen Nefertiti was a little jealous of the bond between her husband and third daughter, It was like they were connected on a higher level.

One minute he was in court with his scribes, council etc and then he would just stand up and walk on out of the room and meet his daughters coming down the corridor. Their laughter and joy was truely something to see.

But his bond with the 3rd daughter went a lot deeper and so Nefertiti was not at all happy. She decided to have a "fling' and so a son was born. We know him as Tutankhamen. This is the reason his head was normal, and not like his sisters as his father was from not the same DNA as his sisters. The process to bring in the new DNA was now in play so to speak.

See, neither Akhenaten or Nefertiti were shown to have any sexual genetalia and yet we know that he instructed the artists to portrait everything created by God exactly as they saw it.

He brought in a new form of art, no more 'barbie doll' figures but as it was. He brought in a new religion, and in the process took away the power of the temple priests saying we ALL can speak to God. He took away the power of the armies and said they were there for protection only and so the armies became poor!

THAT is why the Egpytologists say he was a renegade, he was only bringing in the new DNA and grid, the new Right Eye of Horus Mystery Schools and taught about Ascension. And so much to this day is so misunderstood, that his story needs to be told.

Today we are on this ascension process because of the essence of this man. He was a Christ Consciousness and so I wish to share with you over the next month his story!  It comes from my heart and with love and obedience, as it was instructed of me back in 2000 at Sai Baba's Ashram.

This is who I am that



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gwigz said on Friday, February 12th 2010 @ 2:36 PM:

Thank you for that Gail. I love to read about Akhenaten too - I think of him as THE most important of the Pharoahs.

Stephen Grant-Jones
Group Administrator
PeacefulWarrior said on Friday, February 12th 2010 @ 4:05 PM:

My son has a fascination with ancient Egypt, he's doing a project at the moment and is reading everything he can on it.

Thank you for your insights :)

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Thought of the month: February 2010

Sunday, February 7th 2010 @ 8:42 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2932 times

Hi folks. I am receiving many emails with channelled messages saying what is going on in this crazy world of ours. The Blue moons and the eclipse, star alignments and so on. All these energies are magnetic and so therefore will have a vast affect on some of us "sensitives'.

It has become so important now to be careful of our thought forms as everything is magnified and extended out wards. Our thoughts become our illusion and also we create it to come back to ourselves as lessons 10-fold.

Also be aware we will need maybe more rest.

If you think or speak ill of another then that becomes a lesson for us. Every little bit of advice given out is really for our own ears! But sometimes it is also that  we are the teachers and so also the students, so everything is as it should be....perfect.

But like the full moon being an energy it can also drag up unrest and heart aches. It is TIME to clear these and let go. To forgive and forget past hurts. To get out there and laugh, have some fun. As, here is where we will create laughter and prosperity in our joy of life.

At times things get bad, and we turn to friends to talk or share it with. This is what will happen more and more and there will not be enough ' councellors', and so our friends will become so important. It is in the sharing of the pain that we let go and allow the joy to come in. It is the time of the exam of all exams.

Do you know how to control your thoughts? How to manifest that which you desire or need? Do you know your mind is so powerful you can create the illusion more so now than ever! As we move at a faster pace of life we need to laugh more and let go all that is not perfect. To see the sunshine and also the beauty of the rain drops. It is time to see beauty in all things and we ARE but a soul on a very, very exciting adventure. Nothing easy is worth it, but the harder the lesson the more we learn. Everything we need for this Ascension is already part of us. All we have to do is activate it with the key...called LOVE.

So, what will February bring us? That is for you to decide.....and dont' forget, this is a "3" year and that means "let us spread joy' who will join me?

May it bring you health and happiness, prosperity and freindship. May you see only the beauty of that which is all around you.

Blessings to you, as  I am that



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Sunday, February 7th 2010 @ 10:21 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2718 times


It does not matter what my name is but please come and visit me. I live in Tibet and in a most amazing country. Gail Nicholls is bringing over some people and she has a male who is a single and needing a room mate! If she cannot find one, then the poor guy will have to bunk in with a female.

Now, imagine...what a dilemna this is. Tom is 60 years old and a fun loving person who really wants the joy of a room mate to share the experiences and expenses. A non-smoker and a quiet sleeper.

Have you got a spare NZ$7000 all up ( = spending money etc.) and 4 weeks annual leave up your sleeve? Are you into adventure with mostly 4 wheel driving in the very outback of Tibet, visiting the most beautiful scenery and temples etc! This fun loving group have now 2 places to fill (as each 4 wheel drive needs 4 passengers). Gail has had to hire another due to demand!(single females may also apply).

This is a rare opportunity to join a group and see so much at such a good price.

Also includes 6 days in India if you wish (included in this cost) to visit Rishikesh and then tour around the "Golden Triangle" to visit the Taj Mahal, then home.

We leave on the 24th April and return home on the 22nd May. I will be returning home earlier due to attending a wedding in Lenox US.... (remember Szuson Wong from the magazine "In Touch"....well, she is getting married!), neat eh and insisted I attend, with a gathering of American Indians attending with some Maori elders, why would I not go (...who cares about jet lag - I Trust I'll make it and not end up in Alaska!) This tour is flexible before and after Tibet.

Gail wishes to wrap this tour up as soon as possible due to the currency falling. Plus to organise internal flights (Shanghai -  Chengdu  Lhasa).

If you wish for the intensive itinerary, please email or phone Gail for the information.

(I have many references and some folk have travelled with me 7 times.I deliver a fantatsic tour with a DVD of your whole journey and booklet etc of all information).

Gail Nicholls
ND. DipClinHyp. HbT. Member of N.O.N.Z. and Michael Newton Institute   0064 (09) 535 4065


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DNA.... already part of us....some interesting facts and my truth.

Monday, February 1st 2010 @ 11:07 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2775 times

Hi Everybody

So, did my last post get you into thinking! Please forgive my outburst as Akhenaten is pretty hot about some subjects.

I would like now to share my truth and understanding on this matter. In the Oxford dictionary it states " deoxyribonucleic acid, and of the class of nucleic acids present in the chromosomes of higher organisms and storing genetic information."

It is also stated that GOD (I will use this term) or as I call God - The Essense (and we also are told we are made in his image ) is encoded within every biochemical function of our body, especially within the life giving DNA and RNA matrix. Over the years I have researched this subject and my book is slowly coming along. I am now motivated to carry on and finish it.

I work with Akhenaten and so my story will carry not only facts but what I have learnt and experienced from my dealings with this amazing man I call AKHY!

Let us go to the DNA now, we understand that this is passed down from both father and the mother, giving us the codes of who we are, hair colour nature etc. Did you also know that there is another DNA that is passed down only from the female side! We know that the female is home and family, nurturing and Love .. the nest maker (or should be) where as the father image is protection, sunstainer of the family and so on. We choose what we wish to be .... male or female, in this incarnation!

Many, many thousands of years ago, Earth was heading for disaster. Humans would self destruct and what we do affects Sirius. We affect the whole cosmos actually as we are the bottom of the domino affect!

We are a planet to learn about emotions (LOVE) and yet this emotion was slowly being depleted. The Sirians went to the Galactic Government and stated their plan to help us. The government thought as we were already heading to a danger zone no more harm could be created so agreed to their plan.They put out a call for a Christ Consciousness being to  voulnteer to drop from grace and help us.

The soul we know as Akhenaten (and many other names) stepped forward and fell from the 23rd dimension 4th frequency into ours as we know it. This was set up for him to be fathered by his grandparents who were also Christ consciousness energies.

So the process started and Akhenaten won the throne by default. (In 1353 - 1335BC) he also brought in the Right Side of Horus mystery school and instructed the wisdom to the students. It is stated around 300 woman (so go guys) proved we could Ascend!

A fantastic and interesting story, my book shelf is full of books on this subject as I prove what has to be proof itself! He fathered 6 daughters but 1 died very young. But these girls went out and produced children and the DNA was passed down.

Now , this was not the only way it was bought to our civilization. I took a group to Chavin in the Andes mountains in Peru last August to do some work for Akhy. What a story that would make. Chavin dates around the 1200BC but who knows if this a correct date? But let us carry on.

Go to fullsize image 

Here Akhenaten was also helping to bring in the new DNA. He was a priest at this monument where teleportation was known by the priests. Each year the priests came out with babies and presented them to the families to raise as their own, then be presented with new young girls to be taken back into the temples and raised.

The priests would take the girls hands and lead them up to the doorway as shown here, and take them through to another frequency. Now if ever you visit this monument, ask the guides why the corridors behind this entrance all lead to dead ends! Oh, their explaination, this was where the fodder was kept, like a barn!!!! Oh dear, I tried to stay serious and not say anything. Then why is under the umbrella of UNESCO and protected if it was just a barn!!!!

The girls were raised and taught the ancient mysteries just like in Egypt, and treated with the utmost respect. They grew to love the priests and only when they were ready, prepared to become "incubaters' and produce the babies to bring in the new DNA via the priests different DNA.

Remember we have 2; one from the mother and father and one via the mother. The priests and the girls were over time bringing in the new DNA. Each year, the priests would go 'out' into the 3rd dimensional illusion and give the girls babies to their grand parents and they would rear them bringing to themselves great honour.

Now, when the girl decided enough, she then Ascended with the aid of the priests and so a great gift was given to the world as we know it today.

Then along comes Jesus, born from the immaculate conception (remember Akhenaten and Nefitit neither had sexual genetalia??? Yes, another story) He proved beyond doubt that we are now able to ascend.

These are just two instances I know of and been told there are more.  Over time, this DNA was passed down from generation to generation from mother to daughter. Their gift of life will help us fulfill the prophecy or our Ascension as our bodies are already encoded to do this!  

Now, all we have to do is activate it and the key to this is so is called LOVE.

When in the state of unconditional love, our aura field expands and affects everyone around us. It also can be called the merkaba field, it is NOT given by another, at a cost of a monetary exchange. It is given freely from the act of love, the love of a mother and father (making LOVE) so go now and love all, including your enemy as all are creations of "GOD!"

No more and no less. All because many thousands of years ago, a soul decided to take the call and start the anchoring of the DNA. So, am I forgiven for being angry at another who says they can "sell you the key to Ascension".

If the key is to get you to understand about it then they are stating not what I believe is so. They cannot do anything to help you, as remember, everything we need for this Ascension we are ALREADY going though is in us. They can only remind you of this.

May the blessings of the all knowing be granted to you all.

Blessings as I AM THAT



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