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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

March 2010 Posts


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The Earths axis has shifted

Friday, March 19th 2010 @ 12:00 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3795 times

Hi Again

Do you receive the Herald newspaper? If not then I would like to share something. Over the past few years I have talked about the axis of the earth will shift gradually and not suddenly like in Lemuria and Atlantian times, I have had this proven to me so many times in my travels.

Well, have you also noticed the earth is going through massive shifts lately? Earthquakes, mud slides, more earthquakes...the weather is going crazy. All of these are having a marked affect on our planet. Can we blame HAARP?

Haiti stopped the rotation of the earth for 1.76 milliseconds and the time stopped also! Now, that I question as I feel it is a hell of a lot more that 1.76 milliseconds!!!!! My days are now too short and I just cannot catch up with my work.

Now, being serious, if this is fact, and it is, then if this is also fact that it has happened quite a few times lately, and that the air ports need to change their coordinates more frequently now so their planes don't over shoot the runway!

What do you think is happening? Yes, the Earth is going through major changes and this time we are in control of it. It will be gradual and slowly, so hang on to your hats folks. We are in for one hell of a ride.

Rejoice in life and enjoy what we have as times well change. We are in for a change of "life as we know it". We are not going to self destruct. Come on, why would God create such a beautiful planet as we have to destroy it!

If you do not believe in God, then why would man destroy it! Are we not awakening to the laws of nature. Enough of us working to create the shifts that are needed! Hell, I am off to work on the water wheel in Tibet, then I now find out, I am going to Niagara Falls....when will my work ever end! I have been to all major waterways, lakes and so on, in the past 10 years. Akhenaten leads me on a merry chase.

Have a fantatsic month. Laugh and rejoice in life itself as it is what we have come to experience. We are co-creators of our illusion. We are responsible and can blame no one except ourselves. So, come dance with me and sing the song of the Waratah and the Eagle!

I am going to bed. Sleep seems to evade me at nights and time is also. See you in dream time.

....Thought. Buy a compass and stick it to the corner of your home and watch what happens!

Love you



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Our MInds are Creating Faster Now

Thursday, March 18th 2010 @ 9:45 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1677 times

Thought of the month:  March 2010

Hi folks

Last month I talked about the mind being so powerful and creating our thought form. Have you noticed that it is becoming faster now in creating our illusion? I see this more so myself.

We have this fancy TV, expensive, yes, with all the bells and whistles that men talk about! Where did simplicity go?  I needed to book in to learn how to use the machine and so never really watch TV  due to this. How I cursed the thing....I should have being saying to myself, to learn how to understand the workings of it. BUT then how can I when even my poor husband shakes his head in dismay.

I also have been looking at buying a new video camera as I am off over seas again and wished to have one that is easier to use and be able to download onto my computer and "burn' my own DVD's!

Well, last week my thoughts became the reality.

I went out for 1/2 an hour to then decide to go to the bank. I was "told" not to, but to go home for a cuppa! Since when did ones guide say go home for a cuppa! Nay. I am going to go and do what I have to do, to find myself not driving past the letter box but up my drive. Oh well, might as well have that cuppa now.

I walked into my home to see it was like a tornado had hit town. Every draw was tipped out into a heap in the middle of the floor! Wardrobes, even the mattrace was over turned! My heart sunk. No wonder they wonted me to go home. 

Well  need I say my husbands TV and my camera were stolen, along with his camera! Nothing else of value. A ring and a few trinkets, but what was of EXTREME value...was never seen sitting in full view on my desk! Or the Koha money in the lounge, the night before I realised I had not put this item away.

They said they would look after it for me and they did. Even the Koha money for food for the food bank that I collect from my Monday night meditation group. In full they do look after us. They do help us and guide us. And yes, my thoughts are very quick in creating the new reality...we will be getting a better TV that I will be able to operate. I get my new video and Garry his camera. I also get that ring I never wore. My thoughts were created.  

If this is correct, then here goes...I do not want this extra weight that has attached to my hips, I do not want this weight that some one gave to me. I now ask it be removed and hallo... my Elle MacPherson body I lost will be replaced. ( mind you 3 weeks in Tibet at 5200m, I am sure this will also be created for me so can I add that my bowels will work normally and my head well feel light and wonderful. I will have all the oxygen I need and the laughter as we 4WD to the back of beyond. The Intrepid of all Intrepid journeys! My mind is seeing us all having a hoot of a time as we sleep under the stars beside Lake Manasarover as Iifinally complete this second contract I signed for!

Roll on the new one. Oh Yea! I get home and 2 days later head to New York to attend Szuson Wongs wedding and have some fun. Then  back over to Thailand for a holiday and celebrate my 60th birthday and that I am still alive to have a drink and toast the Masters we work with.

Yes, I know, send me a Psychiatrist! I need help....( said that last month and even THAT was created. She booked in for a session with me. Now, that is scary!  

Blessings to you, as I am that.


Gail, Blessings


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The Electromagnetic field...comedy of errors

Monday, March 1st 2010 @ 10:27 PM (1 ratings)    post viewed 1916 times

Hi Folks

Nostrodamus did state in the 1500's to watch the sky for signs! Well, I have got the message now, loud and clear!

Have you noticed the moon lately. The energies are amazing. I have taken photos of it and they show one minute the moon is normal size and the next, double in size! Another is a violet purple light radiates from the side of it that is so beautiful. I wallow in its divine energy. But it is an energy and what a powerful one it is!

The latest full moon sure has been playing up with us. It is fast becoming a joke amongst my friends.

I did something to the vacuum cleaner and now it won't suck. My digital recorder just will not work in my Monday night meditation group. This computer still has a mind of its own. But I think Saturday night takes the cake.

We attended the IMAX movie 'Avatar'.... 17 of us from my group. We settled into our seats and on came the 'shorts'. Next the beeper sounded, a fire alarm. But we were told to stay seated! I wondered if I was going to be experiencing a past life again, but at least not tied to a stake this time!!!!!

That emergancy went away, so 10 minutes later the film was started. Ah, 20 minutes into it, the screen went blank, we got the sound, but hey, this is 3D in the IMAX theatre.....5 minutes later we were asked to leave....the projector over heated!!!!! We got our $20 back along with a free entry pass.

Decided a meal and then all back to our home and watch a DVD on our projector. All settled in our chairs to find ther porjector would not work! Oh dear, so in the dark with the fairy lights on, we decided we were meant to talk. They left and the projector started up!

Another earthquake in Chile, as remember that Mother Earth is also affected by the gravity of the moon. So it appears we are surely heading into a time frame of our immediate Ascension!

Well, mediation group tonight, (19 in total) once again saw my tape machine pack up witht the energies that came to us, what a night!

I think I will go and clear some emails and crawl into bed....and pray I fall into a peaceful slumber and dream of fairies and angels.

Good night.



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