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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

April 2010 Posts


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Water Wheels and Chakras of the World

Friday, April 2nd 2010 @ 6:33 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 4470 times

Dr Emoto came out to visit New Zealand a few years ago and his lecture was well worth the drive down to Wellington to hear him speak and drive back the next day. This water crystal is a crystal created by his years of research, that if one take s a photos of a drop of water, freeze it, then take this drop and thaw it for only a second, then the crystal made is of such beauty it is amazing. It is the Crystal for LOVE.

Go to fullsize imageThis droplet is called "Hitler" see how deformed it is? if you wish to learn more on this amazing work, go and surf the web and learn, it will blow your mind.

On the 24th of this month I leave to go overseas but again, to do my spiritual work. I am being lead on a merry chase, visiting all the major rivers, lakes etc and doing "my work" there. in 9 months I visited the Amazon, the Nile, Yangtze  and the Yellow Rivers. LakeTiticaca and now Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. I wondered why I am doing this, I know I have to go, and yet why! A friend asked me this question the other day and the answer popped out of my is so simple.

If prayer is a thought form, then we can make changes. Dr Emoto took a group to the Niagara Falls and did some samples there. The crystals were deformed and not beautiful. He then lead the group into prayer and prayed over the water, then tested it again.The difference was amazing. So beautiful, the changes made were astounding.

Now, if we all did this imagine what the world would be like! Better maybe? Water is so important to life. We are on an average, 80% water. ( well some are more than others.. and I sure am if I forget to pop my pills every day!!!! cant say Gail am a bag of wind....but a wobbly fat water bag! ) So, if we are such a high water content and Dr Emotos theory is correct, then no wonder I and others are visiting the major water fields of the world. The source of the Ganges.. I look back and think " Hell, I  have been everywhere man"....

Did you know that Lake Roroaira is  the Water Wheel Chakra of the world? I take the water  from this amzing Lake and take the water to all the major places in the world and do a prayer there. I dribble the water in it and then take some water back down to Taupo and walk up to the lake and do the same there. Why, I am not sure of the reason, but spirit did say, that " we are water , and so water is the body of the ONENESS of all that there is." If life is an illusion than what we are doing is helping to make this world "Heaven on earth" what I do affects you the reader just as what you do affects me.

What God created is the reality and everything else is the illusion. Well, I might be lock up material, who knows but I do no harm and having a hell of a good time doing it....even if a bloody poor one in fact!

So April I will take a group to hook into the lake also into Mt Kailash which is the 7th Crown Chakra of the World. I then in May go to not only Szuson Wongs wedding but go to visit the Niagara  Falls and do my bit there. Home then  well I have deserved a rest so off to Thailand...See me end of June eh!

Book in for an "Life between Lives' as i need to start manifesting money for Egypt next year????

The list of the chakras follows.Tthey come from the book by Simon Peter Fuller " Rising out of Chaos...the New heaven & the new earth'....I have visited all the ones in bold. A few to go.....

Chakras fo the World.

1. Mt Shasta, USA

2. Lake Titicaca, Peru

3. Uluru. Australia

4. Glastonbury, UK

5. Pyramids, Mt Sinai ,Egypt ( also air Spinner wheel)

6. This is the mobile Aeon activator of no fixed location, but currently over   Glastonbury.England.

7.Mt Kailash, Tibet 

Gunung Agung, Bali.....planetary Blood Filter

Palenque, Mexico, Harmonic Convergence

Mt Fuji, japan, Sacred site of Immortality

Mt. Haleakaa, Maui,Hawaii, Fire Spinner wheel

Tongariro, Taupo,               &nbs p;   Water spinner Wheel

Table Mountain               &n bsp;        Earth Spinner Wheel  

Pyramids             &nb sp;                & nbsp;  Air Spinner wheel

Gate 13 Zagorsk, Russia, feeds the glasnost directly along the Dragon line.

( this list is copyright to Robert Coon, Glastonbury.)

So water plays a graet part in our lives, no only as without water we would not survive, but more than, Think of my group and I on the Lake Manasarovar and connecting to Mty Kailash  on the night of the  12-18th May as there is not distance. everything is ONE. So enjoy OUR experience with us.

May you be havimg a great easter break as i am....resting for what is to come.

Love and many heartfelt blessings

Gail...Goddess fo the Wind!!!!! ( yes, my family say i am but not a bag of water but hot air!!!!!! Signing off this Gemini....before i get thrown off.


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Blog Entry

Thought of the Month.... June 2010

Friday, April 2nd 2010 @ 5:28 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2030 times

Go to fullsize image

Yes, where did that time go? I have now  clocked up 14 international flights to 7 countries. Come home for a week to clear up the back log and then on another journey this time to Hong Kong and Phuket for a much needed holiday with my man.

Tibet.....well, what can anybody say! The country sure makes one come home and realise we live in paradise. The povety and hardship we felt over the 2 weeks, is what the poeple suffer every day! We stayed in guests houses that one had to visit to believe! To see the views that blew our minds in some areas, yet made us also realise that in the South Island we also have such beauty. We learnt about the history and lives of the poeple and now the "piece of porceline' in the littlest room in the house is the best seat ever! Have you ever experienced squating in an open "sheep pen" when the wind picks up ones "pee' and turns it into instant snow to then float back onto yourself! Yes, we laugh about it now.

But all jokes aside, the experience has made lasting impressions on most of us.It has made us more aware of how priviledged we are in NZ, to be able to express our beliefs, to have a warm home with power and hot water. To have food on the tabel and a car to jump into to run down to the local shopsif we run out ( and not have to walk for a few hours or beg).

Well I ever return? Who knows. But within 48 hours I was back at the airport to attend Szuson Wongs wedding ( past editor and owner of the magazine IN TOUCH) It was held in Lenox, and what romance, what utter luxury as I was housed watered and pampered in a mansion of a home, feed the finest foods and a bed that one sunk into with out the cloud of dust we had in Tibet. It was the complete opposite. 

Szuson looked absolutely stunning. The wedding was romantic and the first part was a Shaman ceremony that ran shivers down my spin.( they have invited me back over to teach me and take me to placers i need to go, at no cost) The wind picked up, the birds for miles sang their song and the 'vision I had" I will never forget. ( 3 others I taked to also saw it!) the blessings from the Angelic Realmes, ET's, the Ascended Masters, every nationality from every nation here and afar! All above us and the energy rotated and then spread to all corners of planet Earth.We all answered the call,  the carrot being Szusons wedding. But hell, what we experienced I will nwever forget that is for sure. 

We are in amazing times. We are all working hard and fast as we hurtle faster and faster towards our time of massive change, we call the Ascension.I  KNOW life is an illusion, as how did I get to do 7 countries in 4 weeks on NZ$1868.00 I had to my name! Yes, life sure is an illyusion so I am now creating laughter, gailty and good luck surrounded by friends and family.What about you?????

May the blessings of all that there is be forever at your side. May the 4 winds bring you glad tidings and health. May we all rejoice in life itself and living in such wealth as we do now.   

Blessings to you, as I am that.




Gail, Blessings


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