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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

September 2011 Posts


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What is the Fifth Dimension?

Sunday, September 25th 2011 @ 6:36 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2142 times

People ask what is the Fifth Dimension and how will the next "end of cycle" happen? So let us try first and give my ideas on the matter, my truth and what I believe. What is my truth does not nessessarly mean everyone else believes in the same thing, but that is the choice we all are allowed to make. What we believe or disbelieve.

The Fifth Dimesnion in my opinion is a state of consciousenss, that a Soul is constantly trying to reach, just like Buddha who left a good life in a royal palace to find enlightenment, later on finding out after many, many years, it was already with himself!

The Third Dimension is dense and a heavier energy and the more evolved we become as a soup the more enlightened we become, the higher the level.

In each level there are frequencies, just like the octave on the piano keys. Between each level (odd numbers) but there is an even level, like the 4th, 6th, 8th etc, like into the darkness and back into the light.

Cycles in a cycle... so we live in the third dimension and many of us are constantly searching for the key to unlock the next stage of our souls evolution, back to the source.

The Fifth Dimension as stated in the Keys of Enoch, say it is like "the next garment of light that our matter-enegy bodies" enter. It is also stated, Three dimensional humanity will be transposed into the fifth dimension upon completing its education in this realm of "image and similitude"....

As more and more of us are "awakening to our spiritual selves", the lighter this planet becomes. One day, as it is prophesised, it will be like Mother Earth becomes the radio receiver, and the Creator will just touch the switch that changes the station from heavy rock music to something quite beautiful.

Some will carry on as if nothing has happened and chaos well reign like we wish to not even experience. And the others who live life in love and compassion of all Gods creation, will also carry on but on a parallel road that will mean we are more in ONENESS with each other, peace and harmony lives hand in hand....and so it shall be.

One day, we will be walking down the road in chaos, and the next, people will have dissapeared and we walk on a new path that is lighter and a far nicer place to live in.

Believe me, I have had this experience on how easy it will be now three times. The first I went into shock "I have killed myself" to now enjoying the experience and finding it harder to come back to this frequency and live, do the work I contracted myself to do this life span and so it shall be.

The only key one must watch for, is that one must now be constantly in that energy field that can only be created in LOVE. The Merkaba field is created by this thought form, so, make peace with yourself and allow your love to overflow to all that is around you. Then, and when our Creator decides, only then we will be ready for the end of times as we know it and it is exciting!

Peace and love be your constant companions.



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Thursday, September 15th 2011 @ 7:07 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1852 times

Debra Laxon is joining me in Egypt. To fundraise I will be supporting this amazing lady who does readings New Zealand wide, as she creates her abundance for her spiritual journey back home and reconnecting to Isis's energy.

I also will be "working with my collective" in support and assure you a fun, informative pampering night. The restaurant Debs has chosen is magical, the food is excellent and don't we all sometimes need to splash out and have a good night out with friends? Or come along and make new ones....

There is a limited number and everyone will get a reading from Debs and myself (and I am a reluctant reader, sooner play with the minds) ....The last time we did, we had a sell out , so we have decided time to start up again and create some fun in our, dont hesitate....come and join Debs and I for a great night out. No rugby, no kids, no cooking or dishes....

We are also happy to come and do a private group in your own home, POT LUCK DINNER and readings, or whatever you either of us if you wish for more information. 

WHERE: Secret Thai  Garden Restaurant, 25 Station Road, Otahuhu

WHEN: Thursday 20th October

TIME: 6.30pm

PRICE: $65.00 per person, (includes 3 course meal and a brief cosmic / psychic / medium consultation)

CONTACT: Please phone Debs - 09 577 1097 or 027 416 4955 

or Gail 09 535 4065 by the 10th October 2011 to secure your seat.

Limited Seats.

see you there...


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Thought of the month : September 2011

Thursday, September 15th 2011 @ 6:46 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2115 times

Here it is already the middle of the month and each month I seem to be further behind than ever. It is like time has started its own race without asking us if that was okay! All of a sudden we are now only 44 days before we take off to Egypt and counting down. There just is not enough hours in my day any more!!!!

Recently an email was delivered to my computer stating that on the 25th September, a planetary alignment was going to see major upheavals in our lives. It showed videos of this alignment and so on, and like, what the hell. Let us rob our bank accounts and go party up large!

After reading this email, one could be quite excused for going into absolute fear! Fear is an energy and we know energy creates our illusion. We also know that planetary alignments create a magnetic pull on Earth…look at the tides etc. And our weather patterns sure are changing.

I believe that we are going through an amazing time and it is up to us to stay positive and do the best we can to get through each day! Do not go into the anger, the tiredness or “why bother’ mode, but keep moving forward one step at a time.

I believe with all of my heart and soul, we are going through an end of a massive, major end of cycle NOW! Not next year, (Dec 2012)…but now! The only key to this shift is staying in unconditional love. And recently I am being constantly bombarded with calls from folk who are near on ready to “move to the other side”!!!!! They have had enough, too hard, why bother etc!!!!! 

To clean a house in the spring, one removes all the draws, cupboards etc. and empties them into the middle of the floor creating one hell of a mess. Then one throws out that which is no longer needed and so it is with our lives now. It is time to clean up our mess and become organised. Ready? 

The Masters can only watch and see what we do. This is exam time! We have done the hard lessons and now the test is to see if and what we have learnt! So what were we to learn?

Everything we need to know is within us. Not from another etc. but already part of us. We were set up to be successful and so we shall succeed in this life time… ascend. 

So what is this ascension word thingy? What does it mean! Well, our DNA was anchored into our bodies over time, by higher beings who came down to anchor this into the female race. From child to child…..and only the females.

Next to set us up by bringing the “Mystery Schools’ to us and we not having to travel to Egypt or India to learn the lost wisdom. Teachers chose to come down and teach this, to help us remember. Now we are at a time to see what we have learnt and what we have taken on board. But it makes no difference in a way as each one of us is programmed to be successful.

As I have quoted many times, Sai Baba said to me “ Go within or go without”… start meditating folks. Go within and remember who you are…. one hell of a neat human being, being.

So it is, so shall it be.



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