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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

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Egypt in November 2011

Monday, November 28th 2011 @ 6:13 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1998 times

 EGYPT……JORDAN …..ISRAEL....11:11:11


The idea to be in Egypt on the 11:11:11 was by instruction by my Collective whom I work for and with. Many a person tried to stop us from going, and many a person booked in to then cancel due to the unrest in Egypt.

To those who pulled out due to fear, I wish to say, if life is an illusion then one makes the illusion they wish! Hence I wished to go to Egypti n perfect peace with the perfect group and experience the perfect tour! All I did and much more.

I am now home safely and look back in wonder of the most amazing experiences we all had in some way or another, and never once did we ever feel unsafe or sorry we went. The fear family friends and the media tried to install in us, weeded out those who were not meant to go, and I do so hope and pray one day they do go to experience the most amazing 3 countries we visited.

Egypt is going through changes like all countries, and yes, we did have armed Police and many tanks around the Giza plateau on the 11th but no riots etc and never once did we experience any anger in any shape or form. Times are changing and time we stood up and said “enough”….so we honour those in Egypt who are now fighting for their democracy that we in New Zealand experience as we did on the 26th of this month!

We arrived in Egypt in peace and the people are so amazing I wish some of us in New Zealand could learn by their example! What they are going through in these times, one needs to admire and yes, there are those who are out to cause trouble! What is new in this crazy world? So, throughout our 18 days tour from Alexandria to Abu Simbel south of Aswan, never did we see anything we would be threatened by.

We started in Alexandria as this was a journey of self discovery. Way back in the times of the ancient mystery schools , the initiates started from the beginning, the base Chakra, which resides in Adu Dis, near Cairo.  Here we connected to the primal energy of ourselves, man, the Adam Kadman……and started the re encoding of our of blueprint. As we are a crystal, just being in the area was enough….as those who joined me were those who had heard the Souls command! Thought Intention is all that matters….and the thought was to reconnect. As asked so it was so. From there we bussed up to Alexandria to visit the library ( once again closed) but to also see the Lighthouse area etc. back to Cairo and then overnight train south to Aswan. The next day off to Abu Simbel at 3am in the morning to be on a straight road to experience the sun rise and do a Katakia by a very dear Maori friend , bringing tears to our eyes…

Abu Simbel is the 2nd Chakra, the Hara, and here amongst the tall majestic pillars in the temple of the  Pharaoh, Ramses II ( 1279 -1213 BC).these temples were built  by Ramses dedicated to the sun gods Amon-Re and Re-Horakhte. Here, on the 22th Feb and 22nd October every year, the first rays of the sun shine through the entire length of the temples…..the power of the sun and wonder as went  along, how the Sun always played a major part in the initiations along the path as it meanders along the banks of the river Nile…..the same affect is also at New Grange in Ireland and no doubt many other sacred sights around the world!  We connected to the sun as we meditated beside the shores of Lake Nasser , and we reconnected back to the Source of all.

We drove back to board our floating hotel, on our luxurious Nile Cruise ship, “M/S Royal Esadora..” as we start to cruise back down the Nile to stop off and more temples along the way. That is another story… join me on my next part……

Gail Nicholls


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Thought of the month: December 2011

Monday, November 28th 2011 @ 4:06 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2024 times

Hi Folks

Egypt, Jordan and Israel are now in the past, and I have been home for 2 days. The past month seems only a dream now already!

Did we actually stand in the Sphinx enclosure and Kings Chamber for a total of 2 hours each, or sing with two other groups in the "Church" high in the hills of Petra? Did we cover oursleves in mud at the Dead Sea and walk in the foot steps of the Biblical history of Jesus!

In the past month we ( a group of 25 ) have experienced and learnt so much, met the most amazing people and eaten our way around the 3 countries, come home to now sit back and try to remember every detail, every sight and sound and eagerly await our "Spit and Dribble" next year.

Here we get together and reminisce and swap photos, videos and hugs as over the past 28 days the bond made on a spiritual level, we are now!

There is something about being able to share ones emotions and joys with another stranger, to know we are safe in the knowing our outbursts of both sadness and joy are just so! To wander around the museum in Jerusleum and see the way the Jewish folk were treated in the war brought home how precious peace in this world MUST be worked on as never do we wish to experience such atrocities ever again. 

Therefore the highlight of my experience has to be when some of us hiked up the hill to visit a "Church" ( replica of the pink Library in Petra"), to stand in awe of such a place and be followed by 2 other groups, to then start singing "Amazing Grace" as ONE, followed by a Maori Hymn and then the others started singing their own songs....quite a concert. But to then form a cirle and hold hands with perfect strangers and unite in song brought many a tear of pure bliss to our eyes as we ended the experience with hugs to folk from many countries, who happened to all come together in the one place and the same time and connect! Then leave with only a few photos of us as we stand with our newly-made stranger friends, ...this is what I believe is the way of the future where no language, country or religion, will separate us from each other. We will all connect in the HEART!

On this note, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. May your God bring you good health, happiness and all that you need, to lead a good and happy life.

Blessings and best wishes.


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