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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

January 2012 Posts


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Egypt... part four

Wednesday, January 18th 2012 @ 3:40 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2904 times

Dendara and Abydos Temples.

Back on the mighty coach with our bags to start day 10 of our spiritual journey. My favorite part of Egypt is around here and onto Asyut and El Menya.

First stop was at the Temple of Dendara. This main temple, namely Hathor Temple was historically, called the Temple of Tentyra, has been modified on the same site starting as far back as the Middle Kingdom, was dedicated to Hathor, and is one of the best preserved temples in all Egypt.

In 1999, on my first visit to Dendara, I lost my group as I meditated on the roof! A Temple guardian saw me and asked I follow him so thinking we were heading to my group I did.

He took me down some stairs and stood in front of a huge gate, pulled out a ring of keys and ushered me in. He pointed to the ceiling, and I could not believe my eyes, as I saw the most amazing, rich Lapis Lazuli picture of the Zodiac, in full detail and color, adorned the ceiling!!!!

It was something out of this world, the beauty of it. He smiled at me, and in a bit of a shock, I took off and found my group! A friend asked where I had been and so I told her what I had just been shown. She asked our Egyptologist were the group going to see it! “Of course’….and so off we went retracing my steps.

Once again the gate was opened up, but things seemed different! On entering the room, I was absolutely shocked, it was blackened with soot and NOT as I had seen it only a few moments ago! The temple keeper smiled at me, as if a secret to be kept!

To this day, every time I return I go back to the area and I have NEVER seen it again! I was taken through a window of time to see the full beauty of the  Astrology Chart and I have copied a picture of what is in the Museum in Paris, (Musée du Louvre, Paris) and not as beautiful as the one I saw!!!!

The accepted date for the Zodiac is 50 BC, since it shows the stars and planets in the positions they would have been seen at that date. Such a beautiful temple and so outside we did a meditation to anchor in Hathors loving energy and go into the time and space, having to leave long before we were ready! BUT, we needed to move on and visit the Abydos Temple.

Abydos is another of my favorite temples because I can show some “skeptics” the hieroglyphics high up in the ceiling of the main hall! (See at the beginning of the article) This Temple was built at the beginning of the reign of the Pharaoh Seti I around 1318 – 1304BC.

It was completed by his son Ramses II ( 1304 – 1238BC) and it was part of Seti's attempt to consolidate the Ramses dynasty after the losses under Akhenaten. By identifying himself with the great gods and previous rulers of Egypt, Seti added legitimacy to a ruling family that had been mere warriors just a few generations ago. It is considered one of the most Holy of all temples in Egypt.

Once again we were allowed to go out the back, where it is not open to the general public but were allowed to go down and see the Flower of Life that is on the side of the pillars of the Osirion. Here we meditated and enjoyed the peace and quiet, once again anchoring in the energies of such a magnificent temple! Here it is said that it connects one to the god, Osiris, who is from the under world!

The Osirion was originally built at a considerably lower level than the foundations of the Temple of Seti. There is disagreement as to its true age, despite the fact that it is situated at a lower depth than the structures nearby, and it features a very different architectural approach, and flooded with water which would have made carving it impossible had the water level been the same at the time of construction.

I feel myself that this temple was actually built before the end of the last cycle, therefore flooded due to the shifting of the River Nile to its present day course! Remember, before that shift, Egypt was fertile and lush with amazing sub tropical vegetation. The Nile ran in front of the Sphinx and now it is no longer! The White desert used to be a sea bed! This is fact and the Egyptologists agree, so why not believe this was pre the shift! (because it would discredit their Muslim religion!). We also had some downloads done inside theTemple as the Suns rays beamed down through strategic vents in the ceiling! Whow is all I can say with that experience! Oh dear, time to move on as a long drive awaits us!

Yes, time to drive to our floating hotel, an ex cruise ship now a floating Hotel….quite basic but best Ali could do as we are now on the trail that is not usually taken by tourists! But we were no ordinary group! What a day!

We all fell into our 'cabins’ for a much needed rest to allow the energies from the days down loads to filter into our sub consciousness. Tomorrow we head to my belovered Tel al Menya! So, "Good night" till the next part of our magical spiritual journey of enlightment.


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EGYPT... part three

Wednesday, January 11th 2012 @ 9:42 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2427 times

Apologies as time seems to have gone so fast that it seemed not so long ago we who went to Egypt said we are going to Egypt THIS YEAR!!!!! So time is speeding by and now we say ‘we went to Egypt last year!” And what a trip.

The Nile cruise ship is like any cruise, laid back and being able to unpack our suitcases for the next 3 nights as we sailed down the Nile heading north. We had visited the amazing temples Kom Omba and Edfu and now time to enter the Esna lock as we carry onto Luxor, birthing alongside the mighty Luxor Temple in the wee early hours of morning.

It was an early rise at 5.30am as it gets very hot Valley of the Kings, known as the West Bank. Our air conditioned coach had followed us down the Nile so we were spared the donkey ride into the valley.

Here all burials took place, and was known as the domain of Osiris, called Khentamenti. Apart from Akhenatens time.The elaborate tombs were carved deep into the rock and we all went into our own directions to explore 3 tombs of our choice. Now, no guides are allowed inside, so we visited 3 Tombs. The art work on the sides, telling the stories of the person who was entombed in the chamber, was amazing after all of these years. The first picture is of one of the tombs and taken from internet as no cameras allowing inside.

Then onto the valley of the Queens which in a way was quite a let down after the Kings! We did the usual touristy stuff, like seeing the mighty Colossi of Memmon and view Hatshepsuts Temple own as Deir al-Bahri.

She was the 5th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, and one of a handful of female rulers in ancient Egypt, and the longest, a total of 14 years.  All templed out we drove back to our 5* cruise ship to dress up in our costumes and dance the night away….tired! Nagh!!!!!! Exhausted more like it. Today we had work done on our 3rd Chakra, the Solar plexus which relates to the processing and functions of life and death.

Next morning we packed our bags and disembarked to go and visit the amazing KarnakTemplethat was begun by Pharaoh Ramses II, ca 1391 – 1351 BC. This is the largest of the precincts of the temple complex, and is dedicated to Amun-Re, the chief deity of the Theban Triad. There are several colossal statues including the figure of Pinedjem I which is 10.5 meters tall. The sandstone for this temple, including all the columns, was transported from Gebel Silsila 100 miles south on the Nile river. It also has one of the largest obelisks weighing 328 tones and standing 29 meters tall. which slowly the group started to look at and wonder HOW they actually built these amazingTemples!

We had a private entry into the weeTemple out the back, SekmetsTemple. She was the daughter of the sun god Re and the wife of Ptah. The head of the lioness and body of a woman suggesting she had great force and power and with a dangerous nature. ....a great protector of the people.

We spent some time in there in the quietness of the silence and had an amazing experience in her presence. A powerful place we were lucky to visit. (at a cost of course!) .Here we worked on our Heart Chakra to activate the blood crystals through us going from common light to living light. But, time to move on and visit the other famous temple, Luxor.

Luxor Temple was founded in 1400BC and expanded in 1250BC. Arriving at sunset, the sight took our breath away. This is the best time to visit, less crowded and cooler. We were once again looked after and a special part of the temple was closed off so we could meditate and anchor in the mighty energy into our bodies. It only takes a minute but the stillness of the area was truly amazing and the photos we got of orbs!. (but we were getting them everywhere we went!) .

Tired and ready for a shower we were driven to our hotel…. and boy, an amazing surprise. More treats as we walked into our 5* Steigenberger Palace Hotel…. such luxuries Ali had surprised us with. Who could sleep? Time to do some shopping meditation....

What a day and some of us fell into bed exhausted around midnight! We can always catch up on our sleep in the coach! Another amazing day.

And we are now onto the 5th chakra activation to experience the next day as we head off to my favorite temple of all, Abydos! So, may I not be so late in the next installment.

In the meantime, "Dreams are a reality not yet manifested, so go and be that co creator that you are"......think I had better move along, so tell next installemnt....take care and laugh.



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Life Between LIves....a regression into the other side.

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012 @ 8:54 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1948 times

A Holistic Living Special Offer for you...


Have you read any of Michael Newtons books and wondered if you could have the same experience?

I was trained as a Hypnotherapist in 1993 and I loved the modality so much, I found it actually had better healing results than my naturopathic modality! And so I went and trained with the Michael Newton Institute and never looked back.

I am now full on with the sessions that folk are amazed at and wonder if it is for real! Being a skeptic and an analytical person myself I fully understand and yet proven it beyound doubt, one can experience  the reality that it surely is! It is life changing, healing and most folk say "Whow!!!!!! 

May I though suggest this "playing around with ones mind" not be taken lightly and if you choose to not come to me, then please go to a registered and fully trained therapist! I have had to work on therapists who while training, got "stuffed up in the training"....

For example, a lady for giving up smoking was a client during the training and the "therapist' suggested everytime she smoked a cigarette she would feel nauseous!!!!! Well, she was constantly feeling sick as she smoked on and not realising what suggestion had been planted into her subconscious mind! That is one of many case histories I can quote!!!!!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and I do promote it fully 100% but with a trained therapist. I have the years experience behind me and so I am pretty successful in getting one to the other side! Even a client who I call "not from this world" and their brain function so unique and different to ours, we both had a most amazing experience, quite unique!!!!!

I will never forget it (or the headache afterwards!) But would not trade that for one i saw "their life between lives".....and they became Psychic!!!!!

Only one problem is if one has dabbled in drugs,( not Doctors prescriptions), but Cocaine etc. then this will be a hurdle I cannot guarantee we can jump over! If only folk knew the damage one does with the partaking of so called "social drugs".....It is like putting water into your cars petrol tank!!!!

As you are reading this I am offering you a discount for January and February, for only a limited number of appointments due to the time involved (one client per day).

So allow yourself the experience of what it is like to "go into spirit world".

I have 15 years experience in Hypnotherapy and the clients that are making this investment in my unique way I work, wish they had had it years ago. One lady said it was the best value for money she had experienced. You have the experience and not the "reader" telling you. Your own Super Conscious knows exactly what is needed to clear and experience and this is the most powerful ever. Many like to repeat it and get more! So, what do you get....

  • Experience past childhood experiences
  • Into mothers womb
  • Past lives into the death scene
  • Spirit world to communicate with the Council and soul groups
  • Plus more......

This very empowering approximate 4-5 hour session will allow you to see who and what you are. Why you are here etc. A CD of your session will be given along with some basic notes.

Come and see me now.

Usually the life-changing investment is $395.00 but MENTION this WEBSITE and it's $195.00 for the 4-5 hour session.

This time and cost can be reduced if you are able to go into a meditative state faster. (Price can be discussed e.g.. $50 per hour).

Appointments are necessary, so Call/Email me now to make an appointment for you.

"What an experience! I really got a lot from this. My questions were answered. Great understanding and healing brought to the present from past lives. The Council ... wow... such insight, such help. I was left with a quiet confidence and trust in the path ahead. What really made this whole experience complete was Gail’s ability to be right there with me, intuitively guiding, making it a truly personal and unique experience. I highly recommend this with Gail Nicholls.”
AH, Wgtn

 "Thank you so much Gail. My LBL session was a true turning point along the path as I embraced a ' next level ' experience. I now have a deeper insight and understanding into the how's, the why's and the purpose of my life today. I sense an awakening of aspects within myself that allow me to feel strong, focused and empowered. I felt relaxed and safe as you guided me to the All Knowing and would describe the LBL experience as a powerful, inspiring and magical appointment with who you really are.”
TH, Wgtn

"Thanks so much for the wonderful LBL you did with me. What came through was totally amazing and you are so professional in the way that you presented it. Every part of it was totally mind boggling and I feel privileged that you came to my home to do it. I took note of the council and have been sending love into the universe regularly. Lots of love."
Angie. XXXXX 13/11/2009

 "Thanks for sending the CD's.I have listened to them all again and are still amazed & gobsmacked as to what came through. You are doing a wonderful job helping so many people in this way. Many thanks and enjoy your holiday. I have been sending lots of love into the universe. Lots of love."
Angie. 24/11/2009


NZ$195.00 for the 5 hour session!!!

I am also happy to travel, if you have a group of friends and organise the sessions, you get a Great discount or a free session depending on the numbers.

Email for more information. I have travelled to Australia, Christchurch and other areas, so think about it!


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A New Year, a New Beginning.

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012 @ 7:46 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2517 times

Happy New Year Everybody

So, the 11:11:11 date has been and gone and some are asking me what was supposed to happen!!!!! Nothing…… so, I am sorry folks. Yes, 25 folk travelled with me to be inside the Kings Chamber for that date, and some were expecting to Ascend!

Lucky for me I listened to Spirit and so made our departure from Cairo on the 13th at lunchtime, which sure saved “my bacon”. If we all listen to that inner voice would not life be simpler! I listened and so made it we leave Cairo on the 13th. And so as the plateau was closed to all public on the 11th (as spirit told me would happen, which sure stressed me out no end ) ... to find on the 11th, the authorities closed the whole plateau down! Why you ask?

My agent Ali told me that in 1931, the Jewish folk from Israel had booked the WHOLE of that area…. and were expecting to Ascend! They turned up and demanded the contract to be kept. An argument followed as the Egyptians did not want any Jewish folk near the Pyramids (????) and so they closed it to all of us. (a long story sorry)

At 8am on the 11th, Ali  took me up to the plateau which was surrounded by tanks, army personal and police. Also many an angry Tour Leaders adding to the chaos that surrounded me. One from England was leaving to return home that night and so they missed the experience along with many others.

Now, as I have learnt to listen, our group was well looked after. Ali cashed in a favour he did for the “man holding the authority of who goes in and when etc." I was given the option of going in the next day for the hour each inside the Sphinx enclosure and pyramid orrrrrrrrrrrr…… on the 13th we could go in at 4-6am to spend 2 hours inside the Sphinx and then into the Pyramid from 6-8am for our private entry! At US$5000.00 for the original 2 hours, I was asked for a small payment of US$300 to cover the extra security which I can assure you I paid toot sweet!

Sunrise between the paws of the Sphinx was magical….( the key was to hold the right paw), to come out of the meditation to see the sun on top of the head of the Sphinx with the moon in the distance.

We quietly then moved around to the Pyramid and entered for our 2 hours. We started off the final initiation by opening up our heart chakra in the Queens Chamber, then up to the Kings Chamber to do toning and meditation. Some also got to visit the lower level, we call the “Pit”…..which was a real treat for some.

At 8am we returned back to the entrance to view a new day and womble back to Mena House for the scrumptious breakfast and leave at lunch time for the long bus trip to Saint Katherine’s. A 5 hour drive to spend quietly rebalancing in the privacy of our own 50-seater coach….to arrive in Sinai to start our new experience.

Many folk expected that on the 11th November 2011 we would have the opportunity to Ascend into the 5th Dimension. I believe that we are Ascending RIGHT NOW! Slowly this time, no sudden jolt like the past as the earth erupted and the whole map of planet earth changed in 20 hours.

Lake Titicaca, the highest salt lake in the world was once a port! Egypt was once sub tropical… the Earth changed overnight! BUT, I believe this time we are all doing the shift slowly and taking control. Small earth shifts are happening.

Look at Christchurch, Japan, Thailand etc.… floods, earthquakes, fires…..all natural disasters are purging Mother Earth and making us wake up…. But remember “As Above, So Below” “as without so also within”!

I feel everything is within us…we are the masters of our own Universe, and so what one thinks one creates. What one sows, so reaps. So, what illusion are YOU going to create this coming year….a year where once again folk are looking at the calendar and thinking, “what is going to happen December 2012!” You are an essence of the Creator, so create!!!!

Sorry folks, don’t look to God or any other so called spiritual teacher or being, as YOU ARE THE TEACHER AND STUDENT, so co-create and be at peace within yourself. All is as it should be.

Blessings and all the very best for this new magical year


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