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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

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Thought of the Month...August 2012

Wednesday, August 8th 2012 @ 12:57 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2189 times

Hi Everyone

I am now back from the most beautiful country ever visited... Alaska. A replica of our own but so much more vast, where the weather smiled on us every day. Now home and rugged up with the heater on so from 32 degrees to this low of what, 10 degrees!!!!! But this is home.

When I was 6 years old and the memory of that first lesson given to me from spirit regarding being so cold, to build the fire in my mind….and is still vivid in my mind even today, I have come home now with a full understanding of that whole dream. In my searching over the years, I can now say I've been home to Alaska, and reconnected back to one of my pasts.

I remembered sitting on the bare snow on a gentle slope of a mountain, wrapped up in a red blanket with a little white and black motif along the hems….no other shelter from the blistering wind and snow flurries….yet I survived the cold wintery night as I remembered the power of my mind and built the fire within!

Over the past 4 weeks, I asked many a native person what this meant and on the very last day we visited a Cultural Centre and I asked the young man there… ”it was the highest gift to the village medicine man, a red rug and made by the villagers themselves “… so it appears the memories I have brought back are all to do with where I am today!

It is so nice to remember some good past life times as I do know I have had a few I do not wish to repeat... and only one I remember to laugh is the madam of a Gentleman’s Club! I am not too sure why I should remember that one, I well surely ask the Council on my return home.

Next week I fly to Sydney to attend a conference and writers workshop so that I can start writing my books and finish two I started so many years ago. Hope it motivates and guides me onto my next phase in my life. In each one of us there is a story waiting to be told. Some of us need to share these stories and some do not! They are here to TALK or just BE!

I also now know it is time I got more into doing these “Life Between Lives” sessions with folk. They do open one up to a higher understanding of themselves that is for sure. The last client I had, his council wished to channel through myself, so I agreed. Goobledegoop later, a linguistic has told my client I was speaking in the tongue of his guide. This language is no longer spoken in that country, just like we are also adding words and evolve… does language. Now, that sure as hell scares me a little if I can allow myself to go into the void to that level and speak in a tongue not common and yet I can not speak or type in my own English language, how do they expect me to write these books????? TRUST.

I decided to use this mirror image of a mountain, so common a vision in past 4 weeks. One mirrors the other to look real and so alike. What is the real picture, turn it up side down and still the same picture…the mirror image becomes the real picture….only 1 thing differs from the other. The mirror image shows an iceberg in the water, and so in this wee picture is a lesson for us. Everything is beautiful and we are a mirror image to what is around us. The only difference is WHO WE ARE….WE ARE THE ICEBERG.

So, go through life knowing you are the mirror image of everything you see, with one slightly tiny difference…..the ice berg adds to the picture and makes it more beautiful. So be the person you truly wish to be and mirror all that is around you, in the beauty it is seen.

May you all be well and rejoicing in life that is so full of excitement around you. Rejoice in who you are.

So be it till next month…take care and God Bless,



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