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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

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Thought of the Month.....November 2012

Wednesday, October 31st 2012 @ 8:50 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2028 times

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know perfect peace." Jimi Hendrix.

I love this saying, how true. One sees this power struggle all around us, whether it is the Council, Government, to even right down to the inner family core I hate to say.

Many folk keep telling me December is near on upon us and ones wonders after reading in the paper the devastation being dealt to America by Sandy! And yes, all part of a prediction by our friend Nostrodamas as he also said “watch the sky for signs". So what would he mean by this statement we might ask? Many a person has come up with ideas, some quite full of gloom and doom.

We hear of climate changes and nuclear meltdowns but what we seldom read about is all the good news that is in circulation. But then, that does not make the news as it is not got the 'wow factor’. For some reason we humans like to be glued to the TV and watch peoples lives being devastated, like I am hearing regarding Sandy. But do we ever hear one sitting also glued to the TV to see the miracle of life, or someone who has overcome cancer! No, that does not make good news or reading.

Our thought forms are so powerful and should be, in my opinion, a subject taught in all schools. I proved this years ago with a 12 year old girl who got 3% in her math’s test. The principal told me to just teach her what a 10 cent piece looked like etc! I was disgusted and so suggested that if the same girl at the end of the next term under my guidance got 80% in the same test, could I take her to lunch! He laughed and said go ahead, she was “backward"…. how I love a challenge to prove ones mind is all powerful.

At the end of the following term, the same test was placed in front of her. I will not waste time, but say proudly she got 83% and maybe because I kept telling her she COULD do it, she was NOT stupid etc and taught her maths in another way suitable to her way of thinking.

Oh, the sweet taste in my mouth as I placed her papers on the principals desk. As she also had no friends I said for her waiting a week (not convenient to take her to lunch) she could choose one friend to join us! So for a week, she had so many friends and her self esteem rose even higher.

A year later her mother bumped into me in the supermarket with her daughter and the grateful thanks made me realize even more, that what one thinks and also comes out of ones mouth, DOES make a difference.

Dr Emoto also has proved this also correct with his amazing water crystals and the power of the mind. Yes, we sure have a lot to learn yet, and to be honest, it all comes down to our thought form.

So as we sit and watch the devastation of many disasters around our beautiful planet, think of what thoughts you are sending out. Think about this, if you were so powerful you could make a difference just like the Shaman from past had to learn and also in Egypt to name a few of the sacred mystery schools teachings, it is time for us to remember who we have been, who we are today and where we are heading tomorrow.

I just love taking people through the Michael Newton process of finding out who they are and where they are going. Yet to have anybody prove I am wrong. Because of this great life changing experience that has saved marriages and friendships, family problems etc.

I now have decided to keep the fee for this 5 hour enlightenment process to a more manageable price of $195.00. But actually, it all comes down to one thing. LOVE …….. have a great month and see you again in December.



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Are we Blind?

Tuesday, October 9th 2012 @ 10:51 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1558 times

This video only takes a minute to watch but the message is amazing. Can you put the message into your life by just changing something so simple to make a world of difference? Sometimes we cannot see the forest because of the trees!

Sometimes all it takes is a change of heart. By changing the words from "I can't" to "I can" etc. can switch your whole life around.

Try it! I dare you.


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