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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

December 2012 Posts


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Blessings for Christmas

Monday, December 24th 2012 @ 5:26 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1810 times

No doubt you may be like me running around like a headless Turkey gobbling away as "run out of time, too much to do and forgot to get a gift for someone".

During all of this fuss we tend to forget the story of Christmas, the birth of an Ascended Master (Sananda) to bring teachings to us and remind us to think of others etc. Jesus Christ is just one of many prophets sent to us to teach us humanity and compassion etc and so to we Christians it is our special time to remember also.

Recently I was talking to a friend and found she had had 1/2 cup of rice for her meal, as nothing else in the cupboards. Another friend worrying about how she was going to pay her mortgage and so many people I am hearing who are struggling ...why is this?

Is it because of karma or just bad luck! Who knows but what is important is to give thanks for the blessings we do have, and pray for those who are living in fear, poverty or in a war zone to name a few.To do what ever WE can to help these folk.

I myself have the money to go and buy a new outfit to wear on our special day, food in my fridge and some gifts under the tree this year.I am truly blessed I have family who love me and I them, and my daughter is preparing her FIRST Christmas lunch for us in her own home. Yes, many blessings have been granted our way.

Over the year I have been able to deposit a lot of money into the City Missions food bank account, and to help in some small way to those in need. Who knows what is around our corner as it could be one day I am in a mess and finaincially no money to even buy a chicken! I have another friend who was once wealthy and now struggles to make ends meet and so I type this "Blog" in remembereance for all of my wonderful blessings that includes wonderful friends. 

I did not "ascend" on the 21st or was it meant to be on the 23rd? O dear, all those folks who wondered what was going to happen.....well friends it is happening NOW and has been since 1992 if I am correct. 20 years to learn and experience many lessons and one was to be compassionate and caring about others and too love those who send ill thoughts my way, to learn forgiveness. To share my wealth as it is in the giving one receives and my meditation group sure have made a few empty tummies this year feel a little bit more comfortable and in return I have made some amazing friends who join me on a Monday night.

I could write endless blessings I have received so tonight I will go to the local Church and sing, pray and rejoice in life and be grateful I did not ascend... as I am learning so much. Are you?

Looking back on 2012 many unrest areas on earth, shootings of innocent children, yes, we did not ascend as we are not learning. So let us make a start in 2013 to start creating the Fifth Dimension by being a more caring planet and helping each other.

I ask the Divine Creator to grant you all peace and goodwill, health and happiness and may you never experience anything you cannot handle.Yes, the ascension did not happen but we are in the throes of it.....and we still have a wee way to go yet before we reach that point of our Souls experience to be able to graduate from this frequency as rememebr it is NOT what car you drive, house you live in but what you do with your heart. Remember the three monkies

"See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil"....and we will then LIVE.

Many heartfelt blessings and many thanks for reading my blogs.....why not join me and write YOUR feelings and ideas we can all make a huge difference if we all joined hands and live in harmony.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year


If you are alone, phone me on (09) 535 4065 and if I do not answer leave a message and I promise to return your call.






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Thought of the Month…… December 2012

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 @ 4:21 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1611 times

So another year draws to a close as we move ever so close to “that date” so many people question me on! So, what do YOU think is going to happen? Why are so many people like, living life as in the last throws of their existence and holding their breath waiting for THAT time of our evolution when the earth shifts its axis and we are spun into a whole new arena of existence?

Oh dear, so many faces looking up into the heavens asking, wondering and maybe in a little bit of fear or excitement, waiting, waiting and still waiting for an unknown bus to come and take them to who knows where?

Yes, times sure are extremely exciting now more than ever as we who are sensitive to the shifting in energies are being spun out in all directions.

Those who are not are lucky enough to carry on their day oblivious the shifting of the frequencies as the earth changes polarity this time around, slowly over the 20 years we are in the Photon Belt.

Past Earth changes, the shift in polarity of Earth was done in 20 hours and life forms were snap frozen that in the past few years have been slowly melting from their icy grave. Bison snap frozen that the tropical food in their stomach was still good enough to eat! Trees that stand as silent reminder of times gone by when the earth shifted polarity and here we are again 26,000 years later, experiencing it all again, but this time it is different.

WE ARE in control of this shift and so the process is gentle and so far going to the plan that Sirius setup to save us from self destruction. What we do affects them as we spiral as a double helix in space together, like dancing ribbons of sparkling energy. Enough of us are working to bring the change in consciousness to the planet we call home, and with our minds we are succeeding to shift the poles in a more gentler way, and survive.

These pole shifts are there to see if one travels to Kona in Hawaii, as seismologist have proven this to be a fact. Every 26,000 years the magnetic energy shifts from positive to negative (North / South Pole) and has done so many times in the past. But this time we are in more control then ever. Every thought is energy, and if enough of us are aware of our thoughts, we can move mountains. We did this in the past (built structures like the Pyramid, and remember people today who find amazing strength to lift cars off people trapped in a car accident).

So if our thought forms can make a difference, it is more so important now more than ever. We need to be in a constant state of peace and meditate on world peace. As we head ever closer to this shift more and more unrest well eventuate and create havoc, this is to make people sit up and take notice and decide what side of the fence they wish to walk on? That of peace and harmony or in constant fear and unrest! All up to each individual one of us now to create what WE want in life.

My picture states that the road between friends is never long, and how our friends are becoming more important to us as each month drifts ever so quicker to a time when we will be in a different frequency or vibration,  just like the instant change in station on the radio will become our reality.

Spirit has given me a taste of this shift three times, so please do not fear the shift as some surely will. Go with the flow and experience something amazing and KNOW you are not alone. It is now so important to decide where you stand and what path you wish to walk. Will that be in peace and humanity, caring and loving or on another path that is wild and in anger along with fear and in disharmony. Those in that field will see more and more anger and war-like events….as we will be surely be weeded out.

As the shift happens, one will think they have “died" but on looking one will see the aura around the plants and trees. It will be like we have taken off dirty glasses and now everything is so crystal clear. We see the true beauty that truly is Mother Earth. So use this Christmas to spread your wealth with those who have nothing. Spread your joy of life with those in depression. Share your friendship with those alone and see how amazing it will make YOU feel on this road to a newer way of living.

In the meantime have a joyful and happy Christmas and New Year and we will communicate with you in January.

Till then, so it shall be,

God Bless



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