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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

June 2013 Posts


Thought of the Month
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Thought of the Month for July 2013

Sunday, June 30th 2013 @ 5:45 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2179 times

The past month seems to have passed us by even faster than the month before. I was given a book to read by a friend seeing as I am taking a group to Mexico, that really makes me wonder about time. It is about the Mayas and their date system. The book is called “Mystery of the Ancients, Early Spacemen and the Mayas”, written by Eric and Craig Umland, put out by Panther books with no date etc. when it was written. What I am reading, I am hoping to get answers when we are in Mexico doing a tour with a Maya Priest, as all the hype of the Earths ending in 2012 going by the Maya calendar, sure is going to make an excellent discussion with Miguel…and see what he teaches us.

Could this book be correct in saying many eons ago, a space craft crashed into Earth and the people at that time had information far beyond our comprehension and understanding. They talk about time in groups of 20 …example…

20 kin (days)    equal       1 uninal       ( month)

18 unials           equals     1 tun            ( 360 days) 

further down to ..

20 calabtum      equals     1 kinchiltun (  1,152,000,000 days )

20 kinchiltun     equals     1 alautun     (23,040,000,000 days )

(if you wish for the complate list, email me

In other words, the primitive agricultural Amerind people measured time in units larger than 23,000,000,000 days! Not bad for a primitive people to have worked out long before those scientists long ago worked out there were 365 days in a year using astrology and planetary star systems! Makes us today saying time is speeding up think, do you not reckon?

They also say time is part of our illusion, and I am starting to believe this is correct more and more, but just need to understand it a little more for this analytical mind. When sitting listening to something so beautiful like music, we get caught up in a void of no time and next minute time has sped by and the concert is finished. Compare this to sitting in a dentists chair for 30 minutes seems like eternity! Time drags while waiting for a late train that never seems to arrive yet floating down a river in the stillness of nothingness of no sound with just the rivers gentle lapping against the sides of ones boat turns one into a dream like state of pure relaxation that the boat ride comes to an end long before we are ready to come back to the reality of our world that runs to time schedules and the clock!

So why did the Maya need to make time in so many millions of years,  a planet so many light years away and so on! The 12/ 2012 date of what some thought would be the end of time and here it is July 2013, and we still playing this game called life! Yes, time to think about time and treat each day as if it is the last day in our lives and enjoy each day as it comes. Time to make life as best we can so at the end of the day we look back over the day and smile. I thank God I am in MY TIME frame and not the Maya time of billions of years! sit back and put my feet up and try and get a “handle” on this concept, wondering why the ancient people way back in time felt the need to create a calendar where time was say in 2001AD to the Mayas they would write it as 501 years….. Now, all of you mathematicians, try and work out what 1212 comes to and does this make a difference to us having many years still to go to get back to this point that was in the Maya past! I think I will go and make a cup of tea, put my feet up and carry on reading this book! Have a great month and in 35 days time we leave for Sedona and Mexico… I better start packing now as time sure is speeding up faster each day and soon be TIME to fly off to get to know more about this amazing people we know as the Maya who still live in their past time zone…! Yes, life sure is interesting.

Take care and keep warm,


PS. Last month they predicted a milder winter! I have never been so cold!!!!! So even the weather man cannot predict eh!     


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Thought of the month of June

Saturday, June 1st 2013 @ 11:39 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2272 times

Winter is on its way and I heard on the news this morning they are predicting a milder winter for us. It seems like only a week or so ago I was still wearing my summer clothes and now the temperature has dropped the memory of the dry burnt grass, lying brown in the fields no longer a reality! Did it actually get so hot and dry that we were in a drought? So quickly we soon forget and move along in this illusion we call life. We read in the papers, the tornado that ripped though America and more to come…the devastation and 80,000 people without power. Their lives turned upside down so quickly without any warning. In Wellington, houses slipped down the bank and the owners only had 2 minutes to collect their belongings! It made me think….

What would I do if in a split second my home was demolished or I was given 2 minutes to get the most important thing I own! My cats I suppose would be the first thing I would worry about, but what then! I realized that nothing is important in life except that which is with life! My cat sits here at the computer and playing with a stone, actually annoying me as I will not play with her. She is like my child, what would I do if a tornado passed my door and Chasca was taken from me! If I felt like that over a cat how would it be if it was a child?

Disasters seem to make us stop and think about life in general, and realize how extremely lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country such as we do. It is green and not a desert, where we have freedom of speech and food on our tables. To be able to share life with friends and know if we go out at night we are safe, and be able to drive to where ever we wish to go and not have to carry a gun in the dashboard glovebox knowing we will not be ambushed, robbed or hit by a missile or bomb!

So, if life is an illusion then why would those people choose such an experience I then ask? Who knows, but I do know that when we “die and go home” we are debriefed and we analyze how we reacted, did we have sympathy and compassion for those who were caught up in such atrocities, or help those who needed a helping hand. We look at our life experience and then realize maybe we could have helped more, done our bit to ease someone else’s suffering, and then believe me, maybe decide to come back to this illusion and play the game a different way until we learn. Then we Ascend to a higher level of a life experience. Yes, people laugh at this, but that is okay because at the end of the day one looks in the mirror and realizes that the only person who judges us is ourselves! And man, are we hard on ourselves! We then come back into another life (reincarnate) and start all over again.

So next time you are walking past someone begging for a dollar, reach into your pockets and give a $5 note in gratitude that you have it in the first place. Yes, I practice what I preach. Money I earn goes to the Auckland City Mission or on my work to help mankind in another way. But those who attend my meditation group are the angels, not me, as they give to this fund…..but what I earn never goes into my own pocket and I tell you, my abundance runneth over! Does yours?

I am not perfect but do my best to help where I can and I think tomorrow I will go into my wardrobe and have a good sort out! I don’t need all of these clothes. I will then sort out “stuff” I don’t use and phone up the Salvation Army to collect it so that someone else can use it, like sheets, duvet covers, towels no longer in the right shade…anything…and if tomorrow, God help me, a tornado runs through my house, at least I will not have too much to clean up or cry over as it lies ruined! Yes, time to spring clean now and not wait for September when I usually start!  Have a wonderful month, enjoy and get out and walk the paths in the forest and smell the pure fresh air we have in NZ. Walk along the beach that is not too polluted or just sit at a café and drink coffee lattes and watch the world go by knowing we are safe and able to walk out and pay the bill! Yes, life is good.

Till next month, keep safe and smile at a perfect stranger each day, see what reaction you get?



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A video to watch and learn heaps from

Saturday, June 1st 2013 @ 6:01 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1968 times

This video is something that if you have a spare 25 minutes is well worth watching. It is a hive of information and please watch to the a movie advert that is the crutch to the video.

It has a lot of information about sound, and the key to our ascending to a higher level of consciousness is all about LOVE! nothing more or less.





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Blog Entry event to be seen at!

Saturday, June 1st 2013 @ 12:38 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1645 times

With expos that are indicative to those seeking alternative choices or different options to healing, health and wellness, this is your opportunity to inspire change.

Our focus is on attracting exhibitors who will allow us to present visitors with a well rounded expo that offers a balance of health and wellness opportunities for the unique you.

Join us in show casing your products or modalities as together we inspire others to a better quality of life. Sites are now available.
Are you ready for the challenge? We are!

Wellington  17th and 18th August at the Te Rauparaha Arena

Auckland 5th and 6th October at the Vodafone Events Centre (TelstraClear Manukau )

Phone us on 09 2336880 / 09 236 8070
or visit  .
Our new website will be launched next week

I well be giving a presentation on "Life between Lives" to explain about life on the other side, what we truely are, why are we here etc.

This presentation well be held at 11:00am on the Sunday  and all present at my resentation well go into a draw to win a session worth $295.00. It is a 4- 5 hour session, and all copied for you onto a CD (3) to listen to as after a few days, one forgets. It is extremely empowering, ...inlcudes in the mothers womb to find out why you choose the family, 2 past lives and a meeting with the council followed by whatever YOU would like to experience. healing, met up with a past over family member or friend, information on something you are researching, the sky is the limit.

Discount vouchers also well be in a give away "Goddie Bay".....or come and see my on stand 35, please keep me to see you there as also many optehr exciting speakers, stands and information....

So you there.

In lak'ech



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