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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

February 2014 Posts


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Melchizedek Method

Friday, February 21st 2014 @ 7:46 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1629 times

Melchizedek  Method

Level One and Two.

 Starts on Friday 21st 6 – 9pm

This is to start the activation of a higher frequency into your body and explanation of the  workshop.

Free attendance tonight,

 Saturday and Sunday 22th / 23th March. =- 9am – 6pm

 This amazing workshop that well change your way of thinking and life, working through a 168 page manual and meditations along with my expertise on understanding this work, covers such areas as also

*Manifesting your abundance

*The power of YOUR mind.

*Self healing.

*Meetings with the Masters.

... Plus so much more....

 Done thru mediations that last from 6 minutes to 45 minutes.

Anyone can attend as this workshop works with the level of you personally, as the Masters are the teachers, and I create the safe environment and support, to explain and teach what I knew from the age of 6.I have been teaching this amazing workshop since 1999

 Qualified Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and registered with the Michael Newton Institute as a “LIFE BETWEEN LIVES” therapist.

Costs only $195 if pre booked.

Attend Friday night no charge and book then, $235.00


Organize your own group of 6-8 or more and  attend for ½ price ( 6)  or for free.(8)

Some references.... of many I receice from the participants whoa ttend this life changing powerful workshop that gives YOU tools to live life to the full in what ever area YOU desire.

"Cheers to a lovely lady and a weekend w'shop that went far beyond my expectation. Without you on the previous session together-with the w'shop  I certainly would not have met up with Lord Sananda. In summery what I gained from the w'shop and the previous session with you is priceless." Gavin.

"I am travelling well and feeling good - a little tired but after all that teleporting and hard work it was worth it!!! THANK YOU for making it such a great workshop with a great sense of safety and holding the space to make sure there are no negative energies and that everyone managed to process what they experienced! You are truly gifted with spirit's divine guidance!  I cannot wait to finish doing the rest of the CDs especially the manifesting abundance "  B.R.


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Healing the Sacred Hoop

Friday, February 21st 2014 @ 7:25 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1484 times

Healing the Sacred Hoop @ Kawai Purapura
Residential Retreat 21st-23rd of March

"Our Indigenous Nations have always looked ahead to the coming faces, our 7 generations coming. it is our duty as natural humans, to provide and put together a plan and consider ceremony, culture, land base, strong community as a basis for their arrival.

We have all contributed in some way to the pollution, and disharmony of our Earth Mother.

Now is the time to re-connect to our brothers and sisters to share and help manifest a beautiful future. The Original Instructions given to us all by Creator must be shared in a good way
.'' Gail Whitlow

Sweat Lodge:  There will be a mixed Sweat on the Friday

Two Circles Celebrating Medicine Wheel Teachings, Prayers and Purification Practices:

The Women’s Circle: Join a group led by Turtle Island Grandmother Gail Whitlow, Mohawk: Together we will share stories, visions and prophecies. Make prayer bundles together and learn of their uses.

The Men’s Circle: Join a group  led by Ruben Saufkie, Hopi and Gil Aguilera, Apache. In the Tipee we will explore the warrior archetype share tribal tales and ways of the Hopi and Apache.

 Gail Whitlow is a Healer, Sundancer, Pipe Carrier and educator in traditional Medicine . She runs the Ancestral Voices healing center in six nations reserve inOntario,Canada.

Gil Aguilera is a Sundancer, Pipe Carrier and member of the Tokala Warrior Society.

Ruben Saufkie is a Hopi Dancer from the “Patkiwunga” Water Clan.( Wwe visited this beautiful Soul in August 2013, the friendship and sharing of this day was absolutly priceless. An honour to be in his home. 

Cost: $380 includes meals (accommodation by arrangement )

All Enquiries to:

Stephanie at

Or phone her on    027 248 8893    


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Thought of the Month of Feb 2014

Monday, February 3rd 2014 @ 10:16 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1561 times

What a beautiful day today (3rd) and the beginning of a new year for most of us. Holidays are over, school is back and time to get into a new year with enthusiasm and excitement. It appears to be common amongst us that this year is going to be so much better than last! On reflection we all went though some sort of crisis or shift in some form or another. I know myself, the past 5 months have pushed me into many life changes, making decisions and looking at myself in the mirror and decided “where do I go from here?”.

My husband and I along with some friends attended a presentation last week. It was given by some amazingly motivated young man, with a good sense of humor and the gift of the gab! It started off showing a video of his achievements as a master of his body, dodging thrown knifes bullets etc. while standing on a stool on one foot! You could see he had mastered how to use his mind to work with his body! Then he talked and showed some simple and widely known examples of how the mind works end by then saying only a few seats left in his weekend workshop. Little change from $3000.00 would be expected and so hurry and join me! Sad to say neither one of us 4 rushed to hand over our hard earned cash.

Some of us need to attend such workshops to be reminded that our minds are powerful. They have the money and the more they pay the better it has to be, right? And if he charged only, say $100, people might think he can’t be that good! On TV the other night,  a world known artist sat on the pavement and sold some of his art work. People walked past he must be no good to be selling on the pavement. One young girl saw his art and so stopped and talked to him, finding him fascinating and quite a genuine person. So she bought two for US$60.00 each, and another gentleman got 2 for $60.00! She went home and hung them. She loved them and they looked great on her wall. One day a friend visited her and admired the paintings, and asked who did them! She told him the artists name and how much she paid for them! Her friend knew of this artist and so felt she had been coned, so he showed her a picture of this artist on her internet and she said “That’s him”! Later on she had the paintings valued.....and her face dropped, they were in the 6 digit range EACH!!!!!! Seemingly the artist was doing a survey for fun.

How many people believed him when they saw his name on the paintings and he said he was famous, but at $30, they had to be NO GOOD! I also known a famous violin concert artist, busked in a London underground and stopped to enjoy his magical music or  give him any money! Yet the same people would pay mega bucks to attend his concert!!!! Once outside the station, people questioned them, and some faces showed the shock on there faces!!!!! Here he played for free and they took no notice! Yes, we humans are a strange  breed!

How our minds work! It appears so in all areas and walks of life. If you own heaps of money you have to be a good citizen! (go and see “Wolf of Wall Street” movie!) Are the people going to attend this persons weekend workshop going to get value for money! Depends on the person .....but $3000 worth, I doubt it. I would attend for maybe $600.00 just to see what he would pass onto me to help me better myself in life! He promised a better sex life, WHOW! Was he offering his services? He offered me a SLIM body  “that’s easy he said”.... so means I can carry on eating ice cream and chocolate along with no exercise! Too bad about our DNA!

Everything we need in life is all ready programmed within us! We are not dumb, we know we need to slim and so forgo that ice cream on such a hot day! A better sex life, now, my mind boggles on that one! I have proven beyond doubt that we have every program within US to make changes. Just change ones thought form....but I am happy with both my life and weight! I have a man I love, good friends and a nice home and family surrounded by fantastic friends who accept me for who I am. What is the most important thing in life? LOVE. Now, the presenter would LOVE your $3000 in his pocket, but just think the fun we could have on that money, and LOVE the experience of a holiday with you partner, buying some new furniture or giving it to a child in need! LOVE.....yes, I love LOVE and so sorry folks, I must be a terrible therapist and teacher as I charge what I am happy with......a weekend workshop ( Melchizedek Method) for $200 or a session a lot less than another. But come and visit me in my nice 392sq metre home with my BMW Z3 parked in the garage (I got for a steal!).....yes, I use my mind to create....and with the will of God and my contract I came into this life to experience, I AM IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE, NO OTHER....

So, hope this makes you think.... go out and create.... this ability is freely given to us on birth.   And if you do have too much you need to give away, attend my workshop and give the balance to charity! Yep, that SURE gives one an experience that nothing else can help.The look on a childs face as he spoons in his first meal in days! Forget the ice cream and donate it to the City Mission or the Sallies! Yep, we are the Masters of our Universe.

Love you all, and may the blessings of abundance follow you daily.



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