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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

July 2014 Posts


Thought of the Month
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A Thought for the Month of July 2014

Monday, July 14th 2014 @ 4:06 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2988 times

Recently we have been experiencing the most amazing winter here in Auckland, even if the rain still comes periodically like it is today and forecasted for the whole week! Here I am sitting in the comfort of my warm study, with my pampered cat Chasca on her chair beside me wrapped up in her blanket, and I start to think.....

Have you ever sat back and thought over your whole life? How it started and where you are today! I do, many times and at the moment I look outside my window, heavy rain drops making a soothing sound outside as the raindrops create their own magical sound. Inside my room, I am warm and toasty, Chasca purring away, every so often a paw comes out from under her rug to touch me and remind me she loves me..... unconditionally. Her belly full with veal and a plate of biscuits by her water bowl if she should get a little bit peckish! How we are both pampered princesses. (Yes, Chasca means "Incan Goddess for pampered princesses")

I read in this morning's Herald ( 30/6/2014) that "Sin City" known as Las Vegas, is in danger of running dry as drought hits.... their elaborate water fountains are using so much water and yet Lake Mead, America's largest reservoir, is slowly being drained. The story comes under a big heading and picture, taking up nearly ½ a page. Nowhere in the paper does it mention countries that have no water, as well as no food and housing. Is this the level we as humans have reached?

To be more concerned in this sort of news and not that of around the world atrocities are taking place! But while we sit in the comforts of our warm home with food and water close at hand, bury our heads in the sands of ignorance and hope that nasty story of a couple in Bangladesh being hacked to death due to their love and other grilling stories to unbelievable to spend even 1 minute to even think about?

Yes, karmic, our freedom of choice and so on can come into play! That maybe that Soul CHOSE that experience..... but what is to say that we also in our comfort zone did not also choose to have this life and be in control of making a difference to those in need.

Maybe one day, we will all go to a place like Las Vegas before we incarnate and spin the wheel and pray we win a good life, and not money! So I challenge YOU, to do one good deed a day, to help make a difference to someone! If we all did that, would this world then not be such an amazing place where we all live in harmony and unity. Am I dreaming to even think this day might be just around the corner! Am I asking too much to believe in miracles that Auckland rain be carried by the wind to Africa, the desert of the world where water is needed to drink and not create beautiful water fountains! But to give life! And remember, beautiful is within the eye of the beholder.

Yes, I will do my good deed a day...... so join me. I challenge you, send me your story. I may print it and the best story I will offer a "Life between Lives" session for free.... and, if an out-of-towner, free accommodation with me. So, go and do a good deed NOW!

Today, I sent an invitation to a friend who said how she would love to go fine dining and not be satisfied with McDonald's! What joy that would bring me to do something to make someone smile! I thank whoever, for my abundance and ability to be able to do something to make 1 person smile......  and in return makes my heart do a skip..... and bring a smile to my face!

Try it. Have a fantastic month of July and may your wishes come true.



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Cold remedy.....

Wednesday, July 9th 2014 @ 10:58 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3088 times


Now, this remedy I swear by and had many a person agree with me. It is a product I always have in my cupboard along with the Panadol etc.
COMVITA Cold Clear (Winter Wellness) as it is a natural immune Booster.

2 grams    Olive  ( equiv to fresh leaf extract.)
5 grams    Garlic  (   "          "     bulb     "     )
7.5 mg      Zinc Gluconate
240 mg     Euchinacea purpurea  ( dry root and Rhizone)
21.6mg     Propolis
Tableting aids.

DOSE, Adults take 2 tablets daily

It says do not exceed recommended dose, but I take them and I am also allergic to bee stings and not had a problem.....  if you are PLEASE take 1 or 2 in the first day and see you do not have a reaction.

My recommended Dose:
2 in the first sign off a cold. then 1 every hour or so but no more than 6-8 in first day ( I go on body weight)....Then 1 every meal until symptoms are gone....
The only thing it does not have is Vitamin C.
5 grams a day.......... here a Doctor recommended we ALL take (as he does)......where it was years ago only 50mg a day and then up to 500mg. He now says with the pollution etc we need 5 grams....I agree. I have once prescribed 30 grams a day BUT, please, never go straight to the high dose, but gradual as it will damage your kidneys, and then come down on the doseage slowly. ( same with Vit can bring on a Heart attack like one client near on had as her Doctor prescribed a high dose!!!!! )

Cheapest way to take it is as Ascorbic Acid.
1 tsp = 5 grams. Dissolve in water and PLEASE brush your teeth afterwards as it dissolves the enamel off ones teeth!
Garry and I have not had a cold in ages.My son had a nasty cold, took them and gone in a day......and he has not given me them back! It was also interesting comment from the Doctor that it was found that folk who have the flu every 2 years or so, have a lower level of possible cancer! Maybe the flu is the bodies defense system to eliminate toxins from the body!!!!!
30 cap. = $32.90 so they are not cheap.....but over the years as a Naturopath, I have been to many workshops by other companies etc and all recommended this and that and next thing you have a shopping list.
As time passes we are needing higher and higher doses due to the pollution we inhale, eat and live in every day. Some minerals get through the brain barrier and I wonder if this is also causing the increase in Senile dementia and Alzheimer's. We are living in a toxic world but I also believe our beautiful bodies adapt as evolution progresses just like people can handle junk food.

Blood group
A           Do NOT need meat
B           Decide for them selves
O           Need meat
AB         Can handle junk food.
So, what is the new blood group going to be able to eat! ( this information was taught to us at ND College.)
Well, there ends my wee piece of information....may you NEVER need to take them.

Keep warm and healthy.

Gail Nicholls (ND)


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A video on Roswell and other interesting subjects

Monday, July 7th 2014 @ 2:06 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2518 times

Do you believe that you only live one life or that we are the only ones in this huge Cosmos! That we are intelligent beings, or even in control of our lives?

I was sent this video from a friend in Hawaii and it has some old information in it but also some thought provoking questions.

Yes, I believe we are on the bottom of the "human like" rung of evolution, and so much to learn. I myself have had experiences of visiting such Space crafts that have left me in awe of what yet we do not know! Our technology is so OLD and backwards, that did you know a Company Director in Japan had made a car not run on water, but air! He does not live to pass on this information today as he died unexpectantly and of an unknown cause! Yes, you may wonder what tree I fell out of, but I will pass on a story that is for real and proved to me things happen for no reason and yet for a reason. It happened near on 18 years ago......

Years ago a couple visitied my clinic on a Friday at 10am (NEVER forget this case) and he said he was going to, on the following Monday, advertise the workings of running a car on water! I advised him to stop right there as he would not be safe. Safe from what I wondered!... His wife was so worried and they said they were referred to me as I could help! My only help was not to, as too soon and his life would be in danger! Saturday he phoned me feeling a little ill. Sunday again this time too ill to visit me from the City! That night he phoned in great pain, his head ready to burst. Too late. He was dead on the Monday morning. Yes, we are so backward and I know folk who are running cars on water. I read in the Herald of the Japaness CEO who died after saying he had created a car that ran now on air! Imagine, you are the top BP or Shell Oil Company CEO making millions from us so-called slaves! Your company is in danger of losing control so what would you do if you had no problems removing "the problem"! (this is also true)

HAARP is another organization. I still suffer from radiation burns I received as I made ready to fly 1 hour North to visit a place called "Coldfoot". Yes, I have the beam of radiation on my prove something.... it makes no difference except to myself! I could not have got closer to HAARP in Alaska if I had tried.            

If you are interested in seeing if I am for real or ready to be committed into a mental ward, okay! I do not worry! I like others will speak my truth and say there are things outside the box we have no idea exist as we live in this Illusion, Virtual World or an assummulation as my friend called it! Unfortunatley he died mysteriously (and the medical department would NOT do any tests or an autopsy at the families expense) to see what he died so suddenly of!

Yes, there are things we should leave alone, or do we stand up for OUR belief no matter what it may be, walk our talk and so on! Or do we bury ones head in the sand and hope it will all go away!

My job in this lifetime (as I sure do remember heaps of lifetimes) is to speak my truth and to push people into thinking outside the square and empower themselves, so I will be at the WELLfest in 21st / 22nd September...where I will be talking more on this subject.

We are not alone. We are part of a huge big picture and we all chose to be a player in this game called life! So let us all go and play the game the best we can and enjoy it in the process.....

God Bless


Here is the video you might like to watch....many of them out there.


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"Life Between Lives"

Tuesday, July 1st 2014 @ 10:26 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2578 times

Does Life of the Soul carry on after Death?

Lately I have had many folk asking me this question and what proof do I have? I graduated as a "Life Between Lives" therapist after training under Michael Newtons Institute, (USA) so I have many case histories I could tell you about but due to "code of Confidence", am unable to share them with you.

There has been many a time I have even myself wondered about the client under, and question the authenticity of the session. Not once have I over the years been in a way questioned any case. But I will share what I can and of course change names.....

One person came and said they paid a medium $60 and told they were a very highly evolved reincarnated person with an interesting history. As I know my Egyptology after 8 tours I have taken there, I asked a few questions and she went BLANK. So, yes, we can add to our memories many "stories" we have read etc and then pass them over in the session. The subconscious mind can be desperate to be someone of importance maybe!  And yes also, some folk one cannot get "under" as their minds are too analytical!

Another person, his council was detirmined to talk though myself and not through the have it all in the "guides" language. This happened to be ancient as so even I could not fake it! It was later translated by a mature Language Tutor at a university and all made sense! The information given was very relavant to the client at that time. 

Another client went into a past life and was used as an "incubator" for a child to a person who could not concieve and later killed so as to keep the secret.This lifetime she felt used and abused, to have this presented in their session to then understand why they felt this way in this lifetime! the name she gave was unknown to either of us, but later research proved correct!

All sessions I have had the honour to take clients through have proven we do come back in many lifetimes... I for one was reminded of being a Shaman at the age of 6 years old and NOT ever forgotten. Hence the reason why I travel so much, to learn and experience and therefore sometimes just walking onto an ancient site, spins me into a memory! Also being a trained and registered Hypnotherapist (21 years) , I am able to help anyone in my group whose memory is activated.

So, if this is fact (which I believe 100% is!) then whatever we do in this life, MUST be dealt with in this lifetime or we will surely come back to relive it and get it right. To be kind, considerate, loving etc in this lifetime is also so important now more than ever... as I also believe through taking folk through an LBL and my own intense memories, that there is also lifetime experiences on a higher level that will bring tears to your eyes as the love, peace and harmony at the higher levels are mindblowing and enough to make sure we on this Dimension and frequency, do the best we can now.

Do you have an experience that you wish to share, please add them or pass them to me....I love hearing them.

In the meantime, I have work to do as do not wish to come back and have to redo it!


Gail Nicholls

Oh, last lifetime I was an Aborigine, so off to Uluru later on in the year to retrace my steps...if you wish to know more, email me...will be for a week...and cover Sydneys Janolon will be a small group of 12, and already names are being taken.


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