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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

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Thought For August 2014

Tuesday, August 5th 2014 @ 2:00 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2466 times

August is upon us and to start the month off to find my phone is playing up along with my internet. I hear many folk are also having phone issues.... my Telecom man was running around like a headless chook on Friday, he put in a temporary line and I hear it is still playing up!

It takes me back to around 20+ years ago when I was phoned by a lady, I have no idea who she was, stating I needed to attend a presentation one night! I had a client and so declined. She was extremely adamant I attend, as we did not know each other, yet here she was telling me to attend as spirit asked her to phone me. It was on Astrology, by a gentleman, name now long forgotten, who came over to do this talk. So off I went, along with a few friends thank goodness. The talk was amazing and for me to remember it all, impossible. So over coffee afterwards the 5 of us discussed what this person had to share!

Do you remember the “Pythagoras Theorem”....from college days! I do. I was so excited. What!!! Excited over a math’s theorem? Now, Pythagoras also bought in Numerology....and now Nostrodamus. The talk coincided with Pythagoras etc.....

In the 1500’s, Nostrodamus stated in one of his “readings” that technology would be our downfall but also our saviour!”. Think about this for a minute!

Planes falling from the sky, a prediction by No Eyes, ( Mary Summer Rains guide! Amazing books) stating this! Look at the amount of planes crashing! Today, planes fly on computers, land by computer coordinates.

We also have had it proven that the poles are shifting on earth, the magnetic forces are changing so hence the magnetic energies are affecting computers. And my phone! So if the Earths magnetic poles are shifting from North pole positive to now South Pole positive etc.....this MUST have an affect on all electricals, including phones and this computer!

Now, back to Nostrodamus’s  statement that “technology will be our downfall, also our saviour”... What does he mean then? I feel that this computer, Google etc. all means we are communicating world wide, sharing our knowledge and wisdom, our fears and excitement of the amazing things also happening today! I read my emails and learn so much from everyone’s “blogs” connects me to my spiritual “families” world wide.....and just love SKYPE!.... I read articles on so many amazing things, and so technology sure is working in a positive fashion for us as well. The other week I signed a petition......and so a woman was saved from a certain death by the thousands of signed people world wide and making politicians sit back and think! It has empowered us! (a Moslem lady with 2 children, married and so changed into Christianity!)

So, yes, Nostodamus’s statement was daily I sit down at this machine and communicate.......I learn and watch amazing videos of miracles and beautiful scenes of our beautiful planet! Yes, what would I do if I did not have this technology! And yes, I would not be writing this and you reading it! So, the network of communication strengthens us all to make our voices heard in so many amazing ways!

Think, years ago my father picked up a “Brick Bradford” magazine of a man who landed on the moon and my Grandmother told him not to read such is real. Today we see movies of such amazing technology, crafts that fly on magnetic energy....etc. Will it become our reality in the future? Is this also the 5th Dimensional shift we all read or know so much about! I say.........oh, not for me to say, but you to think for your own answer.

Have a fantastic day and week, month and may all your dreams become your reality!

Namaste, God Bless


PS. From Wikipeadia... intersting they talk about Time machines etc....and that was in 1935!

Brick Bradford was a space opera/adventure story, resembling such comics as Skyroads, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon with its tales of dinosaurs, intergalactic villains, robots and subatomic worlds. By 1935, Brick Bradford's popularity had greatly increased, and it arrived in the Sunday comics sections of major newspapers in 1933, followed by a weekend edition that began November 24, 1934. In France, he was known as "Luc Bradefer" (Luke Ironarm), and was published in many newspapers.

On April 20, 1935, the strip added a time machine, the Time Top, that traveled to both past and future, presaging Doc Wonmug's device in Alley Oop four years later.


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