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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

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Thought for the Month of October 2014

Thursday, October 9th 2014 @ 9:32 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2592 times

Well, we have finally taken the jump off the bridge and our home is now for sale. The first open home was last Sunday and not really advertised, yet around 40-odd folk decided to check our home out! What a response and so it is now, keeping the house tidy and start packing for the move.

20 odd years ago we moved in on Labour weekend and since then accumulated so much “stuff". It is amazing how at the beginning of marriage we have so little and yet survived and made do with what we had. Now, who needs dozens of glasses, 2 dinner sets, 4 lounge suits and so on but this house is 3 times the size! But, the wardrobes bulge with “stuff"....and I realize how we (well, some of us) accumulate over time treasures, nick-nacks once bought while on an overseas trip, gifts...... so much STUFF!

It appears time for myself to look at all this STUFF and start giving it away to some one else who will no doubt get use out of that unused toaster, the glasses, furniture, and so the car loaded with STUFF makes its way back down the drive to the Opp shops, and not a tear. Each load I take or give away I feel lighter, the house is looking happier for it as well!

We have no idea where we are moving to, just going into the trust. But it is in a way, exciting going into the unknown. The thought of packing and shifting does not though and wish I could change this picture into a real man to come and help us! But no one can pack for you as how do they know what you wish to keep or throw out?

It is interesting, as this is also like our lives. We accumulate a lot of information that becomes obsolete, out of date like the little black phone and address book! Our minds become cluttered filled with all sorts of information and so we also need to at times to de-clutter our minds! Do we really need to remember past hurts from family or friends! Do we really need to hang onto that past experience or would it be better to remember the good times when we sat on the cliff overlooking the sea crashing onto the rocks below and the sun dipping down to the waters horizon. Not a sound except the sea and wind.... yes, I will not “delete" that memory as that one I bring up when a little stressed like, “oh my word, all this stuff I have to pack, give away, let people know our new address and so on”.....sends my mind into overload! Time to go into my room, sit down and turn on my soft music, close my eyes and breath back into the serenity that everything has a reason, a time or a place. Time to de-clutter this house and my thoughts and move along into the exciting NEW!

May you also enjoy the most interesting times we call 2014, and give thanks we live in NZ, no war on our doorstep, food and water plentiful, and wealth that only some HUGE percentage in this world can only dream about. Have a super month and may you also de-clutter anything that is no longer needed.... past hurts, that blanket you no longer need and give to some one desperate for warmth. A smile as you pass some one in the street, and trust more importantly, trust in yourself.



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