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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

March 2015 Posts


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Thought for march from Gail Nicholls

Wednesday, March 25th 2015 @ 10:36 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1247 times

Thought of the month:    March 2015

I have used my LOGO as this year I can only say has been a massive shift in Consciousness and no picture I can think of, would show how I feel. It was given to me by spirit and represents many things.

As I feel so connected to Egypt it represents the Pyramids, as above and so below. The above ground is 3rd dimension and represents ourselves today. Who we are and what drives us in this world, this life time and so experience. It is in this area of our consciousness we learn, to be better people and if possible, the meaning of life itself. Each one of us has come to experience a life of hardship or wealth.....great joy or sorrow! We are the masters of this life we create for ourselves on a daily basis.....that creates our tomorrows. You have heard “Mind Over Matter” Mind Creates Matter” true. Some one sees the glass half empty and yet one sitting next to them says “ No , it is half fill’. Same glass but we see things differently.

The “ Purple” pyramid means “as below” and this to me means when we have mastered life we go into a higher vibration, a higher way of thinking and so into a higher level of existence. This year I have decided no more being “down with the worlds “shit” that is happening” as my negative thought does nothing to help this world. BUT the power of the mind knows no boundaries so last night proved this to my their thought can affect another. They could not believe how it worked and so now maybe today they well understand when I say, that your thought (Mind ) creates your daily life so start creating joy peace and harmony. Then work on this sure needs it.

The all seeing eye of God is in the middle...asking They keep an eye on me and as it is on my back            ( Tattooed) I feel now no more “back stabbings”....or any form of attacks. The AUM at the bottom is said to be the silent sound of God so that represents may my thoughts be always pure.......and I know that it does affect others.

The Egyptians knew about Pyramid Energy so this was their last initiation as along the Nile lies many Temples of learning. Each on represented something one needs to overcome. Example Kom Ombo, one had to dive into a pool knowing alligators swam in this pool. The priests told them that they had to find another way out as there was a connecting tunnel at the floor level. Their fear was great, not knowing the alligators were well feed and lazy.....or they would drown if not find the tunnel in time. It was a test of their mind, to not go into the fear and use their mind to swim down and out into the other  pond! Once passed they moved along to the next Initiation temple... Our Temples are now the same but in a different form....our work places, our homes, still the same tests just more modern.

So as you read this, may these typed words bring you prosperity as you deserve it. Good health as how can you enjoy life without it and all that you desire in this amazing experience we call  LIFE!

God Bless



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PERU - BOLIVIA 1-25TH August 2015

Wednesday, March 25th 2015 @ 10:28 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1085 times



But to be fair to myself, I have eben full on organising Florida and a wee job to do for spirit while tyhere, in May and Peru in August has taeken me up so much of my time.

Now..............are you always saying "One day i am going to travel?" But never had a special group to travel with or a buddie? Well, here is your chance. I have a beautiful lady wishingt o  join us but needs a room mate, as singles cost quite a bit more of course.

This trip is going to be so exciting......ande we elave on

1st August 2015 return back 25th at 4am!

Goes like this...Lima - Over flight of the Nazca Lines - Arequipa - Puno ( to visit the star gate, Amaru Muru ) - lake Titicaca - La Paz for a whole day at Tiwanaku, an amazing energy and history site.

Fly then to Cusco - Sacred Valley - overnight at Machu Picchu - then train back to Cusco. then return flight to the Amazon, and back to Lima.

Up to Huaraz to then visit amazing scenery that MIGHT just out do the South islands lake district and to visit Chavin de Huantar....anoetrh wee job for spirit.....but a UNESCO site and an amazing visit....

I well be talking on such areas of spiritual importance and otehr times generally enjoying the journey, having fun and expriencing Peru and learning more on the history etc.

Mostly private tours, 3-4* Hotels, quite a few meals, Planes, trains and! My 4th trip.

Group size is 12.......cost  US$3760.00 plus flight.Pay deposite now and 50% 2 weeks befreo we leave.registration is $500 to cover expenses ( eg. advertising, video of the tour, de "package" that includes many goodies etc.")and rest goes intot he stomach region or tipping! I pay my own way!So join me and a wonderful fun group.We try ot meet befroe and sure meet and do the "Spit and Dtribble" when we return......firends for life, and one lady traveled with me 9 times so need to find a new country next year!

  "Life is to life and enjoy, to experience what this amazing world has to offer. I offer a SMALL group wher we go as friends and strangers and come back family".

Gte in touch with me on (09) 5354065

Come for a me.....and i can introduce you to your room mate. or,

I am open to a couple or 1 room left!

near on booked out in 2 weeks.....just wont 1 more for my single wishing she can go l;ady! Are you her room mate, dont hesitate.LIfe is too short and tomorrow may be too late!.






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