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Gail Nicholls
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Every month there's some issue that pops up and I endeavor to provide answers to peoples pressing questions

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Saturday, January 23rd 2016 @ 1:08 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1279 times



               MELCHIZENDEKK METHOD....levels one and Two

6-9pm    Friday night      4th March 2016

9-5.50pm    Saturday and Sunday   5th / 6th  Marcgh, 2016                  

This amazing workshop FACILITATED BY Anastasia, supported by Gail Nicholls  brings in both levels over 2 1/2 days ( and not 8 ) and covers

  • Changing ones frequency for the ascension process.
  • Clearing and healing               &nb sp;    ( ourselves and others)
  • Manifestation and Abundance    ( and it works!)
  • Bi location and Teleportation     ( great for distant healing )
  • Meeting with the Masters in the Halls of Amenti.
  • Working with Sanada ,Mother Mary, A. Michael, Metatron and Thoth

Plus so much more along with your own guides from the angelic realms etc.

 This workshop is for all, new comers to very advanced as it is done by guided meditations. We will be also sharing with you our own insights and information as we move along at your pace.

What is provided

  • Handouts, pen etc.
  • Tea / coffee / pure water
  • A certificate

 What you need to bring                 ;                &nb sp;                & nbsp;                 ;                &nb sp;                          < /p>

  • Yourself and wear comfortable clothes
  • A light lunch (not shared)               &nb sp;                & nbsp;                 ;       
  • Money in case you would like to purchase the CDs and Workbooks. J            ;                &nb sp;       

 Where it well be held.

  • 186 Cook Street, Howick, Auckland......(parking down the side of the drive, beside the wooden fence.)


 We are happy to organise another workshop if you have 6 friends and work as a team.

Anastasia and Gail Nicholls:

              & nbsp;   “I am teaching this but again due to demand and hope you can join us. It is the most amazing  workshop  I  have ever attended and I use it daily.  It empowered ME and due to this, helped me in every day living and my practice in my work as a healer. It gave me back my “tools’ I had in Atlantean times.

It is also my joy in passing this work onto Anastasia, who also in her own right has come into this Earth experience to help mankind explore their own devinityand get to know themselves and “Who they are”

              & nbsp;                 ;                &nb sp;                & nbsp;                 ;                 Gail.                 ;                &nb sp;                & nbsp;                 ;                &nb sp;                & nbsp;                 ;                &nb sp;                & nbsp;  Gail.



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PERU 2016

Saturday, January 2nd 2016 @ 4:18 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1124 times

Peru September  2016

I am taking anotehr group ..are you going to join me for the 5th revisit? names now being taken.

VERY comprehensive tour, inclusive and covers ALL of Peru.Private guides and includesLima, over flight of Nasca lines and over night at Machu Picchu,Lake Titicaca, Amazon experience,Cusco, Puno,  and Hurauz.( Chavin de huantar and the beautiful lake district.Extensive and afll on.Only a moderate level of fitness is needed!

Email me for the itineray.You will be surprised at myu price and itinerary! Plus you have me to make sure all goes to plan.Under $10,000 .

Only 12 places and already 6 "sold".

(names taken only,  )

Gail Nicholls. ND. DipClinHyp. LBL. TNI reg)


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Happy New Year

Saturday, January 2nd 2016 @ 4:02 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1017 times

 Hi Everyone

I have had a few calls already regarding what this year, 2016, will bring to us all. On reflection of the past year of 2015 I am hearing many of us have really struggled to get through in one piece. Many hurdles were placed in front of us, to see how we would react.

I suppose life is not supposed to be easy if we wish to learn and experience a higher level of understanding.  We cannot stay in the “intermediate class called LIFE”. We need to move forward and upward if we wish to progress on our Souls journey.

One thing I am noticing is that my thought is being created into my reality a lot quicker and easier. Sometimes I am in tears as how amazing it is, like I am now financially broke through so many spiritual journeys I have been on, and taking groups with me. To decide I wish to carry on the way I am, helping people in some small way, sometimes working for no fee, but from the region of the heart we call love! All well and good working for free, but still have bills to pay eh! One day a huge 5 digit deposit was placed into my work account and tears flowed from my eyes. Who deposited it to my account, and I am talking thousands! To one day realising I am working long hours for near on free, to be told by Spirit       “ we pay you Gail”...and Ii am in awe of the miracles that surround me.

But you know, the biggest miracle of all, is friendship. One cannot buy a friend in the local supermarket. One cannot buy companionship or love. It has to be worked at, nurtured and held tight in ones heart! It has to be understood that no payment is expected except the share joy of giving and expecting nothing in return. Friends are priceless gifts from God. (I have one particular lady in mind right now!)

I have meet some most amazing people in my work and also on my travels ( that is a photo of myself in Huaraz, Peru.) having people decide to travel with me to do some “work” and make my trip so enjoyable. Yes, I have meet the most amazing people through my work.

I cannot name you, I cannot even try to send cards of blessings to you, so may these keys  I  type, allow my “collective” who help me in my work, shower YOU with love, peace, good health and prosperity for the coming year of 2016.I know they listen. I trust they will deliver. I believe in miracles and so may they be showered upon you in whatever way is appropriate for you, my dear friend.

God bless you, keep you happy and full of life. May good health only knock on your door and friends walk through into your heart.

Namaste,    Gail


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