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Jo Hutchinson
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The Economics of Life and Business by Jo Hutchinson

Wednesday, March 27th 2013 @ 4:05 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 2613 times

We are on the cusp of Easter which is a significant time of celebration for many people and for others, simply another long weekend.  You might think what a great pleasure it is to have 2 short working weeks in a row, which really is in another way, an opportunity to consider why we typically work 5 days a week or more.  Wouldn’t it be great to work just 4, or maybe even less?

And I hear you say – ‘oh, but this is not possible’.  I have a mortgage to pay, and I need the money to provide for my living costs and the lifestyle I have chosen.  But when did work become our prime reason to exist?  Work is but one aspect of life.  Work is but one aspect of the continuum – perhaps at the other end could be labelled fun or play time.  Wouldn’t it be great to have these in balance?

In the last few years, I have found myself amazed at our so called holidays be it Christmas, Waitangi Day, Easter etc where we have largely forgotten what these holidays were about and how very commercial they are now. 

Why is it that I can go to the supermarket like 1 month or more before Easter to find the supermarket already selling hot cross buns and Easter eggs so far in advance?  Doesn’t this destroy some of the magic by having it closer to the actual event?  And isn't this just another great aspect of commercialism and profiteering which are the main drivers of most businesses these days? 

We are made to believe or should I say that we allow ourselves to believe that more is better, that we need the latest and greatest and so on.  I challenge this thinking.  Why?  Because we end up in the cycle of consumerism and in this cycle, we need more money and more money is often related to our work and more hours or a job that pays more.  Does this really bring you inner satisfaction and fulfilment or do we become chained to a way of life, bounded by the never ending desire for more, creating debt that leaves our soul dying?  Or worse, is it the belief that I am working these long hours so one day I can do what I really love and have the time to do what I want but in the meantime, I am happy to sell my soul to work that does not engage me?

And so I return to Easter and the economics of business.  Our shops are closed on Easter Friday and Sunday.  And what does this mean?  Human behaviour is so interesting that on Thursday night, the shops will be crammed with people buying last minute items they need for Easter.  Crikey, it’s just 1 day that the shops are closed.  I read today in the newspaper that the number of car accidents in car parks are the highest at this time of the year.  That is ridiculous don’t you think?  To add to this, our retailers have the ‘biggest ever‘ Easter sales on once the shops open on Saturday and people feel that they have to rush in so as not to ‘miss out’ which coincidentally creates the most interesting  behaviour in the shops as well as the carparks.  Is this really honouring what Easter is about?  I silently hope more people will avoid the malls and do something more fulfilling with their time.  The simple pleasures of life and free and bountiful in this wonderful paradise that we live in called Earth. 

I believe that our businesses need to re-think their business models and also those we as consumers need to re-think our behaviours.  The power is always with the people and we are the ones that can affect the greatest change.  Say ‘no’ to coke and all its variations – it is sugar and water and the negative effects on the health of millions are significant over time which cost all of us.  Do you really want to support a business like this?  What about bottled water?  Why can’t our tap water be so pure that we can drink from the tap and dispense with all the trillions of plastic bottles that are created, that support a megalithic oil industry that creates many issues for our environment?  And what of our cheap clothing and those that work in the ‘sweat factories’?  What happened to having quality clothes that lasted at a fair price?  You see a change in consumer behaviour creates a giant ripple effect in a business so this is why we as consumers need to think carefully about what we are buying and the hidden side-effects that our choices create to the world we live in.  We as employees need to challenge our leaders to think and create businesses that are more sustainable, that positively contribute to our communities and environment.  I know these are just my views but what I am really saying is that I think we need to stop and re-think things on so many levels.

So this Easter, how will you spend your time? 

Be the Change. 

I wish you a fulfilling and JOYous Easter.

With love



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Easter 2013, Jo Hutchinson, Great Spirit, Be the Change, Facilitator Change and Growth, Easter and Consumerism