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Susan Maynard
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Aura Sprays and Herbal Remedies for both ourselves and our pets

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The Sword of TRUTH with Archangel Michael

posted by Susan Maynard, Professional PlusThursday, May 6th 2010 @ 10:47 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3984 times

Archangel Michael - Sword of Truth  #6 in the featured Aura Spray series

For those who are unfamiliar with auras, every living thing has an aura, they are constantly changing and special cameras can photograph your aura.  Auras can expand and contract, and you can consciously help them to do that.

When someone gets too close and it feels uncomfortable this is generally because they have come in too close to your auric field and an energy exchange is normally going on, if this energy is particularly strong, you may be picking up on their "not so good vibes".

Our gut instinct normally confirms these intuitions.

This week we feature: Archangel Michael - Sword of Truth - cutting negative cords to make way for miracles.

What do we mean by cutting a negative cord. ?

Ever felt like someone has stabbed you in the back, or have you tried to talk about something you felt very strongly about and your throat closed up, and you didn't seem to be able to get the words out, or felt like you had a noose around your neck? Perhaps you have had a disagreement with someone and it has left you absolutely EXHAUSTED beyond belief. 

Well what has that got to do with the sword of Truth, and Archangel Michael.  Angel "Michael" means "Who is like God".   Many people have experienced miracles calling on Michael.   He assists with courage and strength, truth and integrity.  

He also oversees lightworkers and helps with life purpose, spirit releasement, protection, space clearing & cutting of negative cords or attachments. 

His chief function is to help earth rid its inhabitants of the TOXINS associated with fear & old belief patterns that are no longer needed so we can move in peace as we become more connected to our higher selves, or higher consciousness, or god/goddess self.

One visualisation is to see Archangel Michael cut the chords with his sword from each chakra point, and send love and healing to the point of severance back to yourself and to the subject the cord was cut from.

If you do not understand the term Chakra, refer to our previous blog post for Chakra balancing.

Made by the vibration of the new moon, this phase brings concentrated power - A time for sowing seeds of pure intention, conception on all levels.

The Aura Sprays can be used on the body as perfume, around the Aura, in the home, car or office.

Contents - 100 ml. Contains Sacred Deep Spring Water. Essential Oils, Crystal Essences, and  Plant Essences

Not to be used if pregnant.

To see the full range of sprays or if you have any questions, go to



Susan Maynard - Spiritual Counselor/ Healer/ Clairvoyant/ Spiritual Teacher who uses the energy of the phases of the moon and channels energies & information through the Creator. The energies & purity of the vibration are to help us in our everyday lives in many ways. Aura Sprays can be sprayed in your Aura or energy field, on your body as a perfume or around your home, car or office.

Susan is also an animal whisperer, and herbalist, using alignment or Horse and Rider through Equine Education, with over 20 years experience.

Phone if you are seeking clarity or spiritual guidance on 027 358 1541 or


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Archangel Michael Aura Sprays, Cutting negative cords, Sword of Truth Aura Spray,