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Thelma van der Werff
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The Law of Attraction with Colour

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  Be Colourful Be You!
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Needing a Colour Tip for A "Sense of Direction"

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 @ 8:00 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3215 times

Land birds migrating at sea during inclement weather frequently become disoriented and are attracted to the lights of offshore oil platforms. In the Gulf of Mexico, a 2005 study showed that as many as 300,000 birds die in collisions with pipes and wires on rigs each year.

These deaths could be avoided if it were possible to develop lighting that did not attract birds.

A Dutch petroleum company has teamed up with Phillips Electronic to develop a new light bulb with a greenish light that provides good visibility for workers, yet apparently does not attract birds. The lighting system is currently being tried on one major platform in the North Sea off the Dutch coast.

More than 380 floodlights have been changed to the new green lights, and far fewer disoriented birds have been observed so far.

Not only birds benefit from the colour green.  If you go out in nature on a regular basis, the colour green can support you to listen to your true heart’s desires. This will enable you to experience which direction you want to go and make decisions accordingly.

Start wearing green tops, t-shirts, blouses or shirts in order to give yourself 'green' light to go forward in life. 'Eat your Greens' has been sound advice for generations. Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants and contain important phytochemicals as Vitamin C, flavonoids and carotenoids. Green vegetables are especially good for heart conditions and lungs.


Thelma van der Werff is a chartered colour therapist. She teaches colour coaching in a three-module training course in New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and Germany. Thelma is the author of the books `why are you wearing those colours' `click here for sampler  explaining the emotional significance of colour in clothing, and `dress to impress a colour dictionary click here for sampler.  For more information visit     Follow me on twitter.   Colourcomfort

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Sense of Direction, Green, Colour Tips, Healing