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Are you an Innerpreneur?

posted by Tara Joyce, InitiateMonday, April 12th 2010 @ 9:59 AM (1 ratings)    post viewed 3691 times

Explore your dream business

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a better word than ‘entrepreneur’ to describe what you do… or what you’re dreaming of doing. Well, I have a feeling this word, and much more importantly, the meaning and ideas behind it, are exactly what you need.

The seemingly simple meaning behind Innerpreneuring is: YOU have “what it takes” to build your dream business.

Look within to find the work that’s right for you

I’m not saying business ownership is for everyone, hardly, but I am saying that within You lies the key to what heights You are capable of in this life.

That might mean making a difference through your business or it might mean making a difference through the work you perform daily.

Either way, there is work out there that You can love and that can feel purposeful to You.

It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick

You can discover what You're passionate about, what You would love to do, if you commit, and I mean really commit, to exploring. You need to commit to discovering your Self, and your world.

If you choose to tell the truth and if you choose to (wo)man up to your fears, and actively pursue them, then you can have Your dreams. You can have the business that makes your life a dream (a realistic dream, no unicorns okay?). Your ‘secret’ to success in life and in business and everywhere in between is knowing your Self.

You have to do the work and find Your answers. Other people’s ideas about your perfect business are not Yours.


“Let me listen to me and not to them.” – Gertrude Stein

This should not be a secret but it is… the stuff that you and others judge or criticize you for, that’s your gold.

It’s the stuff that makes you a bit different, the stuff that you’re passionate about, that stuff you geek out about, it’s THAT stuff that expresses your Self and your unique brand of creativity. And it’s your ticket to Innerpreneurial success.

Dare to start your journey?


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values, business, entrepreneur, innerpreneur, conscious, dream, self, development, growth