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Jeanne Northwood


Energy is the pure, Universal Life Force in all living creatures. From the simple insect - to the animals - to our own selves. Plants, rocks and crystals - even the air we breathe is Energy! Without Energy - Life would cease to exist.

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Distance/Remote Healing

Friday, April 9th 2010 @ 6:14 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 3506 times

Distance/Remote Healing for the Beast (or Man!)

Well, that’s an interesting title! What is distance/remote Healing?

Most of us understand the concept of receiving energy healing in person. Anyone who has received, or given, a Reiki session for example will know this. But distance healing? Well, it is exactly the  same energy used as in a normal healing session, like  Reiki, except it is ‘sent’ with intent, to a recipient either in the next house, next street, down country to the back blocks, or even round the other side of the World. And, the recipient is often able to ‘feel’ that energy, just as they would in person.

In the days of my training as an Energy Healing Practitioner, remote, or distance healing, was one of the modalities that was covered. It all sounded good to me. To be able to help a person or animal on their healing journey anywhere in the World had to be good! To be honest, I did believe that this could work, I just needed the validation, for my own peace of mind, particularly if I was going to offer this as one of my services. I was not able to offer this if I could not prove to myself that it worked! And I can now say that I have done this – with ease!

  I experimented on a friend (thank you Sheila!)who lived in another part of New Zealand. I would conduct healing sessions on her, and we would then we would converse excitedly over the phone with our conclusions and share and compare notes with each other about the session. I also had friends practice on me as well, just so that I could ‘feel’ what was going on too. I found that I could often tell them what time they started, what part of the body they worked at that time, and what time they finished their remote sessions, as I could actually feel the sensations myself.  It is really amazing.

This blew me away, so I spent more time experimenting. I did this a lot with our animal friends. One Client even watched her dog’s reaction at a pre determined time, just to ‘see’ what happened when a connection was made, and healing work undertaken. She was astounded at her dog’s reaction to ‘nothing obvious’. She was even more astounded by the positive reaction from her dog after the healing session was completed.

My success with distance healing lead me to undertake even more remote healing work; particularly with horses. I developed a modality that I call Remote Emotional Release. This allowed me to work with the horse or animal, at a much deeper level, on the emotional issue that was actually creating the physical issue!  Medical Scientists are now researching in more depth the impact that our emotions have on our well being basic cellular structure; how they affect our overall health, and their relationship to dis-ease and illness. I could have told them all of this before! Hey only had to ask!

Remote Emotional Healing, or RER, is achieved by mentally connecting with the horse or animal concerned, regardless of location. I found that nearly all issues with the horse’s current problem or health, was linked back to an emotional state(s). Through direct communication with the horse, I was able to assist the horse to recognise and acknowledge this emotion, and to release it, at a cellular memory level. Our horses do not necessarily want to ‘hang onto their baggage’ like we humans do. They just want to move on through their life journey with ease. Just another one of the many valuable lessons that we can also learn from them.

I found that once an emotion(s) was released, that there would often be a physical reaction as well. This might be a sudden, positive change in the behaviour, or a fear that was been held onto, no longer exists, wounds may start to finally heal over, or an illness starts to improve in a positive way at last!

The result can be very quick! The horse does not need to acknowledge what created this emotion. That is, once again, a human reaction. We like to know how we got ourselves into this state. Horses and animals do not. They just want to move on.

Remote healing works!

Through remote/distance healing, emotional issues are addressed.  Physical issues can also be addressed at much the same time, as they go hand in hand. Sometimes the cause of a long standing underlying issue can be found too. It is not complicated.

I was contacted by R.A back in April 2009, as a last resort, when her horse Billy, was diagnosed with cancer around the eye. He received surgery for this, along with further Veterinary and other treatment as listed below. Energy work was also started after the surgery.  Billy received all of his healing sessions remotely. During these sessions, Billy released a large amount of emotion over time; emotions which, looking back, related directly with the eye, and also with other issues that he was experiencing.  Here is R.A’s testimonial regarding the healing sessions that Billy received.

Billy now in March 2010

Billy is a 10 year old bay gelding, who was in good health. Earlier this year, I noticed his eyelid looked 'puffy'. Following a vet visit and surgical removal, it was found to be a nasty cancer, which in horses comes back aggressively. Billy was started on a Veterinary regime, involving a series of injections to his eye lid area. The drug they used was a bacterium. I also started him on a tumour mix from Naturally Equine, and had the kind use of a bioptron light from a friend. Billy's eye lid quickly became full of pus and was very swollen. He was having it cleaned twice a day with saline and an antibiotic cream applied.

At this point I contacted Energy Works. Billy has since been having weekly remote healing sessions with Jeanne, which have involved energy healing and releases etc. His demeanour and personality have noticeably improved in this time, and where he had fears, there are now none. He has put on weight in places I couldn't seem to quite get 'padded' despite having him for over a year and a half. The pus and swelling have largely gone from his eye now, however he is still having his healing sessions as any sort of emotional upset seems to manifest in this area. Jeanne is teaching him how to release this anxiety, so hopefully he learns quickly!

I have found Jeanne to be lovely to work with; she has some amazing insights into my boy, which no one else is aware of and things she couldn't know without being able to heal and communicate with him.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. She has been kind and considerate, and the proof is evident in Billy today. He still has a long road to go down in the healing process, but I feel without Jeanne's help, the lump would have already come back as a cancer. I look forward to continue working with her to help get my boy cancer free"

Update from R.A - 24 July 09 " I had to hug the Vet tonight after she told me that she couldn't feel any cancer lumps in Billy's eye. She was impressed it didn't leave much of a scar. Hopefully this is the last we see of it now. Feel a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you so much for everything you have done for both of us"

January 2010 - Billy has since been given another all clear from his local Vet for the cancer, and is also now back full swing into the Show circuit, and is doing very well for himself.

Billy has continued to astound the Vets with his progress with his eye. He has also ‘rounded’ out physically, and no longer has issues with his ears and tail been touched. He has dropped many other issues that he was carrying around at that time as well.

During my sessions with Billy, I was able to guide Billy on how to deal with any emotional issues that may present themselves to him in the future, instead of allowing it to be ignored and ‘stored’ internally. He is doing very well. He still has his little issues, but that is just Billy been Billy.

For all  inquiries, please contact us:. We are more than happy to assist you where ever we can.

Distance/Remote Healing works well for the ‘Man’ as well as the Beast too.

For more information on Remote Healing, please contact us at Energy Works., or visit us at


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