Winter Solstice 2008
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Francis Evans
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Subject: Winter Solstice 2008
posted by Galahad on Friday, June 20th 2008 @ 4:00 PM

I thought it appropriate to post a message about the solstice to assess interest in Astrology and what it might be gearing us up to undertake. For the first time I have begun adding the planet Eris and the Quindecile aspect into calculations. Although they have always been there, it is only in the last few years they have been clearly set in consciousness.

Eris is a dwarf planet out beyond the orbit of Pluto and lies at an angle of 44 degrees to the ecliptic, which really means that it only plays a part in the "plane of activity" when it is in Aries (as it is now) and when it is in Libra, which it rules. Eris has two significant meanings being both Chaotic and Chaordic. Chaordic is what is known as "implicit order". I will simply leave readers to ponder that term.

Chiron, the wounded healer was discovered in 1977 and Eris was finally named in 2007, a thirty year period which will go down in history as the "30 year dirty war". These two define the emerging consciousness of our times.

This Solstice, here in Ak, NZ Chiron and Eris accentuate their energy onto a point in Virgo which symbolises a group acting as an organic whole and training itself to operate in a social context. The Sun is directly overhead in the 10th house of strategic purpose aligned with Venus, showing that the collective soul must drop its aggressions and competitive nature otherwise the home will be transformed through inflationary mechanisms (Pluto in Sagittarius in 4th house opposing Sun/Venus)

There are unconscious drivers that could throw many relationships into a tailspin as individuals attempt to protect their assets and this leads to emotional outbursts and retributions. This is the time to start getting back the essentials and transcend the boundaries of culture and ego.

The winter solstice is the time of year when what ever is in the depths is germinating and will come to first expression at the spring equinox. Chiron is moving to come into contact with Neptune and cut to the core of the divisions that separate society with a clean look at the explicit order.

How this effects individuals and how they can make changes requires a individual appointment and I can be contacted through the site or by phone (09) 372 9082. Sessions use both astrology and NLP technology.

Francis Evans


Stephen Grant-Jones
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Subject: RE: Winter Solstice 2008
posted by PeacefulWarrior on Saturday, June 21st 2008 @ 12:53 PM

Does this mean that we are in alignment with our plans to unite and work together as a team on Holistic Living? This is all about social networking and working together for the common good and it's refreshing to see that reflected in the stars...

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere...

Allyn Bankston

Subject: RE: Winter Solstice 2008
posted by Ambrosia on Sunday, October 5th 2008 @ 3:06 PM

Hi everyone! Like I stated a few other places, I am brand new to this site. I saw this thread and I hope it's OK for me to post here.

Tonight I was out on the back porch and was looking at the stars and found Pisces (my astrological sign) and the most amazing meteor crossed right through the constellation! I thought it was such an amazing affirmation from the heavens that I am on the right path (I am in the middle of moving to a new town 300 miles away).

I just felt compelled to share this with someone...

"peace is a journey not a destination"


Winter Solstice 2008