Past Life regression presentation thi s saturday
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Gail Nicholls
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Subject: Past Life regression presentation thi s saturday
posted by GailNicholls on Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 @ 11:38 AM



*** So what is the truth, do we live many lives?

*** If we do, can we remember them?

*** What is the purpose of remembering past lives then?

*** So, is it fact or fiction?

Just some of the questions I will answer on this coming Mini Series.

I trained as a hypnotherapist 15 years ago, then last year with Michael Newton and his “Life between Lives” technique. Back in 1996 I went to England and was told I would remember 7 life times while on the 3 week tour. I did. What an eye opener. I have my proof we can and able to remember our past life times IF it is meant to be! I cured myself of migraine headaches on understanding about a past life in England to then go and visit the castle where I was tortured, and a headache returned! I quickly went outside and the headache disappeared. After many painful years trying every modality, every herb and many doctors , the regression showed me where the head aches came from! I am headache free now.

*** I will explain how we can do this, the pit falls and the gains, in a safe environment.

*** I will show you how the power of suggestion works….( and does not on some)

*** I will then do a demonstration on a subject. ( quick one)

*** Finish with a guided session so you can experience a past life time.

       ( I cannot guarantee this for everyone as each ones mind is at differing levels etc. )

Not only will this session share with you 15 years of research and experience, but also how important it is to treat the body in all areas

MIND   BODY   and    SOUL

When…..Saturday,7th NOVEMBER 2009

Time……2.30pm – 5pm

Where….Rekkies Oracle, 49 Neilson Street, Onehunga,

Investment….$25.00   includes notes and

BY ATTENDING A “Life between Lives “ session that lasts around 3 – 5 hours, with CD with

Gail Nicholls. First 5 to book in…..$150.00 then the rest will be $195.00 usually $295.00

GAILS Christmas present to you. A deposit of $50 will hold your place for 6 months…. A bargain and very enlightening. Bookings can be made before the Saturday session.

Reshmi and Gail would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who have come along and wish you all a very safe and

Past Life regression presentation thi s saturday