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Why Are You Wearing Those Colours?
Product ID: 00000029

This self-help E-book covers the emotional characteristics of 17 different colours.

In the first part you are introduced to the power of colour and why colour has an effect on us.

The second part of the book explains in detail what frequently worn colour(s) reveal about your personality. This section also gives advice on when to decrease or increase wearing certain colours and the reason(s) for this and gives an explanation of why you dislike or do not wear particular colours.

In the last section of the book the pages are cut in half in order to match different coloured shirts with trousers and skirts. You can read the interpretation of the various colours and how others perceive you and which message you are communicating when wearing these colours.

This is a downloadable E-book that will be available immediately upon purchase.

Non-Member Price:$14.40 USD