How much does it cost for membership?
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Q. How much does it cost for membership?

A. There are currently 3 levels of joining Holistic Living;

    * Initiate
    * Professional
    * Professional Plus

Initiate Membership

The Initiate level costs nothing and is limited in the tools that are available for use.

You get to set up a basic profile with a picture of yourself and your contact details, then you're able to post info or comments in various parts of the site.

Professional Membership

The Professional level is for people who are wanting to promote 'holistic-type' goods and/or services.

You get access to all of the tools that are available and can jump right in and get started.

You can post articles, events, videos and create a webpage to showcase your business and provide people with a way of contacting you.

You also have access to tutorials on how to get set up, create your profile and start blogging straight away.

Some of the tools available to Professionals are;

    * A webpage to promote and sell your products/services
    * Your own Blog/Podcast
    * The calendar to promote your events
    * Discussion boards to post articles
    * A video/mp3 gallery
    * A Shopping Cart for your own digital products if you have any

We can then promote you through our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc.

Professional Membership costs just US$10 per month.

Professional Plus Membership

The Professional Plus Membership is for Professionals who want to promote their holistic-type goods and/or services and would also like some extra help with the set-up.

You're given access to all the web-based tools that the Professional Membership comes with, combined with training and a strategy to use them.

We've found that most of our members are not tech-savvy, so we hold your hand through the process to get you started and provide you with invaluable information along the way.

You will also have access to online training documentation.

Included in the set-up fee;

    * We set up your webpage to promote and sell your products/services
    * We set up your Blog/Podcast
    * A personal one-on-one consultation to teach you how to use the site (Valued at $135)
    * A personal video critique of your own website to explain what you can do to improve upon what you already have (valued at $180)

Professional Plus membership has a one-time setup fee of US$197.00 and then costs US$17 per month.


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How much does it cost for membership?