What is the 'Affiliate Program'?
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Q. What is the 'Affiliate Program'?

A. An Affiliate (or Ambassador) Program is a system whereby you can earn commissions from referrals. Once you have become a member of Holistic Living, you can send invites to other people who may be interested in joining and if they become a paid member you earn a small commission.

This is not an MLM or a 'business opportunity'.

You won't be buying the home of your dreams, or new cars, or sunning yourself on a tropical beach while you are earning $100K a year or more from this "fantastic business opportunity".

We believe that your monthly or yearly fee represents great value and provides you with a safe, friendly, SPAM-free environment with plenty of great content and features.

To help spread the word on Holistic Living we have made it very simple to 'Invite Others To Join' and if we can create a strong community of like-minded/hearted souls by paying our already happy members to tell others about us, we are more than happy to do so.

All members of Holistic Living become an Affiliate/Ambassador automatically.

All the member needs to do is put in a valid PayPal email address in their Personal Information and we pay any commissions owing on the 20th of every month following, regardless of the size of the commission.

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What is the 'Affiliate Program'?