Can you promote my event on your network?
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Q. Can you promote my event on your network?

A. YES and NO.

If you contact us asking us to put your event on our newsletter, the answer has to be NO.

The Holistic Living website has been set up as a DIY (do it yourself) website where you get to post your own material through the calendar, blog, webpage, forum, etc. etc.

If you are a Professional and want to promote an event, you can post it on the calendar, then write a blog post and link it to the event on your own website or the calendar.  We can then post it out through our network.  The best material always makes it's way to the 'Featured' section of the home page and may even end up on our newsletter.

The first thing you would need to do is to create an account.

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Can you promote my event on your network?