Hotspots Revisited
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Hotspots Revisited
Hotspots Revisited: Earth's Biologically Richest and Most Endangered Terrestrial Ecoregions

For decades, Conservation International has devoted itself not only to saving endangered regions on the planet but also to chronicling, in lavish volumes, the biodiversity of these areas.

These volumes, according to Choice, are "a superbly produced . . . source of hard-to-find information on biodiversity, biogreography, and conservation."Hotspots Revisited" continues this rich tradition, drawing on the organization's continuing work to identify, research, and document biologically diverse yet dangerously threatened regions.

The first "Hotspots" volume identified twenty-five endangered regions; "Hotspots Revisited" reveals an astonishing nine additional areas, from Melanesia to northern Mexico, that now meet the same criteria. "Hotspots Revisited "presents the most up-to-date analyses of the ecology of these endangered areas--including new information on freshwater fish and other animal populations.

The heart of the volume is in the hundreds of vibrant color photographs of the animals and plants under threat. Magnificent in conception and flawless in execution, "Hotspots Revisited" is equally at home on a scientist's shelf or an ecotourist's coffee table.
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Hotspots Revisited