Genitals, Love and Other Bits and Pieces
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Genitals, Love and Other Bits and Pieces
Why did I write a book which in part is about those naughty bits that everybody has, but which unlike other appendages, has shame, embarrassment, pride envy, fear, arrogance, ego and most of all ignorance, attached to them?

Well, one of the reasons is that this great title for a book popped into my mind a few years ago and it seemed such a waste not to let it see the light of day.

Another reason is that over the years most of my lovers had proved to me that they knew little about the art of lovemaking and even less about women. This had also been spelt out by the questions many men had asked me at my clinic in relation to women. And I knew that many women were also pretty ignorant.

I also had spoken to, or observed, so many men and women who were sexually and sensually unsatisfied and starved of intimacy.

One of the men I interviewed when writing this book told me that he had chosen to change his attitude to what lovemaking meant (after years of making love), and he made this comment. “I had an unconscious feeling that I wasn’t doing it right. I couldn’t keep a relationship together – so I eventually looked for another way.”

This book gives you some other ways.
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Genitals, Love and Other Bits and Pieces